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Recent Update: I have disabled this mod – we had a big crash and could not reload our world file (made a 3 hour rollback). I will investigate if this new mod caused this, before reactivating again.

Ok tonight I updated the server with the newly developed (early stage) mod from SuperLlama – a way to make runes with blocks and activate certain things.

You can make things like:
and several more abilities.

This is what SuperLlama writes about the mod:

This is a thread for my magic mod, currently known as “Runecraft,” for SMP based on the concept of pattern building and enchantable gold. Since it’s still in its alpha stage, there might be some bugs, and I’m still open to your ideas.

There are two kinds of “spells:” World spells and Tool spells. All spells are created as structures, or Runes. Basically, you arrange a pattern of blocks, then you activate the rune by right-clicking the center with a tool. Smooth stone and grass are treated like air in the rune pattern. The dimensions of a rune must be odd, so that a clear center is defined. If the center is made of air, right-click the ground directly under it.

Here is a couple of examples on the usage. First video shows Greenthumb – a way to make dirt into grass quick.


Or how about the Firepick – a way to turn ore into bars right away (like an auto furnace)


Find more video guides here:

And read more about the mod and development in forum here:

I will update the files when SuperLlama releases updates to it Рseems he is pretty active *thumbs up*

This is just a test for now – if I find it causes to many problems or introduces grief methods, I might remove again.. But for now – have fun runecrafting :D

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4 Responses to “Testing the Runecraft mod by SuperLlama”

  1. Artelan

    wouldn’t the teleport/waypoint allow the making of grief traps which would teleport you to a preset trap location? like in a lava box

    • claush

      Since we cannot die and got /home , /spawn Im not sure I see the problem. Probably just my imagination that is failing me :p

      If there should come problems like that at some point, we deal with it there

      • Artelan

        i forgot that XD

        theres is also the aspect of people being able to “reprogram” teleports made by others, by remaking them (i know its not a big problem and its only an annoyance)

        • claush

          Ok, not sure I clearly see how to -- but Im sure you are right and there can be some problems with.

          Lets try and investigate which runes are good and which we do not want -- hope there will come and option at some point to choose which runes to allow on server.



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