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A known game in Minecraft is Spleef (the goal is to be the last player standing) – tonight our Colosseum got rebuild and we all fought for our lives in the arena.

General we have a thin floor, where every player tried to remove dirt below the other players feet or trick them to fall in a hole (with lava). Last man standing wins.

Read more about spleef here.

And here is a quick screenshot from one of the matches.

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6 Responses to “Spleef in our Colosseum”

  1. claush

    hehe -- and you got me also Smuggler -- grrr

    Was fun in the arena and looking forward to our next battle

  2. Bob_Loblaw

    Yeah, it will be fun to have “Shrinking Spleef” we’ll make it 3 levels tall, and each level will be 2 blocks apart to prevent jumping and will get gradually smaller. We could have it so the one person is standing on each level, then that person hops down to fight, winner hops down to bottom level, and it will be 1st 2nd 3rd with prizes or something.



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