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Welcome! Start like single player mode. We allow FULL PVP for both players and buildings, but admins in game can eventually moderate players by using jail, mute, kick, ban as they wish to... Mostly part of time, you are on your own to keep a exciting atmosphere. We are currently running Minecraft 1.0.0 (Bukkit #1538 development version) Installed: CraftBookCommon, SignLogger, WurkIt, CreepOut, ChairCraft, Tetris, NoCheat, StreetLamps, WorldEdit, PlgLogCmd, WorldGuard, AutoMessage, Mean Admins, Minequery, Slap, BigBrother, AntiCreeper, HeroicDeath, LagMeter, Appleseed, GoldenTools,
RegexFilter, OKSpamSecurity, MCTelnet, CraftBookMechanisms, PvPReward, AutoPlant, Stargate, AfkKick, obuShutTheHellUp, RoundWorld, Votifier, GroupManager, BigCatch, CommandHelper, ChunkRegen, DynamicMarket, InventorySort, LogOres, SpongeRestore, GriefAlertR, BananaChunk, Essentials, mxAntiPVPCheat, NormalizedDrops, Tossers, ChatCensor, NoMobSpawners, NSCommand, TimeAnnounce, iConomy, EssentialsChat, EssentialsProtect, Permissions, VanishNoPickup, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsGeoIP, dynmap, Factions, MyHome, Citizens, Jobs and MonsterHunt. Of course, we still improving to keep your fun up and
running. Inadequate language and builds (harass, bulling, agressive, racist, sexual) are totally unacceptable. Please, visit for more info...

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