Warps will in beta be replaced by Stargates.
You pay money to use a Stargate and can choose your destination by clicks on a sign.

We will update this page when we get the gates setup.

Taizun made pictures to all our old warps – check them out in the screenshot thread in forum.

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7 Responses to “Warp Points”

  1. Taizun

    Could you add “quarry” to the list? I just added the quarry to the warppoints, seeing as we were quite a lot of people working on it, and later doing stuff inside it. Could easily serve as a main spot for making stripmines along the sides of the quarry, or houses in the sides. :)

  2. Taizun

    Could you add “Castle” to the list? It’s a warp to a castle made by george, which he wanted to be publicly accessible.

    • Taizun

      Hello sjikedorte. This is an English blog, please refrain from writing in any other languages, as the people on this blog are from many different countries.

      If you’re unable to connect to the server, one or more possible problems may have occured, or persist:

      1. The server was shutting down/rebooting as you were connecting.
      2. You have been banned.
      3. Your IP has changed, or has been blocked/banned
      3.1. To connect, you need to be playing from the IP-address that was stored in our database. Connecting from e.g. a friends house, could be a problem.

      There may be more possible reasons behind your problem, and one or more of the above may not be true at all. For a more concrete response, I’d recommend that you re-post your comment here(And wait for Claush’s response): http://www.minecraft.dk/how-to-join-minecraft-server.html
      as this blog-section doesn’t have anything to do with connecting to the server.



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