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Today we have expanded the main world map for our minecraft survival server, the old radius was 3500 (7000×7000), and the new radius is 6000 (12000×120000).

This means that all the new content generated outside the old border will contain the new jungle biomes, however the line between old and new map will look funky in some places, because the world generator have changed, even though it is annoying there is really not much we can do about it.

Survival server command guide updated

I have also updated our minecraft survival server command guide today, to better reflect the ingame commands, and expanded / better explained the commands, it also got some new fancy colors.

New voting page

I have also setup a voting page for our minecraft servers, so if you wish to help out our minecraft servers please take the time to go there and vote on the different sites linked there.

Minecraft tutorials

I have also setup a new page to link our minecraft tutorials and guide, on this page all guides and tutorials related to our server and minecraft in general will be posted, this includes written and video tutorials.

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