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Death Craft

**Fun Pvp, Raiding, Griefing & Stealing Server that is safe and free from hacking/cheating. Our admins care about our players. We have MCMMO, Factions, Runecraft, Essientials, etc** Hey everyone, Our server offers a world: - where you can play in teams (Factions) or solo - where you can build and protect your home/chests while hunting for other factions to loot - where you can battle or play chicken in our arena to win goodies - where you can gain more power through skills (MCMMO) - that is free from hackers & cheating - that is open minded to new ideas This server isn't great for creating
huge minecraft masterpieces that take days, because it can be blown up.. but it's a great place to have friendly competition and to be sneaky about hiding your home and killing others. Join us for what we hope will rise to be one of the most popular pvp servers. Currently our numbers are small, but we will keep growing to accommodate more players. The Admins are: Deadwax, Slaanu, Snowangel223, Falconcadet. We aren't looking for moderators as our numbers are low. Remember to follow the rules! 1. Please at least skim through all rules and refer to this posting frequently for updates. 2.
Please refer to or google for common minecraft knowledge. 3. This is a Player vs. Player server. Please google the term if you don't understand. 4. Griefing and stealing IS allowed. We encourage friendly competition between players. This is NOT the place to put a lot of effort into building a huge minecraft masterpiece, we cannot promise it won't be attacked. 5. No wh

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