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75 Responses to “Staff”

  1. Seanie502

    I made a pretty pathetic application before so I’m trying again.

    Hey, my name is Sean, I am 13 years old and have aspergers, I have a great imagination and love to build large mines and recreate movie places on minecraft.think about approving me because I may be young, but you need young imagination too, not just older minds :P.

    Thanks, Seanie
    I hope you will

  2. TacticalPenguin

    Hey, My name is TacticalPenguin, or Luke, I am 16 years old. I discovered minecraft earlier this year, 3 months before the whole youtube community mobbed it. I have only been a part of two servers ever but they were both a lot of fun. I have built some really cool structures with friends and have plenty of time on my hands to mess with this stuff. My friend from another server let me know about the whole youtube community thing and why all the new players were bursting the floodgates. I saw “SeaNanners” video about the game and thought that the server he played on looked awesome. I saw another one of his videos earlier today and it really made me want to join the server! So I tracked it down via georgepoo123 and here I am now! Applying for a spot on the server as soon as they are available! I will not grief, I really don’t even care if other players contribute to my structures, thats the fun of the game! Thanks


  3. georgepoo123

    erm claush it says on website im approved but when i sign into the server it says server disconnected you your not on whitelist

  4. hoebag89(Matthew Braasch)

    I am not on the list, I was accepted bout two weeks ago, see its about 3/4s down, put me on white list D:

    • 96slayer98

      WOW hoebag… i got removed from whitelist because you stole all of captainsparklez’s gold and diamonds…

  5. aldan (allan)

    claush if u see this and the offer is still open i just want to say yes i will gladly take on the role as a recruiter

    • claush

      Sounds good.. The people I choose for this job, is the people who act like recruiters ingame (take care of the new people and guide them). I watch server logs and can see who does what.
      So if I see you guide people well and make sure they understand how things work, I might give you the title and powers that come with the job

  6. Grunewald

    Hej mit navn er Tobias, jeg er 16 år.
    jeg vil gerne spille multiplayer, men jeg er ikke på jeres white list.. :/
    er det muligt jeg kan komme på den?
    jeg har købt spillet, og har spillet det i et par dage, jeg kan godt lide sandbox games, sanbox games som jeg har prøvet er:

    Garry’s Mod og Minecraft, jeg har spillet omkring 24 timers Minecraft og over 1300 timers Garry’s Mod :P håber jeg kan komme på :D :D :D

    If you can’t read this, then use google translate or something else to translate it.. it’s danish ;)

  7. georgepoo123

    it says loggin in does not match servedr ip you have been disconnected what is server ip

    • claush

      Try again george — was a security issue I had to enable while Notch allowed everyone to join our server, without name verification

    • claush

      If you are banned, well you messed up and broke our rules.
      We have to many new great people who want to join (and to follow our simple rules) to bother with lifting bans. So best if you find another server :)

  8. georgepoo123

    can you check if ssjicdorte took 64 iron bars… if he has he is refusing to give it back to me… and please Ban Him

    • claush

      No dorte didnt steal from you and I do not approve on the language you used in chat. Accusations like that are dangerous when you have no solid proof!

      Hide your chests with valuable stuff -- its your own responsibily to keep items safe. (until we have some method to actually lock chests)

  9. sejeD

    i am not on the list :[

    -In-Gamer from
    -sejeD from

    Edit claus: you are now on whitelist

  10. groax

    CLAUSH I NEED YOUR HELP ( this is groax you no me ) when i try to log in it says you are not on the whittelist please go on website to apply but i have been on it for ages and i am on the whitelist ??? plzz help i dont no what is happend thanks claush

  11. Musetrigger

    Good Morrow to ya, gents. The name’s Musetrigger, and I am praying to god that 22 won’t be considered old here. I mainly like to build more realistic things, houses and such, and I mainly just enjoy making well organized settlements in general. I am hoping that I won’t be on 24/7, but I have been thinking of looking for community with a whitelist, somewhere to unwind without any headaches.

    Please consider this proposal, and if this introduction isn’t deemed practical, then it’s no real dilemma. I can leave or take. Looking forward to your result, mates!

    • claush

      Greetings Musetrigger,

      I like you attitude a lot :) I think you could fit right in with us (and no you are still quite young compared to some of the others on the server, including me :D )

      Though -- we are in a transition period atm, and we have stopped the general recruiting until we update the server with Bukkit mod. (Should happend within a few weeks at most).

      But please, do come join us on our IRC chat (just use the Chat link in the top menu). We might be able to find a way to get you in a little faster, if you are active in chat.

  12. Keanu Jones

    This is lame…i just wanted to see what survival was like for a little bit and maybe even permanently stay, but I can’t because you have to have some stupid whitelist thing…I would love it if I could get in for a little bit but, no! I even sent you an email and never heard back. probably won’t on this one either.

  13. Hamy99

    this is my application to be a mod

    My name is Hamish and I am 15 years old. I like helping people and HATE Trols.
    If I was an mod I could bring justice to the server

    Thanks, Hamish
    P.S Your server rocks

  14. astropen1

    plz add me as a recrute i am begging for you to invite me to the server im good at movie seens and you dont need older minds you need young ones

  15. TheSuds13

    Hey, my name is John. This is my Moderator application! First off, I’m a mature 16 year old. I have been playing Minecraft since early beta. One server that I used to be admin on was ElementCraft. I’ve also been Mod on some other servers. I love abiding by the rules, and want to help enforce them. I also love helping people with any questions that they may have. Please consider me for the staff position. Thanks!

  16. Shadow4869

    Hello. I am hoping to talk to someone about donation trouble. If one of the owners could contact me directly through my Email, that would be very helpful.

  17. crazycatlady16

    I’m not sure if the admins see this, but I was playing on your server:
    I’ve been playing on it for a few days now, building up a pretty nice place at my claimed area. All of a sudden I was kicked off. Then when I tried to sign back in it said server full. Why would it kick me off for somebody else? If I was on there before somebody else, why would’nt it say server full for them instead of kicking me off? I really enjoyed being on this server and I would like to continue. But y’all won’t let me. Please help!!

    • Spacebug

      Hi crazycatlady16 (nice name :) )

      Well its how it works here -- Some people have donated money to the server, they get the ability to not have to wait in queue when the server is full (reserved slot), and it will kick a standard player for that.
      It’s their benifit for supporting the server and making sure I can pay the monthly server bills.

      This only happens when the server is full. So just keep trying to login.

      • slendermaniac

        Hello spacebug i wanted to know if you and i can be freinds because im dedicated to helping players and i think we can get along so if you agree then tell me.

  18. DetroitSaab

    I would also like to note it was no where near 5 minutes and everything disappeared at the exact same time, even when stuff was dropped at different times.

  19. tennisplyr

    While playing on one of your servers i was killed and looted in my own home even though i had the area claimed. I am outraged and i have to start from scratch now. I am a paid memeber to this server and i really want this fixed because i cant enjoy myself anymore.

  20. slendermaniac

    Hello if you need a freind or someone to adventure with,live with,etc. Im there for you because im dedicated to helping players no matter the server,seed,map,etc.and i will always be there for you.

  21. slendermaniac

    Hey everyone i wanted to tell yall bout what i found out.i found out that you can make custom mob heads and that there is a mod im going to make called PHANTOM mod where there is a new mob the phantom who can teleport,destroy,build,make signs,talk and he can pass through glass,ice,bricks,wooden planks and doors!but i wanted to know if you guys want me to make it so reply okay?

  22. slendermaniac

    Ya better watch out,ya better not cry,ya better not shout im telling you why.Slender santas coming to town!

  23. liksombot

    Hallo, i got a little problem with the server, the thing is: I cant connect to the server when im at my own internet, i know for sure it isn’t my coumeputer ( I have tried whith many) it isn’t my minecraft account (I have tried whith many, my accout can connect at my friends house.) And i know it is my Internett because my the server just dont work at my own house. plz help any advise?

  24. Jason

    Yo SPacbug i got banned for no reason bro, Imadpenguin was cusing me out in private chat and he didnt get banned,man i swear just because he donated he could do anything and not get banned. :(

    • Spacebug

      nonsense. noone is sacred because they donated -- several donaters have been banned.
      And I didnt ban you -- you where probably caught in the automatic spam system

  25. Loi22

    Hey We have a problem. I believe Crazywilly404 left this ( offensive sign directed at me and my community on the server. I saw him on the live map around our village, and I soon returned to this. We are also being frequently griefed, and I believe that it’s him doing it.

  26. hayden88

    Spacebug im having an issue where im stuck in spleef queue, this prevents me from using normal / commands like /home, /balance etc. if u could remove me from the queue at you earliest convienience that would really be appriciated. Thanks

  27. Brown_Tr0ut

    Hey spacebug i have noticed that a lot of people start cursing and scamming as soon a lellipop or you get off. just letting you know.

  28. Genius_Penguin

    If you don’t want to answer me on the server, can you just send me an e-mail ? :)

    thank you.

  29. ArchAngel

    So I wasn’t on for 2 weeks or so and now my claim was taken by someone else. I built a nice place and had good stuff stored. How do I get it back?

    • [Admin] Spacebug

      nothing gets removed if you are away 2 weeks? when you hit 30 days offline it will be, especially if it is placed in a populated area.

      If someone else got the area now, nothing really to do about it i’m affraid.. Start a new and make sure to login regularly ;)

  30. habitso

    hey spacebug i got a little issue while mining, i was mining after obsidian whit my daimond pick as had fortune 3 unbreaking 3 and eff 4, but there was a bug as i mineed one of the blocks, it disapeared and came back again, then i for some reason went under the sureface of the obsidian and coudent come op again, and died, is that a problem u coud help me whit getting me the pick back? or is it just gone for good?

  31. habitso

    why is the world map a circle and not square? wust woundering :p and will the map get any off the new biomes?

  32. poppster9

    hey spacebug? i was wondering if i could apply for staff. you MIGHT know me but if you don’t i completely understand. my IGN is poppster9 im 12 years old. i love to create pixel art, automatic farms and cool roller coasters and buildings. and if you dont trust me and you cant op everyone who asks thats fine. but just take in consideration that i promise to use my op abilities responsibly.--poppster9 :D

  33. poppster9

    and habitso, i belaive that spacebug is making an alternate world for all the new 1.7 biomes.

  34. Brian Phillips

    Hey space bug, im Switchfoot18 on your server and i would like to say it is easily the best server i have been on. It sticks to the basics as it is vanilla minecraft and it is pretty much lag free with a great community and great rules. I just donated $15 to keep this good thing you have going. I was wondering though if you could help me out? I came back out of a nether portal from going into the nether and it spawned me in someones house in their nether portal where i cant open my type bar because it thinks i am warping, but i never do. So i can do /trapped and i cant leave the area either. Any ideas?

    • [Admin] Spacebug

      Hi Brian,

      yeah you bet i can.. but I need you to be ingame unfortunately. I will look now if you are ingame

      Else, you can use Minechat (google it) to login and use /spawn -- to get out of the portal. Use that if you get tired of waiting :)

  35. Xebos

    Greetings to my fellow minecraftians I am xebos,guardian of the secrets of minecraft
    And I will tell you secrets if you keep making new stuff in minecraft!
    I was told to protect them from(shudder)SPY’S by the creator of minecraft!

  36. Elmdawn

    I need help, possibly from staff. Someone has griefed me and stolen all my animals! I would like whoever did this to be caught and banned, but I don’t know how to catch them. I have only one person trusted, but I’ve confirmed that they didn’t do it. Please help! And if there’s a diffrent page that I should post this on, please tell me which one.

  37. Elmdawn

    Oh, and if it helps, the person who greifed me can place blocks. They stole my sheep, pigs, and chickens (I have no cows) and this is the second time I’ve been griefed. The first time my animals were not touched, but a large number of useful items were stolen from my chests. I untrusted everyone, and hadn’t been griefed again until now.



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