Where should the SpaceBug SMP be hosted – EU/US/AU ?

Hi guys,

Ok as some of you know, I am looking to change host (better price, better hardware).

At first thought I would just go with US hosting again (west coast this time), but to be 100% sure we actual do have most players from US I invite you to take part in this Poll below.

Please just mark the place you live or live closest too. I will then have a better foundation to make the right choice. It will probably stand between West Coast (phoenix az) or Amsterdam.

Where do you come from? EU/US/Asia+AU

  • I'm from United States (67%, 50 Votes)
  • I'm from Europe (27%, 20 Votes)
  • I'm from Asia / AU (7%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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Update 2014.01.25:

Ok I have now ordered the new server – It is located inΒ Ashburn, VA (East Coast)
Will start setting things up slowly next week – it will take a bit to get everything done correctly and there should be expected some downtime as I will make quite a few changes to support multiple worlds, but I will keep the downtime to an absolut minimum.

More info will follow when I get started on installing everything. But expect to be done with the new server and possible the new world within the first week of february.

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  1. xXLEOBATXx /

    voted EU as im from the UK πŸ™‚

  2. Samusen /

    To be fair Europeans just have a flat out better internet connection. They usually get 50-100ms more than most Americans. If you bought a server on the East Coast, in New Jersey/New York. Which will average the pings of both UK/US gamers it would be pretty even all around. Tho AU will take a slight hit, but their internet is pretty poor unfortunately anyways. There is no way they won’t have a high ping unless its hosted in AU.

  3. [Admin] Spacebug / Post Author

    Yep it does look like we will end up with East Coast hosting from that Poll


    Darn it. Was hoping to get a sort of improvement but ohwell, lets keep fingers crossed xD

    1. [Admin] Spacebug / Post Author

      Will also upgrade CPU -- a notch up compared to now. And from what I see, they latency seems a tad better at the new host.
      So this upgrade should come with some improvements πŸ™‚


    And, this is a great example that shows that space doesn’t forget players πŸ˜€
    I will be looking forward to the new improvements ^_^


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