• New simple SMP server – lightweight

    Hey guys, For those with interest, then I’v added a new SMP to an old physical server I had avaliable. The server is quite simple atm – more work will be put into it slowly. For now you can consider it the wild west, no real moderation as I am tied up elsewhere atm.

    Connect:  play.minecraft.dk

    This is a permanent brand new map – You can walk out into the wilderness and find a great spot for yourself. Claim the area with a chest. The chest will create some gold blocks to show your corners of the claimed area.

    Use a stick and right click ground to see who owns a specific piece of land, or use a golden shovel to expand your own borders.

    I will introduce some shops to inflate the server with economy – With money you can buy items from other players or expand your territory (golden shovel).

    Quick command overview:

    • /abandonclaim – Delete a claim
    • /abandontoplevelclaim – Delete a claim and all subdivisions
    • /abandonallclaims – Delete all your claims
    • /trust – Grans a player full access to your claim(s)
    • /untrust – Revokes a players access to your claim(s)
    • /contrainertrust – Grant a player access to your containers
    • /accesstrust – Grants a player entry to your claims and use of bed
    • /permissiontrust – Grants a player permission to grant his level of permission to others
    • /subdivideclaims – Switch the shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide claims.
    • /basicclaims – switch the shovel tool back to basic claim mode
    • /buyclaimblocks – Buy more blocks to claim with ingame currency
    • /sellclailblocks – Sell claimed blocks back to server
    • /trustlist – List permissions for the claim you stand in
    • /balance – See your money
    • /help – Find help to commands
    • /home – Teleport home
    • /ignore – Ignore another player
    • /kit – Kits
    • /motd – Message of the day
    • /pay – Pay money to someone
    • /rules – View rules
    • /sell – Sell item in your hand
    • /sethome – Set your /home location
    • /warp – Warp
    • /worth – Find the price of the item in your hand
    • /spawn – Return to Spawn