1.9 Update

Hey Everyone!

As many of you know, Mojang released version 1.9 of Minecraft not too long ago. Surprisingly, the upgrades to Spigot and our plugins isn’t taking as long as I thought it would. There’s still no real ETA for when we will update, but it will be soon.

That being said, there are a few pressing questions that I would like to allow you guys to vote on before the upgrade; Specifically, whether or not to set PvP on everywhere by removing the ability to toggle it, whether or not the overworld should reset, and whether the Economy should get a massive overhaul (this would only happen if there’s a reset).

As a reminder, if the overworld is reset, that will reset everything (not Buycraft purchases, those will carry over). This means that everyone will start out from scratch, and on equal footing. If people vote to not do a reset, instead of expanding the world border, I would create a much smaller, temporary world that would get reset every month, similar to the nether and end. Claims would not be allowed in the temp world.

If the world does reset, this would give us a good opportunity to overhaul the economy. The point of doing the overhaul is because when we add a Skyblock server, the economy will be completely different than the current Economy. The overhaul would try to make things a bit more comparable between the two servers. It would be much more player driven, and prices for things that are super easy to make would be drastically reduced (such as charcoal), and a lot of things would not be able to be sold at all. However, this would also allow us to greatly lower the cost of claim blocks, spawn eggs, sethomes, and other items. It would take some getting used to for sure, but overall it would be much more balanced.

So read this over, and also check out the forum post to ask any questions and see what others have to say, and then please vote below.

Because this is using a different site for polling, you must provide your minecraft name for each question. Votes without a name will be ignored.

Should the overworld be reset?
Minecraft Name:

Yes, please reset the overworld
No, leave it the way it is.

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If there is a reset, should players carry over some benefits, such as their enderchest and inventory?
Minecraft Name:

Yes, small benefits are okay
No, everyone should start equally

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Should PvP be on all the time?
Minecraft Name:

Yes, PvP should be on for everyone, all the time (except for claims)
No, leave the ability to toggle PvP

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If the world is reset, should the Economy get an overhaul?
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Yes, restructure the economy
No, leave it the way it is

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29 thoughts on “1.9 Update”

  1. Keep MCMMO stats, enderchest and inventory+current armor and for players with warps give them starting 500k or an extra benefit for being server contributors. Staff should keep ranks and players with colored names and nicknames should be able to keep them or change them

      1. Hey Chipz4Sale:

        The key word there was “small benefits” being able to keep your current balance is a significant benefit, especially if you start selling all your valuables in preparation for the ‘migration’.

        Examples of small benefits include:
        1) Being able to store a limited amount of items in your inventory and ender chest that are ‘migrated’ to the new world.
        2) Allowing players to keep their shop plots (but cleared of all content so players only get to reserve their current spaces).
        3) Giving ‘Hall of Fame’ spaces to warp owners for ‘unlocking a warp’
        4) Dedicating a ‘holiday lore item’ for players ended the current world with more than 10-million dollars
        6) Dedicating a ‘holiday lore item’ for players who ended the current world with over 1-million claim blocks.
        7) Awarding a ‘customized lore item’ to everyone who reached the ‘top ten’ space for any of the MCMMO stats (Fishing, Alchemy, Mining, Acrobatics, etc.)

        The idea behind carrying over some small benefits is to reward dedicated players without given them a huge boost over others.

        1. I think the shop world should get reset because a lot of the people who own shop plots or front row plots are not very active and when someone starts out with one it will go fast to the most active play (who ever gets it first).

      2. I also forgot to mention i think we should get to keep the amount of sethomes we have because it’s not a huge benefit to us but it is useful enough for us to keep 😀

    1. Hello GalacticSlushy:
      Thanks for your ideas! Some of these ideas have already been ‘confirmed’ by 10becja in his original post: “not Buycraft purchases, those will carry over”. So your ‘pets’, nicknames, name colours and ‘hats’ are all migrated to the new world.

        1. Ahh, got it. Not sure how that would work logistically. Its also something that hasn’t been offered in previous restarts. Good question for 10becja to answer/consider

    2. The benifits you listed arent very small. Its hardly a reset for someone in god armor with 500k starting.

  2. you’re only saying that because you have a warp, you should not start with 500k if you do, although I think you should be able to start with your ender chest and inventory to help you get started. and people who are banned should stay banned

    1. Hey MrManRooster:
      People who are banned don’t get a ‘clean slate’ if the server restarts. Thats how its always been handled -- if they want another chance they have to fill out an appeal. That being said, we appreciate that you pointed this out!

    2. That is completely wrong. I am not saying the warp thing just to get myself benefits… All the players with warps have contributed so much to this server. Greg’s arena, amazing build, players had a lot of fun there and people used his gold farm, BurgerDaddy’s emerald mountain, went to cake town, allowing almost a hundred players room to live. SlushyTown, Shops/PvP Arena/Places to live. I have spent so long helping players on this server, and I think the other players that have helped should get a benefit. I’m just saying warp owners should get something extra.

      1. I understand that warp owners have contributed to the server but giving them 500k to start with would be a huge boost and would mess up the restructure of the economy, which from the votes above might happen.

  3. OK so I would like to give my own 2 cents on this topic.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t all the server’s previous resets caused by PROBLEMS on the server? Honestly, I know many people including myself that have invested hundreds of hours on this server and do not want to have all my work reset because some people are bored. That is completely absurd. The amount of time, energy, and effort I have put forth on this server would all be thrown away with this reset. As far as I am concerned, I cannot see any problems with the server as it is so a reset isn’t necessary in my opinion. In addition to all my work being lost, many of my friends are considering quitting the server if a reset goes through which is unfortunate because this server is so small as it is. I’m pretty sure even just 20 people quitting will make an impact on the server.

    However, in the unfortunate event that a reset goes through, I would like to give my opinion on the Economy Overhaul/Restructure. For all of you wanting to keep your balance or get 500k because you have a warp obviously do not know what a fair playing ground is. If the point of this reset is for everyone to start off fresh, then how will it be fair to keep your balance or start off with an extra 500k? That is why it is called a “restructure.” I would also like to see the prices of some items change so that people can make a living off of other things other than mining and gold/guardian farms. If it were left up to me, I would be selling crops, but since the prices for some crops is in fact CHEAPER than dirt (literally), I found it extremely hard to make a decent living without selling over 10,000+ slow growing crops like carrots in one go.

    But please. NO RESET PLEASE!

    1. Many of the people who want the reset spent many hours in the game too, and if people cant accept a change and will leave just because the server reset isn’t accepting a good change. this change is great for old players and new player it gives us all a good fresh start and we also get skywars if we do the overhaul with the reset so this adds another playing option for people who get bored of SMP they can play that and go back to SMP later.

      1. Skyblock is going to happen with or without a reset. The reset helps to bring the economies of both worlds (Overworked & skyblock) to a similar point, rather than being different and potentially confusing.

    2. Hello Gan_Shrek:

      Some minor corrections – the issue wasn’t that the server was restarted in the past, the issue was the way the server restarted and how the ‘new world’ was set up.

      Issues included:
      (1) Restarting the world while leaving the original world accessible, which resulted in the splitting of the player base.
      (2) Not having a central spawn world/hub, but using the over world spawn chunks which resulted in tones of lag for all new players after a while.
      (3) Completely removing pvp (rather than allowing the /tpvp option
      (4) Not fixing issues with the pricing of items, resulting in crazy lag causing piston towers and a broken economy.
      (5) Not limiting MCMMO abilities, resulting in infinite beacons and an overabundance of ores – breaking the economy.

      The rational for a reset isn’t just “some people are board”… Some people might think this way, but its not a good reason. The best reason to do a ‘reset’ would be to further refine the in-game economy… and to ensure that when skyblock is released the economy is consistent with the overworld economy. A side benefit would be that we would see far more 1.8 and 1.9 terrain in-game.

      If you don’t want a reset and have friends that don’t want a reset, please encourage everyone to vote! If you’re curious about what the “Small benefits” could be, do post/discuss here (http://tinyurl.com/h9ax76s))

  4. I have 4 kids that play on this server and they have built wonderful things. They age from 6 to 18 and the oldest has Autism. The youngest and oldest ones will be the hardest to explain why all their hard work is gone and they have to start over. And, I dont like the idea of starting over either..
    Is it expected that on this server there will be start-overs from time to time? What should I tell my kids that they can expect in the future?
    I’m just not looking forward to this reset.

    1. Just realized that none of my kids will play if the wilderness is PvP. And since this was a family thing for us on this server, it would be pointless for me to continue. I will have to find a SMP server that is safe for young, inexperienced players.

    2. Is it expected that on this server there will be start-overs from time to time? What should I tell my kids that they can expect in the future?

      Yes, resetting the server is inevitable from time to time. Most survival type servers (especially servers of this size) restart somewhat more frequently than we do. However, I definitely understand not wanting to restart and losing all the work you’ve done for the past year or so. However, any time we do a restart (which has only happened once in the 3 years this server has been around) we do put the old worlds up for download, so you can still keep your old builds by setting up a private server, or by importing them into a single player world, so that work isn’t lost forever.

      As for expectations on when restarts will happen, I can’t really tell you for sure one way or another. The reason there’s a vote now is because the most logical place for a restart is during an update to a new version. That doesn’t mean that we do a restart every time there’s an update, but unless something crazy happens, restarts will only happen at those times.

      Hope that answers your questions. Feel free to reach out if you have any others.

      1. Thx.
        Private server will ease the pain, but I will have to rent a server since I dont have a large enough computer.
        Any recommendations for inexpensive Minecraft server space?

        1. If you could re-ask this question in the forums, that would be helpful in keeping this thread more related to the 1.9 update. I’d be happy to answer questions not specifically related to to the 1.9 update and poll questions there. Thanks!

  5. If the server would be reset, I would like to see MCMMO stats carry over. I know alot of people worked hard and long to get some of the stats up there, such as repair/salvage, etc.

  6. I would love to see the server reset, because it’s sorta just plain now everyone is doing the same thing over and over. If we were to have a update, I feel that the best things to have would be Pvp everywhere because then if a player got killed by tpa it would not be a big as it normally was before. I also would also like the economy to change just a tad bit to the point where money is just afking you have to work for it. I believe that no one should start with anything other than like to regular thing like the golden shovel and claiming land book because, If items would carry over people would bring diamonds, beacons, and other valuables and that would sort of ruin the point of resetting it.

  7. As someone who has been on this server for as long as he can remember, and has experience PvP, PvE -- AND toggle worlds, I still honestly think Pvp was good. It was very scary, I often died, and I never won, but it gave the Survival part to the game. No point in having friends and an invincible base if 99% aren’t even PvP toggled. I don’t even bother carrying a stick around anymore. It was also easy not to die.
    So lets get pvp back.! (but maybe lower the head drop rate to 33% or so in over world?)
    I like the vault system. It’s cool and fair. We all have a while to stock up on 9 items that are worth taking.
    I do not think player heads should be allowed over -- a BLANK CANVAS on murders is CRUCIAL for a server reset. Absolutely crucial.
    I don’t know much about what I want for economy, but I’ll let better people work that one out!
    Please take this in to account.

    PS. warp or no warp, everyone should start with 1k

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