New world to play on: Hardcore

Welcome to Hardcore.

This world is all about survival of the fittest. There are no second chances: you mess up and die, you’re done.

The hardcore world is something very different than what you’ve seen on so far. Very little is “safe”, there is no economy, and if you die, you’re banned.

I’ll break down the differences by the main plugins we use

Claims are NOT safe. Players can open doors, chests, kill you, your animals, etc etc. While they can’t break blocks all the time, siege mode is enabled which means you can’t just hide in your claim if you see someone. During siege, they can break stuff like glass, dirt, wood, and a few other blocks. This means if you want to protect your stuff, you pretty much need to build a vault.

You are limited to 1 9×9 claim. That’s it. When you start out, you begin with a chest. Using the start chest is your only method of claiming. You can move your claim, but you must first break all your chests, unclaim, then place the chest somewhere else. If you die, your claim is automatically abandoned and anyone can loot it.

Essentials will be doing very little in this world. You don’t have homes, or spawn, and there is no form of server economy. You can trade with people manually, but you run the risk that they will kill you.

Any time a player dies, no matter what the cause, their head is dropped. When they die, their last coordinates will be displayed in chat, so those who are willing to risk it can go grab the head.

New plugin HardcoreSuvival
Really the only thing worth mentioning with this plugin are it’s 2 main features.
1) It changes how the compass works.
– Right click will point you to the nearest player’s location at the time of the click. It doesn’t update live, so you’ll need to check frequently to hunt people
– Left click points you to your base
2) /setbase
– since you don’t have /home, you’ll need someway to get back to where you came from. That’s where /setbase comes in. It stores your coordinates so you can find your way back

Misc details about the world
First thing you’ll probably notice about it is that it’s much smaller than the regular size world. It only has a 1k block border, so everyone is a bit closer together and it doesn’t take an hour to get from one side of the map to the other. Another thing you’ll quickly notice is that there is world wrapping. This means if you hit the border, you’ll be warped to the other end of the map.

Sounds interesting, how do I start?
Simple: Go into the cave at spawn, and walk into the Arches in the center. You’ll be randomly teleported somewhere into the hardcore world. That’s the only way to get there. Then, if you want to get back, you have to disconnect from Hardcore, and when you log back in you’ll be in the regular world (not meant to be super easy to get back and forth)

Each world will last for about a month (not this first one, as it’s kinda trial version to see what needs to be tweaked). It will be normal hardcore play for 3 weeks, then the last week you guys will be given access to the /spawn command and pvp will be turned off. Each player who wishes to enter the competition will be given some area at spawn designated for them, a spot for them to put all the heads they gathered. The player with the most heads wins. We’ll put up a scoreboard at spawn with the top players and their head counts. (note, it doesn’t matter HOW you get the heads, just that you have them. You could steal or loot them and never kill a soul)

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      1. is there any way out of it if there is only two players on? or is it only one can get out and the other is trapped in the hardcore world for eternity -_-

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