New World – What is it and what will happen?

Hello everyone =)

Ok, as promised I will try give you all a better idea about what is to come with this ”new world”/”new server” – some of you panic when those words have been mentioned in the chat, so this post is to calm everyone a bit and avoid any misunderstandings.

First of all let me underline – Nothing you have made on the server will be lost in this process and upgrade. Our old beloved world will continue as always and nothing will really change (except maybe better gameplay due to a better and faster server + a better network)

This upgrade I am working will involve a few steps.

  • – New host (better hardware and better network) = less lag in-game.
  • – A new world will be added, alongside our old world. From now on I will call them (Old World and New World).

Instead of going the Multiverse direction, I have decided to take advantage of the BungeeCord method. By this I can add several new physical servers together and easily link/unlink them together, and take one server down, while the other(s) are still running. Meaning I will have the ability to make a lot of new exciting things in the future, without making changes to our old world(s).

The new setup will be something like this.
When you first enter the server, you will enter a Lobby – kinda like an information hall with description, rules and a couple of portals. At first 1 portal leading to the Old World and another portal leading to the New World. (Or you will be able to use a command like (/server oldworld  or /server newworld). This command will work within all worlds and make it possible to easily change to another world or the Lobby.
The servers will still remember where you logged out – so if you logout in the Old World, next time you login you will be transferred to that location if the server is up. If it is down, you will be transferred to the Lobby.

As mentioned, I will not make any changes to the Old World, except fixing some of the issues like making frames breakable again, allowing TNT in claims and of course adding a new Auction system 🙂

The New World will also be a SMP (Survival Multiplayer World) just like the Old World, but the staff and I will make some adjustments to it – changes that will try reduce the amount of Cactus farms and other things that over time kinda got out of hand in the Old World. (Learning from experience, taking the best things with us from the Old World and scratch the bad things).
I will also add a few new things to the New World – I expect mcMMO will be added (a way to gain experience and getting some new skills based on experience).

One of the common questions from you guys is about the Ranks – how will that work?.. And rest assure, if you are a donator, you will have the same rank in all worlds I make, and you will be able to use your kit in both worlds daily. Ranks are the only thing that work between servers. Inventory, blocks and money can not be transferred between worlds.
This is to ensure that the New World is a fresh start for everyone and the rich in the Old World wont be able to gobble up everything right away in the New World.

I have come a good way already with the setup, but there is still a lot to get done for me before everything is working correctly. I am not sure if I have been too optimistic, but I have made a deadline for myself to be done around February 7 2014 (that will be exactly 1 year after the Old World was launched).. I hope everything works out and I can release the new server that day. *crosses fingers

As some of you know, we are asking you guys to help with building the new Lobby and Spawn for the New World – if you have any interest in that, please check the forum post 10becja made – you will find instructions on how to help there:  //
When we got a handful of good suggestions for those builds, I will setup 2 Polls on this site so everyone of you get a vote on each to place on your favorite builds. The Lobby build and New World spawn with most votes will win and be the builds we use forward.

Ok, I think that is it – if I missed anything, just make a comment and I will try answer as best as I can.

Update – followup questions I have been getting:

  • – Will the IP be the same? – (Yep,  just be sure to use when you connect to the server.)
  • – If banned in the old world, will you be banned in the new world? – (Yep, I will transfer all bans to the new world)

New simple SMP server – lightweight

Hey guys, For those with interest, then I’v added a new SMP to an old physical server I had avaliable. The server is quite simple atm – more work will be put into it slowly. For now you can consider it the wild west, no real moderation as I am tied up elsewhere atm.


This is a permanent brand new map – You can walk out into the wilderness and find a great spot for yourself. Claim the area with a chest. The chest will create some gold blocks to show your corners of the claimed area.

Use a stick and right click ground to see who owns a specific piece of land, or use a golden shovel to expand your own borders.

I will introduce some shops to inflate the server with economy – With money you can buy items from other players or expand your territory (golden shovel).

Quick command overview:

  • /abandonclaim – Delete a claim
  • /abandontoplevelclaim – Delete a claim and all subdivisions
  • /abandonallclaims – Delete all your claims
  • /trust – Grans a player full access to your claim(s)
  • /untrust – Revokes a players access to your claim(s)
  • /contrainertrust – Grant a player access to your containers
  • /accesstrust – Grants a player entry to your claims and use of bed
  • /permissiontrust – Grants a player permission to grant his level of permission to others
  • /subdivideclaims – Switch the shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide claims.
  • /basicclaims – switch the shovel tool back to basic claim mode
  • /buyclaimblocks – Buy more blocks to claim with ingame currency
  • /sellclailblocks – Sell claimed blocks back to server
  • /trustlist – List permissions for the claim you stand in
  • /balance – See your money
  • /help – Find help to commands
  • /home – Teleport home
  • /ignore – Ignore another player
  • /kit – Kits
  • /motd – Message of the day
  • /pay – Pay money to someone
  • /rules – View rules
  • /sell – Sell item in your hand
  • /sethome – Set your /home location
  • /warp – Warp
  • /worth – Find the price of the item in your hand
  • /spawn – Return to Spawn