Fan Art by Sunsprint

Farewell SpaceBug SMP by Sunsprint

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  1. Daniel McCarthy /

    The feels! :'(

  2. CaveMC /

    Hey everyone im CaveMC aka CaveCaptain aka Baltop #1 for 3 worlds, but anyway I have a proposal for the return of SpaceBug. I will provide an investment of $5000 USD to revive the server. I happend to be experienced in marketing on platforms such as Facebook, google, and instagram. I will run facebook ads for the server to generate a mass of new players daily using my demographic targeting techniques that specifically target Minecraft PC players. All I need is SpaceBug’s approval which he can email me at -- -. If you have all of the previous staff members contact information and if they are willing to continue their service as well then we could make that happen. The investment that I can make would go towards the monthly plan thats required ( $60) for MCprohosting, so we dont have to worry about donations for a couple of years, and marketing the server to players who are interested in Minecraft PC throughout the world. Also some in SpaceBug’s pocket 🙂 .What im looking for is the similar structure of the 1st or second world with the Dynmap and everything was simple. Like chest shops, floauction, grief prevention, Mcmmo, /sell hand, $5 cactus/pumpkins/sugarcane etc.

    -- yours truly, CaveMC


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