Plugins Overview

Here is the list of plugins we use on our Minecraft server.

We use a lot of different plugins on SpaceBugSMP to help insure that everyone has a fun time playing and griefing is minimized. We also boast several plugins that have been customized specifically for our server (highlighted in orange)

Type:  Survival (PvP, PvE, Hardcore)
Version: Spigot 1.7.9

Plugins: HideStream, CommandSync, AntiPortalTrap, WorldEdit, Buycraft, Vault, PermissionsEx, BungeePortals, WorldGuard, dynmap, AutoMessage, CommandHelper, WhatIsIt, ChestShop, ChunkSpawnerLimiter, ProtocolLib, Herochat, Stats, PlotMe-DefaultGenerator, mcMMO, Essentials, floAuction, Orebfuscator, WorldBorder, BungeeChatClient, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, VanishNoPacket, NoEggPort, Multiverse-Core, EssentialsAntiBuild, SurpriseBags, CompatNoCheatPlus, SpaceBugUtils, EssentialsChat, iTag, GriefPrevention, HolographicDisplays, RandomTP, CommandSigns, NoCheatPlus, Dynmap-GriefPrevention, PlotMe, PlayerHeads, DynmapPlotMe, TogglePvP, TagAPI, HardcoreSurvival

10 thoughts on “Plugins Overview”

  1. GroupManager & MyWarp

    How do you get GroupManager and MyWarp work together?
    On my server, once I have GroupManager enabled, MyWarp ceases all function and won’t even answer the /warp help
    Did you need any tinkering in order for those two to work together?

    1. Hi oli,
      I did not have any problems with those 2 together.. I did have problems with Herochat and MyWarp together.

      Did you remember to set the permission nodes in groupmanager?
      -- mywarp.warp.basic.*
      -- mywarp.warp.soc.*

  2. I’m thinking about building a server for me and my son and some of his friends to play. I love the way spacebug works with the claims and grief prevention. In what ways is the grief prevention plugin customized for this server?

    1. Major features that I’ve added to the GriefPrevention plugin is the ability to toggle pvp in individual claims, and the ability to eject players from your claim. There are smaller tweaks here and there that I’ve made. If you would like to download the version of GP that I use, you can do so from my github page. There’s a download link towards the bottom of the page. The information on there is a little out of date, but the major features are called out.

  3. I heared that it is possible to gain mobheads, but what’s the chance of getting these heads? I just like the mobheads.

    Can there also maybe come tags in the shop like Cookie, Hero, Champion, etc.?

  4. When was the last time this page was updated? The list shows the post date; would be nice to know the last edit date too

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