PvP Arena – Contest – Submit your builds

Hey guys, time has come to submit your PvP Arena builds!

We have had 14 busy days since the release of the new PvE world – a lot of tweaks have been done and many in the queue. But we are getting there 🙂

As promised, the PvE world will include PvP arenas in different shapes and sizes (Spleef, regular PvP, CTF etc), and now is your time to set your permanent mark on the new server – Use your awesome building skills and build an arena we can use for future PvP Battles.

I will leave the details up to you – but be sure to keep the battle area a square/rectangle (so it is possible to define the PvP borders properly).

Temporary Creative Server:

I will not save this map – so notice this is only a server for this contest (might make a real creative world later)

Just like the past contests, you guys will have the power to determine which arena(s) we select as official PvP Arenas – when we have a good selection of contributions, I will start a poll (multichoice poll).

For starters I think we will try a regular PvP Arena and a Spleef Arena, but don’t hold back if you have any specialized arena – we might find a good use for it still.


To participate: Build an arena (solo or co op), Upload screenshots to some upload service and paste your screenshots in the commentfield below or the forum (you can also record a video). To help your chances, post the position/coordinates so players can go and look at it. Tell us why your arena is awesome and should be picked.

And let me get your inputs on PvP arenas in general – anything we should be aware of? How do we implement this in the best way (from your perspective). Should the nether remain PvP after we get arenas etc.

There will not really be any prize besides the bragging rights – this is mostly made to include you all and give you a chance to set your permanent mark on the server with an official build.

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16 thoughts on “PvP Arena – Contest – Submit your builds”

  1. Is there a minimum or maximum size for the arena? also, may we make it in our own worlds and somehow send you a copy of it instead of doing it in-server, as there is a slight restriction to claim space and resources.

    1. There isnt a set minimum but be reasonable lol. Its really recommended that you build it in the server so players can go visit and view it “hands on” and it makes it easier for space to apply on the PvP worlds.

  2. Hey guys!

    I made an arena on the old server, a long time ago but I guess it can be used for this contest.

    I uploaded some screenshots here:
    Let me know if everyone can see them. As I said, its in the old server at these coords: x -638 / z 2234. Feel free to check it out there.

    I made the one in the server in sandstone because I build it in the desert. I made a wooden one in single player aswell and in the default texturepack I like that one better. Its just another option, it can be made of wood and made of sandstone, or even some other material.

    I think this arena should be picked because its large enough for a lot of things, it has a lot of small details around it and its very flexible.
    As for the other questions, I think PvP should be disabled in the Nether because its not a nice place to go right now. Even if i just want to get some resources someone is trying to kill me almost every time. I think the whole world should be PvE and all the PvPing should be done in arena’s.

    I hope you guys like it, let me know if there are questions or other things that arent clear 🙂


  3. Well here you go a multi level pvp arena so you can have a lock in death match or just open pvp and im going to add another layer so you can have a game of king of the hill 🙂 enjoy the vid contains a walk around for the first 5 mins or so then the speeded up build at 8X the speed and yes it took me 8hrs to build

  4. Hey guys! I made a PVP Arena and its kinda nooby but please, just take a quick look! The cords are
    X: -215
    Z: -106
    If you want to see the screenshots go to

  5. Hey! I made a pvp arena! ^-^ Please, check it out!
    The cords are:
    X: -243.16501
    Y: 32.000
    (the most precise cords ever!)
    OH! By the way, on the front of the arena, on the lampposts, there should be signs that say :MADE BY ULTIMATE_GG. Just to tell you it is mine! Please look at it. I spent a LOT of time on it.

  6. Hey guys!

    Here’s the arena I built with DioSynth in the creative world. It’s at x300 z0, due west from spawn. You can go check out screenshots here:

    This arena would be great for the new world because it’s actually three arenas in one: a large central arena with various obstacles and lots of detail, as well as two smaller 1v1 arenas at each end. This makes it versatile ans players wouldn’t have to wait in line so long, and if two people just want a quick duel it wouldn’t occupy the whole arena. There’s a nice spectator gallery around the main arena and we put a lot of work into creating interesting and functional architecture for the whole building.
    Hope you like it (and vote for it!). Feedback or questions are always welcome, just message me or DioSynth.

    I also think PvP should be disabled in the nether once the arena is available. It’s not much fun to explore if you constantly have to look over your shoulder, and the current spawn camping around the portals is just annoying. It’s not even fair PvP, more like a reverse gold farm.

    Spacebug -- Lots of people have built some great arenas in the creative world and it’s a shame it’ll all be deleted, although I can understand why you don’t want to keep that server running. So, would it be possible instead to make the creative worldfile (or maybe just the area around spawn that’s actually built up, don’t know exactly whats possible) available for download for a day or two once the contest is over?

    1. And with the Nether, I think you should disable PvP there. PvP should be activated only in the arenas and in the end.

      By the way, where will the winner arena / arenas stand? ^-^

    1. I’ve now also finished my spleef arena entry!
      Check it out in the creative world at x300 z0, due west of spawn. You can see screenshots here:
      It’s a four-floor, high-visibility spleef arena suspended in a huge spiral, and the bottom floor has a twist to it!
      Hope you guys like it 🙂

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