Poll: Should the New World be PvP or PvE?

Should the New World be PvP or PvE?

  • I want PvE - but with with dedicated PvP arena(s) (53%, 56 Votes)
  • I want PvP exactly like in the Old World (47%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 106

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So, I am here thinking that making the new world PvE (Player vs Environment = no PvP) could solve a lot of issues in all the reports we constantly get from players (enderpearling, rodding, potions, lava) in and outside claims.
Also, PvP in a server with a ton of entities like we got and will get in the new world, do lag many of you..(remember this is client lag, not server lag)

So I just want to hear your guys opinion on which direction we should take this New World – Should we make it more or less a copy of the PvP method we use in the Old World, or should we instead make it no-PvP in most of the world and then make some dedicated PvP arenas where you can combat it out face to face?

I know making it PvE will take a lot of the excitement out of the game for many of you, but remember the Old World will still remain the same as always. So you could always stay there if you seek that thrill.

No matter what we decide here, I will still let The End and the Nether be full PvP in the New World.

If the majority wants PvE, then I will for sure try make some good alternatives for the PvP hungering people – could be the mentioned PvP arenas or even make some dedicated PvP worlds (Hunger Games or similar).
I am more than willing to take suggestions for what to make next 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Should the New World be PvP or PvE?”

  1. Definetley PvE too much problems i hear on the forums as well. a arena will be much more easier,faster and organized especially because it allows players to pvp when they want to and not when there forced to. just my opinon of course 😉

  2. PVP! with the claims and such its already hard to pvp cause people just stay inside their claims anyway. PvP adds an extra flare to the game, it gives more reason to have armor,potions and build fortresses. It adds so much to the server. I like the use of claims as apposed to regular faction servers because with the claims i can build cool stuff without it being destroyed, but at the same time i have the option for pvp. The server will loose a lot of excitement if pvp is not included in the new world.

  3. PVE with arenas:
    As a non PVP’er it’s really annoying constantly getting killed for no apparent reason other then being in the wrong place, especially when that place is a place you have to be to get materials not available in own claim etc. So definitely PVE for me!

  4. lets face it, even though many do not like being hunted, and most of us go through that “hunting” stage, i think that pvp keeps many of us around, and even though it may create drama, its usually a fun drama, having rivalry, all of it, just makes for a cool experience on the server 😀

  5. plus all of you who say no… you already stay in claims… plus, when you get established on the server and possibly the pvp community you may start to enjoy it more, trust me, i was never a pvper… now i am

  6. Just have safe zone in shops, your claims and obviously spawn. Then pvp everywhere else. It would be very boring without pvp and having to actually watch your back and be careful adds an element of suspense to the server, but w/out this the sever would be dull. And this is one of my fav servers

  7. I acidenally voted for PVE, sorry.
    The reason why server MUST be pvp is simple:
    -nether portals are literally 24/7 being camped by pvpers farming heads/gear, there is no chance to get some glowstones at all…
    -pve? what is the meaning of pve? You want to raid creepers at night?

    Arguements that one server should be pve and one pvp are invalid. There is like 10 ppl playing old server and 100 ppl playing the new one.

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