Ranks updated – builder removed

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Ok, I’v been updating our ranks today – getting ready for beta and clean survival. This means I have removed the builder rank completely and spawn-items ability from players. Old builders have been adjusted to normal members now. Some might think this stinks, but this is the way the server is going. Recruiter/mods/admin still got… Read more »

When time comes for a new map

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People have started talking about making a new map on the server – a clean sheet (again). For now it will not be changed, but we can start to prepare for when it happends. Because of current possible bugs (dupe with new inv) I will not change it – the plan is to go new… Read more »


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This website is made to assist players on our Minecraft server. Our hope is also to introduce this awsome game to more people out there. Minecraft is a game in beta development stage (multiplayer), so a lot of stuff is still missing in the game – but if you try out the game for 10 minutes,… Read more »