PvE World Released

The PvP vs PvE poll ended with a tiny victory to the PvE world – so this is how the New World is now. Though PvP is enabled in the Nether and in The End.

Notice: If you buy a new rank or upgrade a rank, please visit the old world for it to activate. Ranks will still work in both worlds, but a new purchase only triggers in the old world. (I will change this later)

Teleport between Worlds:

  • /server lobby
  • /server newworld
  • /server smpworld

The PvE world will undergo several tweaks. For now the following things have been changed:

  • mcMMO added
  • Unarmed PvP disabled
  • Fireworks when using mcmmo skils disabled (in effect after next restart)
  • Several prices adjusted (Cactus worth nothing, easy dye 0.1 coin)

Any nerf/tweaking suggestions to mcmmo are welcome.

I would again like to thank all the builders who participated in the Lobby + Spawn build contest. Congratulations to KingHering and Kosine – both have been awarded their rank and you can enjoy their winning builds ingame.

Since I will make PvP arenas in both worlds, a new build contest will be made within a few weeks – so find your best blocks and get started now. Make some sweet Arenas for us to PvP in forward. (also spleef).. A new forum thread will be made at a later date, where you can post your builds.

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