7 days left of the Arena Build Contest

Quick update 2: Unforseen work came up, so I am giving this deadline 2 more days. (It will end Monday march 10. 2014)

Quick update: I will end the Arena Build Contest in 7 days from today. (End: Saturday 8. march 2014).

If you want to participate then be sure to submit your build before that date 🙂 You can either submit your screenshots/video in the commentfield here or at the forum post here.

We will make a poll right after so we can determine which arenas to go with forward.

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  1. naddiii98 /

    I know that Space will close the Server after the competition, but is there a way that i can have the Server file, because I really like my Arena :/

    1. [Admin] Spacebug / Post Author

      I will put the worldfile up for download after I shutdown the creative server

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