1.10.2 Update

Hi everyone!

We’ve updated to 1.10! This update didn’t really change too much, so there’s not a whole lot to talk about. Polar Bears will be added to the pet shop soon, and those with zombie pets should be able to turn them into husks, and skeletons into strays.

The border was also expanded by 250 blocks, so you could probably find some fossils buried. Would be great if someone creates a museum 😉

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  1. BaldrickG /

    NickNLgamer I called it! (had a discussion about how long until 1.10. I said a few weeks. Anyway, nice update 😀

  2. tankcoolkid /

    hey i used to be a player way back then i noticed to u changed it back the way it was an i am really interested in joining and helping the server 🙂 i just don’t know how to download mine craft 1.10.2

    1. [Admin] 10becja / Post Author

      just do the opposite of the steps found here: Can’t connect because of Outdated Server

  3. jessie /

    in game neame is kazack13, im stuck in a nether portal trap.. sponkymonky has built..

    1. [Admin] 10becja / Post Author

      I’ve moved you to spawn.

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