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Server is now running smooth again.

Progress updates can be found here 

Server is down a little today, because we needed to fix some OS settings. and had to reboot the server

Apparently it takes a long time to reboot such a server, so please be patient, it should be running again soon.

Apparently rebooting a server is not easy, server wont respond and we are waiting for a manual reboot of the server, so it takes way longer than we expected.

Discussion thread here

While we are waiting for the server to come back online, why not join our teamspeak 3 server

Update 0300 GMT +1 – 27 FEB.

We are currently still having issues getting the server to run again, and NO DATA is lost.
however it might take up to 10 hours more until server is running again, since we are waiting for support tickets etc.
We are sorry for the inconvenience it is causing players, and we are doing everything possible to get it running again.


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