Hardcore pvp!

minecraft server survival

Hardcore pvp!

-=[ PVP-SURVIVAL ]=- IP: pvp-survival.net IP: pvp-survival.net OUR SERVER IS DESIGNED TO OFFER A VANILLA EXPERIENCE WITH A PVP MMORPG TWIST! Some features include: PVP - -This is no barbie server. Our players are hardened killers with a block on their shoulders(see what I did there). SURVIVAL - -Survival in minecraft can be trying, survival here is not guaranteed. GRIEFING - -Did you just find the nicest house in all the land? Lets burn that shit. RAIDING - -I heard those guys have a huge base and lots of loot... lets gear up. QUESTS - -We couldnt claim to be a MMORPG style server
without some hardass quests. CLANS - -Join ranks with other warriors to be respected and feared. SPELLS - -Provided you can handle some trying quests and dark dungeons you may be awarded the use of some spells. ARENAS - -We have a multitude of Arena styles open for your enjoyment. TROLLING - -You blew up his house, his mine, and stole his goods? Now lets make him ragequit! KIT SERVER - -Our Kit server will crush all those who oppose it. To be released Oct 1st 2012. LEADERBOARDS - -Getting your name on our top ten takes dedication, perserverance, and redbull. Prizes are awarded to our top
players. HUNGER GAMES - -Our Hunger Games server is opened for Tournaments that yield prizes in our survival world. BUILDING CONTRACTS - -Despite our PVP-SURVIVAL setting we still pay well for building projects, what would mario be without a castle here and there. PLAYER BASED ECONOMY - -Some things you can buy from a sign or npc... Real profits come from player based sales/trades. Our short r

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minecraft server Hardcore pvp!

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