Minecraft Command Guide

play.minecraft.dk survival server command list.

This is a list of our current commands, that can be used on the minecraft.dk survival server, we will try to always keep this list updated, to the latest version of plugins and permissions on the survival server, there is other features and possible commands that are not listed here, which you can find on our plugin list

Quick command overview:

  • /abandonclaim – Delete a claim
  • /abandontoplevelclaim – Delete a claim and all subdivisions
  • /abandonallclaims – Delete all your claims
  • /auction – Get all Auction commands
  • /buy – Buy a donation rank from ingame. use /ec to cancel.
  • /chairs [off|on]  – Enable or disable the use of chairs (right click to use a chair)
  • /trust – Grans a player full access to your claim(s)
  • /untrust – Revokes a players access to your claim(s)
  • /contrainertrust – Grant a player access to your containers
  • /accesstrust – Grants a player entry to your claims and use of bed
  • /permissiontrust – Grants a player permission to grant his level of permission to others
  • /subdivideclaims – Switch the shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide claims.
  • /basicclaims – switch the shovel tool back to basic claim mode
  • /buyclaimblocks – Buy more blocks to claim with ingame currency
  • /sellclailblocks – Sell claimed blocks back to server
  • /trustlist – List permissions for the claim you stand in
  • /balance – See your money
  • /help – Find help to commands
  • /home – Teleport home
  • /ignore <Player> – Ignore another player
  • /motd – Message of the day
  • /motd more – Recent news and changes to the server
  • /pay – Pay money to someone
  • /rules – View rules
  • /sell – Sell item in your hand
  • /sethome – Set your /home location
  • /warp – Warp
  • /wis – Gives you item id and name of the item you are holding.
  • /wit – Gives you item id and name of the block you are looking at.
  • /workbench – Crafting table (Only for Gold-/Diamond rank players)
  • /worth – Find the price of the item in your hand
  • /spawn – Return to Spawn
  • /lolmewnstats player-name – Get stats

Horse specific commands

  • /h buy <HorseName> <HorseType> – Buys a horse of the given type
  • /h delete <HorseName> – Permanently deletes your horse from your stable and game.
  • /h dismiss – Dismisses your horse and it returns to your stable
  • /h heal <amount> – Heal your horse for the cost of coins.
  • /h help <SubCommand> – Get more help on each command
  • /h list – List all the horses you have in the stables
  • /h rename <OldName> <NewName> – Rename a horse
  • /h summon <HorseName> – Summons the given horse to your side
  • /h type – List the different horsetypes to buy

Auction Commands

You can auction the item(s) you have in your hand

  • /auction info – get info on the current auction.
  • /auction start [qty] [price] – Example: /auction start 1 1000
  • /auction stfu – ignore the auction spam
  • /bid [amount] – bid on the auction running

McMMO Command Guide

All of these commands can be found in game by using the command /mcmmo help
Party Commands http://mcmmo.wikia.com/wiki/Parties

  • /party – View information on your current party
  • /party create <name> [password] – Creates a party with an optional password
  • /party kick <player> – kicks the player from the party
  • /party join <player name> [password] – Joins that player’s party. Enter password if needed
  • /party quit – Leave the current party
  • /pc – Toggles party chat
  • /party invite <player> – Invite a player to join the current party
  • /ptp <party member name> – teleport to someone in your party
  • /party <lock; unlock> – Toggle the lock status of your party
  • /party password <password> – Sets a password to your party. Party must be locked
  • /party leader <player> – Make the player the leader of the party
  • /party disband – remove the party

Skills Commands

  • /mcstats – View your mcMMO stats
  • /mctop <skill> – View the top players in the skill
  • /mcability – Toggle ability activation with right click
  • /inspect <player> – View the players mcmmo stats (must be close by)
  • /<skill> – use to see your current skill level. For example: /archery will display your archery level

To view more information about a skill, including the power ups and perks associated with it, type /<skill> ?

PvE Skills & Combat Skills:



  • Acrobatics
  • Archery
  • Excavation
  • Axes
  • Fishing
  • Swords
  • Herbalism
  • Taming
  • Mining
  • Unarmed
  • Repair
  • Smelting
  • Woodcutting

44 thoughts on “Minecraft Command Guide”

  1. hey guys i play on the server spacebgug smp -- wild west server and i’m trying the “/auction” command but it keeps on saying “unknown command. Find commands at http://minecraft.dk/cmd/” so could somebody please help me.


  2. Spacebug I love your server but can u add a /home2 /sethome2 and do the same with 3 cause I got numbers of places thar I use but can only use 1 set home. Plz ad.

    1. not a command, you use a golden shovel to mark diagonal corners of a protected claim.
      You can claim up to 441 blocks when you start on the server, and can buy more blocks to protect with ingame coins.

  3. Is ambushing allowed??? Cause dubsep keeps ambushing me and killing me and taking all my stuff.
    I’ve already lost 1 Damond chest plate 1 iron leggings 1 iron boots and 1 iron helmet. And a whole lot of other stuff like gold we opens and iron like about 20.

    1. ok, then its simple, go mine and keep eye on livemap. Return to your claim if any PvP’er is approaching (you can see on livemap).
      And you could even make invisibility potions so noone can see you when you are outside mining.

  4. SpaceBug, as a fellow server owner, I LOVE your server. I hate asking people this question, but how is the label “Mod” or “Moderator” earned? Is it limited to only friends of yours or is it open to anyone that can show their “goodness” on the server? I would really like to know because I would like to talk with you about creating like a “Helpers” rank. This rank can be where players can show their abilities ingame and in a application to show if they are worthy of having a staff-like rank and can work up. I have made mistakes in my past on your server and I regret every bit of them. I hear that you are a strong believer in second chances, why not make you a strong believer in opportunities and second chances?
    I also understand that you want a SMP “Wild-West” server. I have never found a server as unique as this one and don’t want to majorly change it. I think that the new ranks should be limited and hard to come by. I don’t want to see a bunch of people joining the server and instantly having a staff rank. I think that the rank can have a few extra perks ( not special) like the ability to have a new color name (not too flashy ;)), the ability to be close with the moderators (make decisions with the moderator’s approval and be in discussions) and lastly required to make everyone feel welcome! I think that these few things may brighten any new player’s day. I would love to have a warm welcome by someone who is a staff member in a brand new server. I think that these requirements and abilities can help make a much better minecraft.dk!
    Thanks for listening Space!
    P.S I would LOVE to be one of the first people to have the “Helper” rank! Please let me know if it goes through or cracks on the floor like an egg!

    1. I’v had Helper rank on my old server -- it is a usefull rank for sure. But Helpers also fast go in under staff. And I wont expand staff until I find the time to manage the HR side of that.

      And staff is not my friends (atleast I didnt know the current staff before I meet them on this server -- we have then over time become friends yeah), but I handpick staff that I feel can contribute to the server and represent it well (especially when Im not around, which is often)… I got a keen eye to spot people that I can work along side with 🙂
      People requesting staff over and over, will never be the people who gets it.

      But stick around -- you never know how things go and thanks for taking an interest in making the server even better 😉

  5. hi spacebug I was wondering if the server is going to update to 1.8 when it comes out because I would love to play on 1.8 with my friends. if you have time to answer this question that would be great!

    1. Mojang hasn’t even released a date for 1.8 as far as I know, then after that we have to wait for bukkit to update, then the plugins, so chances are it will be a little while still.

  6. hi me again [I know I ask a lot of questions so sorry if im annoying you:)] anyway, a day or two ago I saw spacebug and when he logged out there was this awesome explosion. I don’t don’t know if its just an admin thing or perks from ranks but if normal players could do it I would like to know how.:)

      1. hey bec I was wondering if u can message me on Skype if yes then I will give mine I wanna talk about something

  7. This page is slightly out of date. Unfortunately, The chairs plugin is no longer used on the server. The horses plugin and Lolmewnstats are disabled until further notice as well.

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