Bad Santa – Harddrive issues forced a rollback ~1½ day

Hi guys

A bit of bad news I’m afraid. I have been forced to make a rollback to our second latest backup – made dec 24 at 01:00 AM EST. it’s about a 1½ day ago 🙁 The most recent one is the one that corrupted everything, so it cannot be used.

This is done as a last call for me. As many of you know there had been a harddrive failure last night. I had hoped it was contained to only the player files, including sethomes, money and making negative claimblocks. Due to that I decided to fix the affected players manually and have been throughout the day – all seemed good after each fix.

But it came to my attention that this had also affected the actual claims – making some players totally lose all their protection and they already got griefed. I have of course tried to revert those changes individually, but sadly it is not technically possible due to the way claims are written to several files.

So only option I have now to avoid a ton of problems for you guys and me (no way of knowing how many are really affected), is to make this rollback. I know it stinks and I wouldnt do it if I had any other option.

This way we can ensure that things work right away, and only loss will be some gametime for all of us – it’s part of running a beast like this :/

Despite this, I hope you all have some good days with family and enjoying the holidays

/Spacebug Out

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