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If you have setup your own Minecraft server (classic or survival), next step is often to get some new players into your world.

I have a simple Minecraft Survival server list here on this site, you are more than welcome to use – the list have many thousand of visitors daily (players looking for a new minecraft server).

I would also really like to recommend the new Minecraft Survival + Classic server list – it is a bit more advanced system where you can login and in the future manage your listing.
The site accepts both regular IP or host name (FQDN/URL) and I will in the near future add functions like: Youtube video, banner image, website link, twitter account etc.

If you have any specific requests, throw me a comment and I might add it to the system

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24 Responses to “Promote your Minecraft server to the public”

  1. blazen988

    Hey Epsilonserver is up 24/7 except for 30mins each day for server maintence if it needs it. We are running 1.6 and are brand new. Just come on buy our website at and get the ip and have some fun.

  2. sdragp7

    Forums: Herocraft.Biz
    150 Slots!!!!!!

    Summary: HeroCraft is an amazing server. It’s a one of a kind experience, if I had to chose one server to go on for the rest of my life it would be this one without a doubt. They have the best staff I have ever seen. One word to describe this server? Excellent. It has that best plugins and is super fun. The staff is nice and help you whenever you need it. We don’t have tons of people so its not like the server is to crowded. This server can hold a ton of people and you will like it the second you get on it with a warm welcome from all the staff to all new people and everyone when you get on says hi. Its just a great community everyone is nice to each other and the ones who aren’t and grief, steal, and spam get banned, tempbanned, muted, and jailed.

    Staff: Heres the Staff List Currently
    Owner: Ingrese
    Admin: RawrzUnit
    Moderators: Ronaawar, StaTiiKALEB, and YgoHQYugi

    Plugins: AutoAnnouncer, Autosave, Credits, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, iConomy, MCTelnet, Minequery, NoCheat, Permissions, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Jobs, LogBlock, LWC, NarrowtuxLib, Register, Showcase

    Donator Perks: HeroCraft is an amazing server and lets help keep it running and get bonuses from doing so
    VIP: $5 Dollars (3.64 EURO):ChestShops,The /Nick Command, The /Repair Command, The /Weather Clear Command
    Gold: $10 Dollars (7.29 EURO): All VIP Commands, 10k GameCash, Turnstiels, Hats, The /Heal Command, The /Time Day Command
    Elite: $15 Dollars (10.93 EURO): All Gold And Below Commands, 20k GameCash, Emontions, RageQuit
    Hero: $20 Dollars (14.58 EURO): All Elite And Below Commands, 30k GameCash, The /God Command, The /I Command
    Custom Rank: 25 Dollars (18.23 EURO): All Commands, Custom PreFix, And Much More!
    SuperBuilder: $20 Dollars: The /I Command, The /God Command, The /Repair Command, The /Time Day Command, The /Weather c Command, Flying Is OK
    Moderator $50 Dollars: All Moderator Commands

    So come on this awesome server and have fun

  3. Mastergrand2

    The minecraft server I am on is currently the full release minecraft bukkit server. It’s a creative/survival server. In the creative world you get to make what ever you dream of having unlimited blocks and unlimited build access. The survival part of the server is a PvP raiding survival so you can gather and build but anything in chests can be taken so you have to hide those chests :P Why not come have a look and drop in to say hello and look around the server ip is

    You won’t be able to build anything until you get authorised by an admin but admins are usually on everyday so you’ll be authorised to build really quickly. It’s also a 17+ server,

  4. bernhardkiv

    heyy i have a very lonely minecraft hamachi server here are the details:
    plzzz join i am sooo lonely

  5. HotNSpicy1181

    Come Join PlagueGaming. We are a friendly server with a great staff team with a an amazing community based server for all to join. We run factions and have excellent community chats and occasional challenges throughout the server. We are always looking for new members (especially those who can build well).

    Visit our website on

    Just some of our staff team includes-

    Owner: Gruffnuts123
    co-owners: Seleran, Almightyhim, Sackboy_peculier

    Admins: HotNSpicy1181, Amazingg

  6. Stuicey


    PVP / griefing / no whitelist / factions

    IP = (no ports needed)

    Other no grief / no pvp survival available for members of the forum --
    There are perks available to donators that can be seen in-game :)

    There are currently 53 plugins running on the server — feel free to suggest more ;)

  7. XxskyfallxX

    OzMining is an Australian Based survival server.
    it includes warhub, towny , lockkette and is 24/7
    all ages are allowed and their is no whitelist
    free to play and join and we have a teamspeak channel
    ranks can be bought
    server is moderated frequently
    for server rules and information visit


  8. Toast

    What we’re about

    || Factions || PvP || Griefing || Mcmmo || Jobs, Kits, and Ranks ||

    24/7 dedicated 50 slot server

    || FAIRNESS ||
    Our admins pride Themselves on fairness.

    Admins DO NOT and WILL NOT spawn items for players, don’t ask.

    We’re a brand new server that has started today (4/8)!
    Join us while we’re getting our feet on the ground!
    See ya on the server :D

  9. relaxandbuild

    i have a hamachi server called relaxandbuildcraft it is a small server and a lonely one. i will op you once trusted and i have a 0 tolerance for griefers. it is a survival server

    network name mcnetwrok12345678910
    pass 123 or 1234
    plz join my server

  10. kwboy99

    hey i have a very cool server with awesome plugins so come check it out

    [owner] kwboy99

  11. gh05tm4ch1n3


    Minecraft 1.2.5 Survival Server, 24/7 access with 50 slots

    Come and join the team of Builders, who like to work together.

    Since Griefers are not welcome, we have anti-grief protection, complete with block loggers, to protect the player and ban the griefer.

    There is plenty of room to build, tidy well built spawn area.

    Daily challenges and rewards,
    PvP is a Choice you can make,
    Builder Ranks with free gifts,
    Donator Ranks with many Benefits,
    Fully administrated by professional supportive staff.

    Trade/market system buy and sell every item you can find using chests.

    You will be rewarded for being a active member on server as well as forums.

    We are always looking for new players to join the Team.

    JOIN our server at this IP:

    Log in to play, easy access to Builder Rank.

    for more info see our website.

    Register to read our forums and apply for promotions.

    Play as a Builder anytime, all rank promotions are made through application on the site….

    Rules are simple and are based on respect & fair play, see website or server starting area, rule breakers will be dealt with even banned.

    to ensure your enjoyment and a fair Game for all,
    We don’t accept griefing or exploiters on our server.

    Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon,

    Dirt2diamond team

  12. abaday789

    We are a friendly server with a wonderful staff team with a great community based server for all to join. We run factions and have amazing community chats and occasional challenges throughout the server. We are always looking for new members, so come join us!

  13. Spencer1124

    Hello, we have a nice little classic community where our operators can care for each user individually. Our classic server is called The Hangout, and we are an English only server!
    If you would mind checking us out, and maybe becoming a regular player, we would surely appreciate it.

  14. bknysnake

    Hey I’m a friendly survival map with strict rules against griefing, and abuse. I am currently new to web design and hosting a minecraft server, but I’ve played on many. My server will be using quite a few plugins, but you don’t have to worry about lag, it’s non existence. It’s a 24/7 server. I am the owner of the server, you will see me displayed as admin, and my partner who is teaching how to do most of this work will also be displayed as an admin. If you are looking for a server that keeps to their rules, do not favorite players. We treat everyone equally. My goal is to build on of the friendliest servers out there. My website is and the ip is I hope you enjoy, remember it is still in construction. but I will maintain it open to public, when I’m done with plugins I will reset world (still not an official decision) or we can keep it as it is. Everyone is welcome XD

  15. Respawn1984

    Website: Home Page

    Full release! Currently on 1.2.5!

    Weekly events hosted!

    We are back as a Vanilla Based minecraft server. With our unique plot plugin witch allows you to own your own land. As soon as you are in-game you can begin by taking 2 jobs by using /jobs browse and then /jobs join. If you would want to know about other commands and stuff. you can run our optional tutorial.

    Top 10 Rules

    1: Griefing is ALLOWED!
    2: Speed Hacking is NOT Allowed!
    3: Flying is NOT Allowed!
    4: X-Ray is NOT Allowed!
    5: Bad Language is Allowed!
    6: Don’t use hacked clients
    7: Don’t use any glitches or bugs
    8: Listen to ALL Staff Members
    9: Respect ALL Members of the staff team.
    10: Be sure to report any or all bugs to the admins. By Using /pe create in-game. There maybe some rewards for you

  16. xcalibur0645

    Hey guys. I made a Mincraft Classic Server named “SUPER EASY RANKS”.

    It’s ULTIMATELY EASY to get a rank there. If you build a simple pool, I’ll rank you up. If you build a simple tree, I’ll rank u up. If you build a simple house, I’ll rank you up. And there are no limits! You can rank up from Guest to Master in ONE DAY! Go there, and get ready to be ranked up!

    I’m sure of it. If you build a small one-storey house, you’ll be ranked up instantly! Join now!

    (NOTE: I’ll be happy to help any questions.)

  17. Gongols

    Hello my name is Gongols and I wanna join your Classic server
    Because it sound interesting because it is danish because i’m from denmark
    I can help you if you want some help by building cities I love building cities and and i can do it for free or get something for it :P

  18. Scoop110

    Hey guys! Me and my great friend Rex have made an awesome server named trojan-craft. This server is fantastic if you want to make large towns in a relaxed environment. Although this server isn’t PVP this server does offer a fantastic Mob arena and PVP arena! This server is also very good if you want to get ranked. In the morning you would start as a “new player” and may end up as admin by the afternoon! On Trojan-craft we have very good admins who always want to answer your queries and solve any of your discomforts- they helped me a load!

    Finally, Trojan-craft does have iconomy so you will be able to do certain jobs to earn money. It is very simple to earn and money and to do jobs- you will be a millionaire before you even know it!
    Please come on the server and you won’t be dissapointed the ip is:
    See you there!

  19. XxMinerJohnxX

    VerinCraft is trying to make a comeback and we need your help to do it. If you like pvp, griefing, and factions this is the server for you. With a very social community and a great staff what else could you ask for? For more details visit the website .

  20. Thepainfulmaster

    Fortune500 is a fun 90% up time survival server the server is going thru some major changes we will be linking up with other server in the future so we plan on having factions, prison, minigames, kitpvp, skyblock, and may others. fortune also has really nice staff (if your nice to them) but they wont stand for bull crap like giving people OP to “review” their server. the owner is hard to get used to but when you do he is a blast but the sad thing is that if we dont get more people on it we will have to shut it down for good so please join Foutune500.Us.To today

  21. Vine18

    Hey guys want to come on this cool server the ip is its has hungrgames skywars, tnt run,and spleef and more so come on and join this fun server

  22. LordPQG


    It’s a 24/7 PVP server for all your deathmatch needs. If you want to help build it then just come on and let me know with a sign, I’ll leave them in a chest.

    Donator perks will be coming soon to give everyone an advantage, if they want one, for battling other players in PVP.

  23. Seanzilla1219

    Hello all. We are a new community for Minecraft, and looking for new players. The ip is: . The server needs a lot of players, you will be able to rank up by a certain amount of time you play on. If you play for more than at least 4 hours, you can get ranked up to Member. Then theres other ranks, when you rank up to the last rank (which is Sergent) you are working for Temp-Mod. IF you get ranked up to Temp-Mod, 2 out of 4 people will get ranked up.
    We have nocheatplus plugin, which does not allow you to cheat. We are looking forward to playing with you.
    Owner- Seanzilla1219 (Original) and dendando.
    Co-Owner: Fishy1980, AutumnR10.
    Head-Admin: fishyfishy12.
    OP: bobmartan.
    Mod: samloop123



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