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Don’t be a jerk to other players, don’t cheat, and you’ll be fine.

Chat Rules:

- Treat everyone with respect ingame and in the public chat (Global, Trade, Auction, Chess).

- Do not swear in public chat. If a word is filtered then it’s not allowed. Placing *’s to make it look like you are swearing is also not allowed, and will be treated as actual cursing.

- No racist, pornographic, drug, political, or religious talk in public chat.

- Do not spam the chat. You will get muted. This includes yelling in caps.

- Use channels correctly (eg Trade is ONLY for trade).

- Minechat is NOT allowed for chatting. It can only be used for teleporting out of nether portals if you are stuck.

- Only English is allowed in public chat. You are more than welcome to speak whatever language you want in private chat/channels

- Do not advertise other servers. Not only is it rude, but it will get you banned

- Do not jokingly or otherwise threaten to hack the server or other players. Know that we do not take such matters lightly and you will be banned permanently

- If a player name violates chat rules, the account will be banned.

Game Rules:

- Do not use any form of minecraft exploit. This includes duplication glitches.  If you use an exploit, you will be permanently banned. Always tell staff if you have found a bug/exploit.

- No use of mods/clients that give you an advantage over others. If you are caught using mods, you will be permanently banned. The only allowed mods are mods such as optifine, tabbychat, rei’s/zan’s minimap.

- Cheating the AFK kicker is not allowed. This includes afk pools/carts or  using rejoin scripts. Trying to cheat the AFK kicker will get you banned.

- Using alternate accounts to keep chunks loaded while you play is not allowed.  First offence is warning kick, subsequent offences can result in bans on both accounts

- Use of ANY scripting/macros is not allowed.

- You are responsible for your own account. If your friend, family, etc logs in and is caught breaking rules, it is your problem.

- The server will not reimburse items lost in crashes/rollbacks or from lag.  Know that all public servers are vulnerable to crashes/lag and it can happen to anyone.

PvP Rules:

 – Do not complain about being killed. This is a pvp server, so people will try and kill you.

- If you are killed, do not ask staff to get your items back. You will be told no.

- Consistent harassment is not allowed. Harassment is when you repeatedly kill someone  over and over again, or stalk their claims waiting for them to leave.

Claiming Rules:

- Traps in or around public areas are not allowed. Public areas include but are not limited to: shops (not necessarily your own),  public xp farms, and public roads. Using any method to kill players in public areas will result in a ban.

- Unwanted enderpearling, snowballing, egging, etc is not allowed and will get you banned. Friends may enderpearl, etc. each other if all are in agreement. However, you leave yourself open to getting in trouble if your friend decides to report you, so it is suggested that you just don’t enderpearl, etc. at all.

- Traps around home claims (if they are not near public areas) are allowed. This includes dumping lava on people and setting them of fire, but NOT enderpearling, etc. However, tricking/leading people into claims for the only reason to trap them and combat tag/kill them is NOT allowed. Claims are seen as safe places and are not to be used to kill. If you want to kill someone do it in unclaimed land and pvp them normally.

- In case it is not clear from the previous two rules, hitting other players with enderpearls, fishing rods, snowballs, etc ANYWHERE (not just outside claims) is not allowed and will likely get you banned.

- Building farms (animals/crops) in the plot world is not allowed. Players are limited to one 9×9 (81 blocks) farm per plot. Animals farms are not allowed. You can use animals for decoration, but that’s it. 

- To remove someone from your claim, simply do /eject

- Dumping lava/setting fire to people is only allowed on your personal claims. You are not allowed to do it on claims you only have trust to.

- You are responsible for players inside your own claim. Only invite people you trust. Server  will not reimburse stolen items.

- Griefing and stealing from claims is not allowed. Do not trick people into trusting you on a claim so that you can grief/raid it.

- Claims will be protected ~30 days. If you do not login within that time, you risk having your claim deleted. Note that some claims will be protected for longer than the 30 days, but this is strictly at the discretion of the staff. Also note that staff will not unclaim land for you to raid. You only get the property, not the buildings.

- Using claims to harass others is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to claiming around other claims and building walls, pits, placing lava. This also includes claiming unclaimed land in the middle of someone else’s land.

Trading/Shop/Auction Rules:

- All person-to-person trades are done at the risk of the player (eg. Going behind the jail to trade items). If you are scammed or someone else picks up your items, there will likely be nothing done about it. Simply make a chest shop for high value transactions.

- Do not abuse the ability to cancel auctions. You are not allowed to cancel auctions simply because the bidding did not reach the value you wanted. If there is a particular price you will not sell below, start the auction at that price. If you are found to be abusing the cancel command, you risk losing your auction privileges.

- Do not auction anything inappropriate (eg. renaming items into drug and drug paraphernalia).

- Look at the auction you’re bidding on. If you get scammed because you bought a piece of coal renamed Diamond, that’s your problem. That being said, if you are found to be doing many scam auctions you risk losing your auction privelages

Forum Rules:

- Post topics in appropriate threads. For example, filing a report on a player should go in the ‘Report a player’ thread.

- Read and follow the posting guidelines pinned in each thread.

- Do not spam the forums with posts. Especially for ban appeals. If you need to make a mute/ban appeal, post it, then be patient. It will be processed when we have a chance. Spamming appeals not only will get you in more trouble, but will likely cause the duration of your ban to last longer.

- Do not “tattle” on other players if you were not directly involved. For example, if you see two people enderpearling each other, but neither of them shows any sign of wanting to report, then do not make a post about it.

- Do not “resurrect” dead posts. If a post is more than a 3-4 weeks old, it is considered dead, and your post will simply be deleted.

- Most of the rules in the Chat section apply for the forums as well (eg. Language, advertising other minecraft servers, etc)

 General Rule to keep in mind: Don’t do/say anything that you wouldn’t want people to do/say to you.

While these may seem like a lot of rules, they each have their purpose and help keep the server running smoothly. If you are confused about any of them, please do not hesitate to make a post in the forums or ask a member of our staff ingame. Please also note that these rules are subject to change and it is your responsibility to occasionally check them. Also note that the staff maintains the right to make judgement calls on situations not covered by these rules.

Last Modified December 7, 2014.

17 Responses to “Rules”

  1. CalypsoRaz

    I think I got muted. Every time I try and answer someone, it says that I cannot send that chat message. The only reason I can think for this to happen was when I was trying to get my /home macro on my mouse to work.

  2. justywusty87

    Just an idea, each time the rules are updated, I think there should be an alert to the player in the chat box when they log in, so they know to re-read them.

  3. FeeBag

    Hey spacebug. i really enjoy being on your server but some players were making life a bit difficult. it looked like they could fine me no matter where i was and was just hunting me. im not going to play for a while and hopefully these idiots move on. i realize you can not stop people from being jerks so i might have to just find a more friendly server. thanks for the fun while it lasted.


    Good Job to whoever cleaned/improved the server rules (My guess is becja :P). So much more cleaner, more easier to understand and closed alot of loopholes that players can/where abusing.

    1+ Diamond


  5. Dakota

    I’m sorry for posting this here, but the forums arent working for me and i need help. I do not play mc anymore but i have ironrank purchased. Im getting charge $30 every month. how do i stop it?

    • [Admin] Spacebug

      That cannot be true -- there is no such thing as recurring payments on this server on any ranks?. An Ironrank is a one time purchase.

      Please check your bank/paypal again, as this for sure is not true. And if any more questions, just shoot me an email to admin[@] (remove the hard brackets before you send [ ]) and we will figure out what is going on :)

    • [Admin] Spacebug

      I just checked old payments in paypal & buycraft. Actually you never made any donations to this server at all?? Atleast not with that username “Dakota”

      So my guess is, you never even joined server – but it is some other server you played – try vist that server and talk to them about your rank.

  6. mcflurry

    What about people purposely digging holes and wrecking the land around the perimeter of a claim.

  7. Ryan Schultz (RKKC)

    Thanks Spacebug for an awesome server and a great community! I love having a server like this around. Other game types (factions) weren’t my style. I’m more of a friendly player and that is what the server is mainly comprised of, people who are nice and willing to help if you need it. Kudos to you for taking on the giant task of trying to keep it that way.

  8. poppster9

    hey, I’m sorry if I break the streak about in banking and duping problems, but I do want some help. I used to play on the old world server (smpworld) regularly with my sister regularly, even with the abandonment of it after the newworld started. and after the server turned to plotmeauto survival, I quit because I found it slightly boring, not being able to explore and such. I had made significant progress on the old world, and I was wondering it it was up for download? sorry if I wasted your time space, but I just wanted to know if I could retrieve my, currently, lost progress from my old favorite server.



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