• PvP Arena Poll Closed

    Quick update to let you know the PvP Arena poll is closed.

    I will try implement the new arenas in that order – though Spleef/parkour arenas might be implemented sooner than they are ranked on poll.

    Again big thanks to everyone who joined the competition and helped us vote for the coming Arenas ingame!

    And congratulations to SIR_TARDISALOT for being Top Dog in the contest. GJ

    Select your favorite Arena(s)

    • SIR_TARDISALOT (PvP Arena) (46%, 22 Votes)
    • naddiii98 (PvP Arena) (38%, 18 Votes)
    • kylewilliams1900 (PvP Arena) (29%, 14 Votes)
    • TheBugBread (PvP Arena) (21%, 10 Votes)
    • TheBugBread #2 (Spleef) (21%, 10 Votes)
    • RHCP1994 (PvP Arena) (15%, 7 Votes)
    • Mertokile92 (PvP Arena) (15%, 7 Votes)
    • justywusty87 (Spleef) (13%, 6 Votes)
    • kenneth4655 (PvP Arena / Parkour) (13%, 6 Votes)
    • xXLEOBATXx (PvP Arena) (6%, 3 Votes)
    • Rockingroll67 (PvP Arena) (6%, 3 Votes)
    • xXLEOBATXx #2 (PvP Arena) (4%, 2 Votes)
    • Ultimate_GG (PvP Arena) (4%, 2 Votes)
    • KingHering (PvP Arena) (4%, 2 Votes)
    • nICKtom88 (PvP Arena) (2%, 1 Votes)

    Total Voters: 48

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    Date for implementation is unknown, but it will be soon – already made ready to install it on a test server so I can set it up in peace and quite and not disrupting your normal gameplay. Also to determine if I will implement it in our existing world or use a new optimized world (we want to avoid all possible lag).

  • Poll: Vote for your favorite PvP Arena(s)

    Hey everyone!
    It is time to evaluate the many entries we had for our coming Battle Arenas – Thanks to all of you who gave it a shot and spent your valuable time to try create something permanent for our server – you guys are awesome =)

    Please take a look at each entry below – even visit them in-game to get a good sense of how they are built and how they would work as a playable Arena in-game.
    This Poll will be active one week from today – ending next wedensday, March 19 2014. That should give everyone a fair chance to view the builds and make the right choices.

    In this Poll you can place your vote on several Arenas, not just one as in the past polls – so be sure to select all the areans you like.
    When the poll is over, then I will copy and use the arena with most votes first and continue in that priority forward when we need more arenas in-game.

    Good luck to all entries and be sure to spread the word to your fellow player – so we get as many votes as possible to help determine the best Arenas.

    RHCP1994 (PvP Arena)

    xXLEOBATXx (PvP Arena)

    xXLEOBATXx (PvP Arena)

    • Images
    • Position: none, private build
    • More info
    • Leo, please correct me if this is not an entry.

    Rockingroll67 (PvP Arena)

    Ultimate_GG (PvP Arena)

    • Images: none
    • Position: X: -243 / Y: 32 (Creative server)
    • More info

    TheBugBread (PvP Arena)

    TheBugBread (Spleef)

    naddiii98 (PvP Arena)

    KingHering (PvP Arena)

    nICKtom88 (PvP Arena)

    Mertokile92 (PvP Arena)

    justywusty87 (Spleef)

    kylewilliams1900 (PvP Arena)


    kenneth4655 (PvP Arena / Parkour)

    Select your favorite Arena(s)

    • SIR_TARDISALOT (PvP Arena) (46%, 22 Votes)
    • naddiii98 (PvP Arena) (38%, 18 Votes)
    • kylewilliams1900 (PvP Arena) (29%, 14 Votes)
    • TheBugBread (PvP Arena) (21%, 10 Votes)
    • TheBugBread #2 (Spleef) (21%, 10 Votes)
    • RHCP1994 (PvP Arena) (15%, 7 Votes)
    • Mertokile92 (PvP Arena) (15%, 7 Votes)
    • justywusty87 (Spleef) (13%, 6 Votes)
    • kenneth4655 (PvP Arena / Parkour) (13%, 6 Votes)
    • xXLEOBATXx (PvP Arena) (6%, 3 Votes)
    • Rockingroll67 (PvP Arena) (6%, 3 Votes)
    • xXLEOBATXx #2 (PvP Arena) (4%, 2 Votes)
    • Ultimate_GG (PvP Arena) (4%, 2 Votes)
    • KingHering (PvP Arena) (4%, 2 Votes)
    • nICKtom88 (PvP Arena) (2%, 1 Votes)

    Total Voters: 48

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  • PvP Arena – Contest – Submit your builds


    Hey guys, time has come to submit your PvP Arena builds!

    We have had 14 busy days since the release of the new PvE world – a lot of tweaks have been done and many in the queue. But we are getting there 🙂

    As promised, the PvE world will include PvP arenas in different shapes and sizes (Spleef, regular PvP, CTF etc), and now is your time to set your permanent mark on the new server – Use your awesome building skills and build an arena we can use for future PvP Battles.

    I will leave the details up to you – but be sure to keep the battle area a square/rectangle (so it is possible to define the PvP borders properly).

    Temporary Creative Server:

    I will not save this map – so notice this is only a server for this contest (might make a real creative world later)

    Just like the past contests, you guys will have the power to determine which arena(s) we select as official PvP Arenas – when we have a good selection of contributions, I will start a poll (multichoice poll).

    For starters I think we will try a regular PvP Arena and a Spleef Arena, but don’t hold back if you have any specialized arena – we might find a good use for it still.


    To participate: Build an arena (solo or co op), Upload screenshots to some upload service and paste your screenshots in the commentfield below or the forum (you can also record a video). To help your chances, post the position/coordinates so players can go and look at it. Tell us why your arena is awesome and should be picked.

    And let me get your inputs on PvP arenas in general – anything we should be aware of? How do we implement this in the best way (from your perspective). Should the nether remain PvP after we get arenas etc.

    There will not really be any prize besides the bragging rights – this is mostly made to include you all and give you a chance to set your permanent mark on the server with an official build.

  • Poll: Should the New World be PvP or PvE?

    Should the New World be PvP or PvE?

    • I want PvE - but with with dedicated PvP arena(s) (53%, 56 Votes)
    • I want PvP exactly like in the Old World (47%, 50 Votes)

    Total Voters: 106

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    So, I am here thinking that making the new world PvE (Player vs Environment = no PvP) could solve a lot of issues in all the reports we constantly get from players (enderpearling, rodding, potions, lava) in and outside claims.
    Also, PvP in a server with a ton of entities like we got and will get in the new world, do lag many of you..(remember this is client lag, not server lag)

    So I just want to hear your guys opinion on which direction we should take this New World – Should we make it more or less a copy of the PvP method we use in the Old World, or should we instead make it no-PvP in most of the world and then make some dedicated PvP arenas where you can combat it out face to face?

    I know making it PvE will take a lot of the excitement out of the game for many of you, but remember the Old World will still remain the same as always. So you could always stay there if you seek that thrill.

    No matter what we decide here, I will still let The End and the Nether be full PvP in the New World.

    If the majority wants PvE, then I will for sure try make some good alternatives for the PvP hungering people – could be the mentioned PvP arenas or even make some dedicated PvP worlds (Hunger Games or similar).
    I am more than willing to take suggestions for what to make next 🙂

  • Minecraft 1.11 preview

    Hey everyone,

    As I’m sure people are aware, Minecraft 1.11 was released today. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what our plan is for updating the server.

    Since activity on the server has pretty drastically dropped, we’ve decided to get rid of some of the changes we added, as they don’t seem to be that popular with players. Once spigot and the necessary plugins have been upgraded to 1.11, our plan is to create a new world that is very similar to “Classic” SpaceBug. This world will have PvP enabled everyone (claims are still safe), and will add the /sell command back. Plots will also be gone and we’ll have the various portals to different parts of the map. We will leave the current SMP world as is for the time being, in case anyone still wants to play there, but the primary world will be the new “Classic” one.

    We’ll keep players informed of the progress in the forums as usual, and if there are any questions, please ask them there.

  • Announcing opening of SkyBlock

    Hello Everyone!

    As you know, we’ve been hard at work getting SkyBlock ready to open. I’m pleased to announce that as of today, it’s now open to the public. To join, simply run the command /server Skyblock

    Some basic commands to get your started

    • /is create – creates and island for you (note, if you want to join someone’s island, you can’t create one. If you’ve created one, talk to staff about having it deleted)
    • /is help – Shows all the other island commands available

    We’ve added a new plugin that allows for some cool mechanics such as bridges and gateways. There are examples of them all over spawn, so check them out!

    There are lots of easter eggs around spawn, so make sure to do logs of exploring 😉

    We also have a public mine that will allow you to harvest raw materials. Be careful though, don’t let the sun set on you in the mine! Pvp is also enabled there, so be careful of other players!

    PvP is enabled in the nether and the end, but not on islands currently. We will be adding official PvP arenas sometime in the future.

    Big shout out to kari_the_great for creating a fantastic spawn.

  • 1.9 Update

    Hey Everyone!

    As many of you know, Mojang released version 1.9 of Minecraft not too long ago. Surprisingly, the upgrades to Spigot and our plugins isn’t taking as long as I thought it would. There’s still no real ETA for when we will update, but it will be soon.

    That being said, there are a few pressing questions that I would like to allow you guys to vote on before the upgrade; Specifically, whether or not to set PvP on everywhere by removing the ability to toggle it, whether or not the overworld should reset, and whether the Economy should get a massive overhaul (this would only happen if there’s a reset).

    As a reminder, if the overworld is reset, that will reset everything (not Buycraft purchases, those will carry over). This means that everyone will start out from scratch, and on equal footing. If people vote to not do a reset, instead of expanding the world border, I would create a much smaller, temporary world that would get reset every month, similar to the nether and end. Claims would not be allowed in the temp world.

    If the world does reset, this would give us a good opportunity to overhaul the economy. The point of doing the overhaul is because when we add a Skyblock server, the economy will be completely different than the current Economy. The overhaul would try to make things a bit more comparable between the two servers. It would be much more player driven, and prices for things that are super easy to make would be drastically reduced (such as charcoal), and a lot of things would not be able to be sold at all. However, this would also allow us to greatly lower the cost of claim blocks, spawn eggs, sethomes, and other items. It would take some getting used to for sure, but overall it would be much more balanced.

    So read this over, and also check out the forum post to ask any questions and see what others have to say, and then please vote below.

    Because this is using a different site for polling, you must provide your minecraft name for each question. Votes without a name will be ignored.

    Should the overworld be reset?
    Minecraft Name:

    Yes, please reset the overworld
    No, leave it the way it is.

    Do Quizzes

    If there is a reset, should players carry over some benefits, such as their enderchest and inventory?
    Minecraft Name:

    Yes, small benefits are okay
    No, everyone should start equally

    Poll Maker

    Should PvP be on all the time?
    Minecraft Name:

    Yes, PvP should be on for everyone, all the time (except for claims)
    No, leave the ability to toggle PvP

    poll generator

    If the world is reset, should the Economy get an overhaul?
    Minecraft Name:

    Yes, restructure the economy
    No, leave it the way it is

    Do Quizzes

  • New world to play on: Hardcore

    Welcome to Hardcore.

    This world is all about survival of the fittest. There are no second chances: you mess up and die, you’re done.

    The hardcore world is something very different than what you’ve seen on minecraft.dk so far. Very little is “safe”, there is no economy, and if you die, you’re banned.

    I’ll break down the differences by the main plugins we use

    Claims are NOT safe. Players can open doors, chests, kill you, your animals, etc etc. While they can’t break blocks all the time, siege mode is enabled which means you can’t just hide in your claim if you see someone. During siege, they can break stuff like glass, dirt, wood, and a few other blocks. This means if you want to protect your stuff, you pretty much need to build a vault.

    You are limited to 1 9×9 claim. That’s it. When you start out, you begin with a chest. Using the start chest is your only method of claiming. You can move your claim, but you must first break all your chests, unclaim, then place the chest somewhere else. If you die, your claim is automatically abandoned and anyone can loot it.

    Essentials will be doing very little in this world. You don’t have homes, or spawn, and there is no form of server economy. You can trade with people manually, but you run the risk that they will kill you.

    Any time a player dies, no matter what the cause, their head is dropped. When they die, their last coordinates will be displayed in chat, so those who are willing to risk it can go grab the head.

    New plugin HardcoreSuvival
    Really the only thing worth mentioning with this plugin are it’s 2 main features.
    1) It changes how the compass works.
    – Right click will point you to the nearest player’s location at the time of the click. It doesn’t update live, so you’ll need to check frequently to hunt people
    – Left click points you to your base
    2) /setbase
    – since you don’t have /home, you’ll need someway to get back to where you came from. That’s where /setbase comes in. It stores your coordinates so you can find your way back

    Misc details about the world
    First thing you’ll probably notice about it is that it’s much smaller than the regular size world. It only has a 1k block border, so everyone is a bit closer together and it doesn’t take an hour to get from one side of the map to the other. Another thing you’ll quickly notice is that there is world wrapping. This means if you hit the border, you’ll be warped to the other end of the map.

    Sounds interesting, how do I start?
    Simple: Go into the cave at spawn, and walk into the Arches in the center. You’ll be randomly teleported somewhere into the hardcore world. That’s the only way to get there. Then, if you want to get back, you have to disconnect from Hardcore, and when you log back in you’ll be in the regular world (not meant to be super easy to get back and forth)

    Each world will last for about a month (not this first one, as it’s kinda trial version to see what needs to be tweaked). It will be normal hardcore play for 3 weeks, then the last week you guys will be given access to the /spawn command and pvp will be turned off. Each player who wishes to enter the competition will be given some area at spawn designated for them, a spot for them to put all the heads they gathered. The player with the most heads wins. We’ll put up a scoreboard at spawn with the top players and their head counts. (note, it doesn’t matter HOW you get the heads, just that you have them. You could steal or loot them and never kill a soul)

  • 7 days left of the Arena Build Contest

    Quick update 2: Unforseen work came up, so I am giving this deadline 2 more days. (It will end Monday march 10. 2014)

    Quick update: I will end the Arena Build Contest in 7 days from today. (End: Saturday 8. march 2014).

    If you want to participate then be sure to submit your build before that date 🙂 You can either submit your screenshots/video in the commentfield here or at the forum post here.

    We will make a poll right after so we can determine which arenas to go with forward.

  • PvE World Released


    The PvP vs PvE poll ended with a tiny victory to the PvE world – so this is how the New World is now. Though PvP is enabled in the Nether and in The End.

    Notice: If you buy a new rank or upgrade a rank, please visit the old world for it to activate. Ranks will still work in both worlds, but a new purchase only triggers in the old world. (I will change this later)

    Teleport between Worlds:

    • /server lobby
    • /server newworld
    • /server smpworld

    The PvE world will undergo several tweaks. For now the following things have been changed:

    • mcMMO added
    • Unarmed PvP disabled
    • Fireworks when using mcmmo skils disabled (in effect after next restart)
    • Several prices adjusted (Cactus worth nothing, easy dye 0.1 coin)

    Any nerf/tweaking suggestions to mcmmo are welcome.

    I would again like to thank all the builders who participated in the Lobby + Spawn build contest. Congratulations to KingHering and Kosine – both have been awarded their rank and you can enjoy their winning builds ingame.

    Since I will make PvP arenas in both worlds, a new build contest will be made within a few weeks – so find your best blocks and get started now. Make some sweet Arenas for us to PvP in forward. (also spleef).. A new forum thread will be made at a later date, where you can post your builds.