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Minecraft.dks Creative Server

Today i updated the forums a bit adding subforum for our creative server, to post bugs, and discuss it, i also updated our rules and staff page, so that our creative server rules and staff was posted there also.

For those who dont know the creative server is a basic build server with grief protection, warping/teleporting etc, after you have been whitelisted you simple claim a spot on the maps either flat or normal, and start building, the server is ment for those who just enjoy building, and not having to gather materials etc to make it.

So if you are interested in joining it, and you are older than 18 simply drop an application here, and a recruiter will whitelist you so you can get started.

Ps the creative server have HighDef livemap, making it possible to see the smallest details on your creations from our livemap.


I have renabled falsebook today, in an attempt to see if the server can run smooth with it again, because it was recently updated, i will be checking the load all day to see if it have improved, else we might have to disable it again.

I have also per request enabled Lapiz block ID 22 as a reverse block for minecarts.

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