Minecraft 1.11 preview

Hey everyone,

As I’m sure people are aware, Minecraft 1.11 was released today. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what our plan is for updating the server.

Since activity on the server has pretty drastically dropped, we’ve decided to get rid of some of the changes we added, as they don’t seem to be that popular with players. Once spigot and the necessary plugins have been upgraded to 1.11, our plan is to create a new world that is very similar to “Classic” SpaceBug. This world will have PvP enabled everyone (claims are still safe), and will add the /sell command back. Plots will also be gone and we’ll have the various portals to different parts of the map. We will leave the current SMP world as is for the time being, in case anyone still wants to play there, but the primary world will be the new “Classic” one.

We’ll keep players informed of the progress in the forums as usual, and if there are any questions, please ask them there.

18 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.11 preview”

  1. So, we’re having dual worlds? If so, I was wondering why go through all that trouble when you can just port over the classic economy to the current one. Could we take a poll regarding this?

  2. I love that the server gets updated.. But i hate that pvp is enabled for everyone.. And that we have to start all over, i want to keep mcmmo ! Cash i don’t care about! But to do the mcmmo over again.. Na thanks! Hope u can do something about that.. People will play again if mcmmo will be transfered!

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated! I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t been able to play as much as I want (and I imagine school is keeping everyone off as well). Thank you for keeping the server up and updated. I always just roll with the changes, and I still love playing on this server!

  4. ya hi i am usually the one that gets important information WAY late. has the server ip beed said yet or are we still waiting for it

  5. i noised that either the old SMP got very popular or the new server is out. either way i can’t get in and i was wondering if anyone could help me, it keeps on saying that the connection was lost and i could not connect to the default or fallback server. what do i do

    1. You are probably trying to connect with a 1.10.2 client. Please make sure you are running version 1.11 and try to connect again. If you have further trouble, please make a post in the Request Help section in the forums.

  6. So can players who frequent the PvE serverworld vote on a poll which would decide how the economy or other aspects should work?

    Or no…

    I just want to know.

  7. Is there any plans to change the claim blocks price? 100 for one claim block is not a price i can afford. i would really like to know if it was going back to its default SMP2 price or not. 100 is just to much for me.

  8. my old acc was Alexx_Mines15 (og player ig) but my suggestion is to go back to 1.7 or make it compatible. really the new updates ruin everything and id definetly be on there if its 1.7. just thinking about old times and checking on the server.

    1. lol no. 1.7 is extremely outdated, and I don’t even think it’s supported by spigot any more. If you want to play 1.7, you’re on your own I’m afraid.

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