How to claim and protect your house / land

The method used on the server to claim/protect your things, can be a little tricky to learn at first. But when you first get the hang of it, you will enjoy how easy, fast and secure it is.

Minecraft IP:

I’v found a handful of useful videos, shown below, to help you get into the methods and commands to get most out of this server.

Basic claim


Claim / protection effectiveness


Claim / protect Towns


PvP & Siege


Private Chest Shops – Guide on how to make them

Here is a short guide on how to create such a shop. Notice the price is 200 coins for each Chest shop you make.

Guide to create your own Private Shop

  • Place a chest on the ground
  • Place a sign 1 block from the chest (for example, above the chest on a wall)
  • Fill sign with data like shown below

(Item name can actually be item ID or alias) – Use /iteminfo to get the ID
First line will be filled in by the plugin automatically.
Price can be pure Buy, Sell or a combination of both
You have to have B near buy price (people buy from you), and S near sell price (people sell to you).
If you have both B and S, separate them with a colon :

Example 1:

Lets say you have a lot of cobble and want to sell to others (but not buy any), you would fill the sign like this to sell 64 cobble at a time for the price of 200 coins:

Example 2:

Lets say you want to buy and sell stacks of cobble. Others can buy at 200 or sell to you for 100

If the ChestShop gets created correctly, the server will automaticly fill in your playername in the first line upon creation.

Be sure to put the items in the chest below the sign or people wont be able to buy anything from you (: