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The most annoying and crucial bugs seems to have been fixed (duping redstone and diamond) – and several of the important plugins have been updated.

So, I believe it is time to get the new Minecraft map started and we will just live without some of the plugins until the next Notch/hMod release.

The following plugins should be working now:

  • GriefAlert (catch griefers)
  • CuboidPlugin (used to make zones)
  • WorldGuard (protection from fire, lava etc)
  • CraftBook (trapdoors, gates, bridges etc)
  • CraftIRC (Irc bot)
  • SaveReloadPlugin (automatic saves)
  • DeathNotify (death messages)
  • CreeperNerf (Nerf of the exploding creeper, so it wont ruin blocks)
  • MCStats (Website statistics)
  • TeleConfirmLite (Approve a teleport)
  • BorderLands (Create expandable worldborder)
  • CombatWarp (Lock PvP’ers from warping away for 30 secs) (Thanks to Lua/WhiteShizzle for making this)
  • [/list_arrow1]
    Plugins we still wait for:

  • LWC (Protect chests: need more testers on this – please report any bugs)
  • Towny (town/nation plugin
  • iConomy (Some of the features will work)
  • npcs (Make NPC’s)
  • StarGates
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    I recommend the different teams move out in each their direction (somewhat) and start to establish their town/base/HQ. Also mark your territory with a wall or pillars in the corners. (We can expand them later if and when needed)

    And I ask of all to spot for a good Spawn location, where we can setup our permanent spawning area (PvP safe, creeper safe, healing, central placement) – and we will need some skilled hands to help build a great spawn area (Information area and close-by player shops – shoppingmall)

    Our general rules will again be in effect:
    And the PvP rules:

    Spawn will from beginning be a safe-zone and we might add more safe-zones in the future when needed. Each teams will be able to decide if their claimed land should be PvP enabled.

    Economy wont really be in effect from start (even though you got coins) – but I expect it to get fixed soon, so everyone can setup their own shops.

    I will start to setup the new world when this is posted on the blog, and it should take 1-2 hours to clear all old data, create our new world and setup all the plugins. I recommend you use the IRC Chat to keep posted on the release.

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