Live Dealer Games at Microgaming Casinos

As usual, Microgaming was among the first software suppliers to offer the “live” mode. This feature associates virtual with land-based casinos and offers a unique opportunity to enjoy gaming at home or work while playing with a real dealer. Normally, a professional banker is located at the studio surrounded by cameras while determining the card or a dice number to ensure that the game is fair.

Live Dealer Tables & Cards Overlook

microgaming live dealer games

Being a global studio, this firm organized more than 100 table games which truly perform in the “on-line” regime, accordingly to 1StHighRoller Microgaming overview. Thus, there are various tables, such as blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, roulette and sic bo. They function on various devices, including PC, laptops, phones and tablets. Significantly, the gambling process can be automatically recorded and a client can watch it afterwards. Additionally, a special agreement with Playboy authorizes dealers to wear extraordinary outfit what attracts more users.


All 4 different versions are available. The American has a special “00” spot and ensures a sequential order of the symbols. European, a classic type, has only one “0” with ordinary 2.7% HE and a chaotic location of numbers on the wheel. French, does not differ much from the previous but has “La Partage”, which allows losing only a half if the bet was not successful but the ball stopped at “0”. Lastly, Californian one looks like previous two but requires using cards. Interestingly, especially for “live dealer”, there is a “Rapid Roulette”. It speeds up the process and permits making 65 wages per hour!


The most popular dice game is certainly based on luck. An individual is required to pick a number or some figures according to the chosen combination and throw the items. Cameras in different locations will automatically show from different angles the outcome. Normally, bet limits start from only $1 and can reach hundreds. The RTP is super high (99%) if some particular strategies are chosen, like don’t come/pass and come/pas.

Black Jack

This game has always been on the top charts. A person needs to collect 21 points in each round. Thus, there are 52 cards with a nominal value having two exceptions: a gambler determines whether ace shall be considered 1 or 11 and face cards always count as 10. Among different moves allowed by the entertainment, an individual can pick: stand (nothing to change), hit (pick a card), double (multiply the stake and pick one card), surrender (ensure that half of the wage can be secured) or split (divide the number).


live dealer microgaming playings

This amusement also requires 52 cards and allows playing with 3 different bets. A live banker bet would provide 98.99% RTP, whereas 6-desk and 8-desk versions would constitute around 1.06% HE. The rules are super simple: a person has to guess which hand wins in each round based on the value of cards. Importantly, live mode permits choosing the winner even without being involved in the actual game.


In 2003 Poker has become the most successful table game for this company as Microgaming Poker Network was created. It has brought numerous advantages for players. Currently, people can enjoy this amusement anonymously and a program can automatically notify if a spot to join a table exist. An individual can easily choose the most suitable type among many existing options having in mind that regularly some new versions are launching.

Best Microgaming Casinos to Play Live Dealer Games

The choice is huge and all pure Microgaming casinos are well known with a high degree of trust. There is a full time consumer support through the phone, email or chat. Moreover, they all have few licenses, eCorga audit report and various payment options. And they are the top choices as usual.

Live Tables (Cards) to Play with Bonuses

Promotions are also presented for “live Microgaming casino users”. They may come right after choosing this mode and entering the room as a no deposit gift. Otherwise, there are some rewards for making a certain amount of wages, consecutive winnings or numerous investments. However, wagering requirements remain and they are detailed on the screen or in the bonus rules.