Hardcore 2.0

The moment many of you have been eagerly awaiting is finally here! The Hardcore minigame is offically back. It is very different from the last time around, and it has a lot more re-playability. So without further ado, I’ll highlight the major features.

Claims are NOT safe. Players can open doors, chests, kill you, your animals, etc etc. While they can’t break blocks all the time, siege mode is enabled which means you can’t just hide in your claim if you see someone. During siege, they can break stuff like glass, dirt, wood, and a few other blocks. This means if you want to protect your stuff, you pretty much need to build a vault.

You are limited to 1 9×9 claim. That’s it. When you start out, you begin with a chest. Using the start chest is your only method of claiming. You can move your claim, but you must first break all your chests, unclaim, then place the chest somewhere else. After you die too many times, your claim is automatically abandoned and anyone can loot it.

Essentials will be doing very little in this world. You don’t have homes, or spawn, and there is no form of server economy. You can trade with people manually, but you run the risk that they will kill you.

We’ve added a new plugin to the hardcore server: Diseases
This adds various illnesses and injuries to Minecraft, along with cures and first aid stuff. If you get sick or injured, you can craft the appropriate cure to heal yourself. Another option is to set out to find one of the various medical tents scattered across the map. As you get sick, you build up an immunity. You can read more about the plugin at the website

One of the most important items you’ll need in hardcore is your compass. You’ll need it to find your base, re-find spawn, as well as hunt down other players.

Zombie Players
That’s right, zombie players. The way the world is set up is you get 3 lives. You start out at full health, after your first death you go to 75% health, 2nd death = 50%, and after your thrid death you become a zombie.

Zombie players are limited to only 2 bars of health. They aren’t particularly strong, but they do have some stuff going for them. About the only way they can take damage is directly from a player, or a mob they’ve annoyed (more on that in a bit). They don’t have to worry about starving, drowning, catching fire, etc etc. They also don’t have to worry about being targeted by hostile mobs. They will just leave zombie players alone, unless a zombie player directly attacks them. Zombie players can’t use weapons or armor or tools, but their punch strength does vary based on how much food they have. Any time a zombie player kills something, they “eat” that mob, and gain food levels equal to half the max health of it. That in turn changes how much damage their punch does. If a zombie has 5 health bars (their max), they can do a punch of 5 damage, and it goes down to 1 at 1 food bar or less. That’s not all though. A zombie punch will inflict a small amount of poison, as well as disorient and slow down their victim. What’s more, at night zombie players get a huge speed and strength boost, as well as night vision!

If zombie players can’t hold items, how are they to track people? Well, they have a built in radar, which uses the xp bar. The level number is how far away their target is, and the bar itself is an indicator of whether you’re facing the right direction. Full = looking at them, empty is the opposite.

Sounds great! How do I join?
That’s simple! All you need to do is go to the portals at spawn, and enter the one that says hardcore.

If you have any questions, or want to look at the commands available in hardcore, simply head over to the forums and take a look at this post. Happy Hunting!

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