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  1. I’m not sure if the admins see this, but I was playing on your server:
    I’ve been playing on it for a few days now, building up a pretty nice place at my claimed area. All of a sudden I was kicked off. Then when I tried to sign back in it said server full. Why would it kick me off for somebody else? If I was on there before somebody else, why would’nt it say server full for them instead of kicking me off? I really enjoyed being on this server and I would like to continue. But y’all won’t let me. Please help!!

    1. Hi crazycatlady16 (nice name 🙂 )

      Well its how it works here -- Some people have donated money to the server, they get the ability to not have to wait in queue when the server is full (reserved slot), and it will kick a standard player for that.
      It’s their benifit for supporting the server and making sure I can pay the monthly server bills.

      This only happens when the server is full. So just keep trying to login.

  2. Yo SPacbug i got banned for no reason bro, Imadpenguin was cusing me out in private chat and he didnt get banned,man i swear just because he donated he could do anything and not get banned. 🙁

    1. nonsense. noone is sacred because they donated -- several donaters have been banned.
      And I didnt ban you -- you where probably caught in the automatic spam system

  3. Hey spacebug i have noticed that a lot of people start cursing and scamming as soon a lellipop or you get off. just letting you know.

  4. So I wasn’t on for 2 weeks or so and now my claim was taken by someone else. I built a nice place and had good stuff stored. How do I get it back?

    1. nothing gets removed if you are away 2 weeks? when you hit 30 days offline it will be, especially if it is placed in a populated area.

      If someone else got the area now, nothing really to do about it i’m affraid.. Start a new and make sure to login regularly 😉

  5. Hey space bug, im Switchfoot18 on your server and i would like to say it is easily the best server i have been on. It sticks to the basics as it is vanilla minecraft and it is pretty much lag free with a great community and great rules. I just donated $15 to keep this good thing you have going. I was wondering though if you could help me out? I came back out of a nether portal from going into the nether and it spawned me in someones house in their nether portal where i cant open my type bar because it thinks i am warping, but i never do. So i can do /trapped and i cant leave the area either. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Brian,

      yeah you bet i can.. but I need you to be ingame unfortunately. I will look now if you are ingame

      Else, you can use Minechat (google it) to login and use /spawn -- to get out of the portal. Use that if you get tired of waiting 🙂

  6. Hey Space, looking around the website as it appears to have had a make-over since my ‘hibernation’ a couple months back. It’s looking good, the server (Old & New) are still rocking and I’m loving the community, again, the old and the new. You’ve created an awesome world for some awesome people and I’d like to thank you for that. BEAR.

  7. Hello spacebug i was being trolled and harassed by two players and i got angry and called them a few names. I got banned which is reasonable but you have to understanned they were tormenting me because i did not give them my trust so i stopped playing minecraft completley for a couple days. I was wondering if there was anything i could do to go back on your server. Its very fun and i had built a lot.

  8. me and my friend mina0225 need some help from a mod with a spawn plot we want and is expired we are on most nights and have not been able to get any help so far so if u see us on can someone help please?

  9. Hey guys! It has been an awesome time on this server so far! Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to donate. Nonetheless, it would be amazing if I was given a chance to help you guys with builds, especially those as spawn. Though its only been my first 2 hours ingame, you could take a look at what I’ve done with my house/claim so far:)

    1. Moderators are chosen by me, generally from our helpers. When staff decides that we need to add more helpers we open applications for people to apply.

  10. hello staff from SpaceBug, my computer did crash a couple of days ago.. i am trying to fix it as fast as i can.. but i am going on vacation so i dont know how long its going to take.
    but i want to ask u guys if i didnt came online for like 30+ more days (what i think not is going to happen) plz do not remove my claim,
    i am going to get online when i can sp plz do not remove my claim.
    i think i can fix it soon but i am not sure.
    so plz let my claims stay

  11. Plz staff answer, my computer cant get fixed.. i need to buy a new one i am back home in 3 days.
    IF im offline for 30 days then plzzz dont remove any of my claims.

    Hope u guys answer


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