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Hey everyone!

If you go to the web store, you’ll notice there’s a new category available: pets. It’s a new feature I’ve added to add a bit more fun to the game.

The way it works is that once you purchase a pet, you can summon the little (or big) guy and he’ll follow you around, wherever you go. You can also ride it around, or if you feel so inclined, wear it as a hat. The pets are protected, so you don’t have to worry about people killing it. Please note that they are mostly cosmetic though, and won’t really help you out too much (as in if you get a monster pet, they won’t attack people for you).

Commands you should keep in mind. You can find a list of all commands ingame by doing /pet help

  • /pet (type) – Summons a pet you own. Type is the type of mob, so if you’ve purchased a bat, do /pet bat.
  • /pet remove – Removes your current pet. Don’t worry, you can still summon it again by doing /pet (type).
  • /pet list – Lists all available pet types. Green means you can summon it, red means you can’t. You can hover over the pet type to see any additional meta you can change (wool color for instance.
  • /pet info – Shows information about your current pet.
  • /pet ride – Ride your pet!
  • /pet hat – Let your pet ride you!
  • /pet menu – Open the Data Menu GUI for your pet.
  • /pet show/hide – Show or hide your current pet.
  • /pet name (name) – Name your pet.

You can view more information at the EchoPet wiki site.

Current pets available and prices:


  • Pet Bat 2.50 USD
  • Pet Chicken 2.50 USD
  • Pet Endermite 2.50 USD
  • Pet Silverfish 2.50 USD
  • Pet Wolf 5.00 USD
  • Pet Ocelot 5.00 USD
  • Pet Sheep 5.00 USD
  • Pet Cow 5.00 USD
  • Pet Pig 5.00 USD
  • Pet Rabbit 5.00 USD
  • Pet Squid 5.00 USD
  • Pet Mushroom Cow 5.00 USD
  • Pet Horse 5.00 USD
  • Pet Villager 7.50 USD
  • Pet Slime 10.00 USD
  • Pet MagmaCube 10.00 USD
  • Pet CaveSpider 10.00 USD
  • Pet Zombie 10.00 USD
  • Pet Zombie Pigman 10.00 USD
  • Pet Skeleton 10.00 USD
  • Pet Creeper 10.00 USD
  • Pet Blaze 10.00 USD
  • Pet Endermen 10.00 USD
  • Pet Witch 10.00 USD
  • Pet Guardian 10.00 USD
  • Pet Iron Golem 12.50 USD
  • Pet Snowman 12.50 USD
  • Pet Ghast 15.00 USD
  • Pet Giant 15.00 USD
  • Pet Wither 20.00 USD

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  1. Lalander /

    Bought an Ocelot for *Lalander and a Wolf for iJumpRC. Transaction went through, but still no in-game pet. 🙁 Not sure who to contact.

    1. [Admin] 10becja / Post Author

      sometimes it takes a little while for the transactions to go through. I definitely see the donation though, so if it doesn’t show up next time you guys log on let me know and I’ll manually add the permission

      1. IJumpRC /

        I still haven’t seen any sign of the wolf… 🙁

        1. [Admin] 10becja / Post Author

          i manually added the permission node. you should be able to summon your pet now

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