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Welcome to Thundercraft. Were a newly formed 2-man team who
decided to make a minecraft server and thundercraft is our
answer! - New players are always welcome



DarkLand Above the skies and beyond Rules - No
Griefing others - Dont Scam, Swear, Spam, Glitch and Hack
- Respect players and expect it back - no as



Welcome to DiamondBurg Factions Server! This a Factions PvP
Server. Please follow all the rules and respect others.
/rules To donate for awesome ranks do /bu



were looking for a deent ammount of staff come apply now!



Plugins: Factions, MCMMO, Essentials, NoCheatPlus, World
Edit, Group Manager, BuyCraft, And more!



AnimateX is a small dedicated survival/freebuild server
waiting to be enlarged, We welcome everyone so long they
obey the rules.



Dette er en dansk minecraft server! Vi tilbyder dig! -
Faction - Drage flyvning - Byer - Queste - NPC´er -
Buttiker Og en masse andet! Vi håber at se jer! //H



Hogcraft is a server which allows players around the world
to communicate and be united in the good original factions
server, this server is mostly based on fac



JumpehMC is a free op server where players may do anything
they want except for grief. For full information, visit
totalfreedom.me. this server is using a modif



We are a new survival server that provides the best
experience for our players! Feel free to ask questions when
you join! We are also looking for staff but you



This is a Multivers server. With 30+ plugins and open to the
public 24/7.



Small server so we all know each other! :) Lets have fun
with our survival mode! We have anti-grief plugins. There is
almost always an Admin/Mod on so do not wo



Hej allesammen håber at i vil joinmi server den er ny det
er en dansk Server med pvp og kits og shop og meget mere så
join serveren så kan i se alt på serve



A minecraft server in need of players. We don't need staff
so please don't ask. We have factions survival games
survival paintball spleef and much more. We hope



Welcome To Wolf Crafted we are looking for active players



Brand New Fun Factions/Raiding Server Amazingly Fun to Play
On so Come Check Us Out!



SwordsmenPvP! This Is A New Factions PvP Server. Its A WIP
But If You Join And Play On The Server It Will Help The
Server Become Better.



The Frost is a brand new minecraft survival server. We used
little plugins to try and keep the game as close to the
original as we can!! Come make a base with y



A survival pvp/faction server



Welcome to the one a only best minecraft server in the world
we have the nicest and best staff in the world and we have
all the best gamemodes for you to play



Welcome to nukecraft the best server in the world with the
best gamemodes for you to play



We Are A NEw Survival PvP Server . We Have A Huge Town With
Many Shopes To Sell Items ! We Have A Friendly Staff And
Need Active Members To Come Join . Thanks !



Everest Minigames Network - Fun games like SkyBlock
Warriors, and Hide n Seek. You may also come on to play
Factions, Creative (64x64 Plots), SkyBlock, Prison,



PorkCraft is a friendley server dedicated to Pigs and to
helping noobs. At the moment we are looking for staff so if
you would like to become staff click the li



Medieval Darkness is running Minecraft 1.4.7 with Bukkit!
Medieval Darkness 24/7 Dedicated SMP Server - *The Server
of Endless Possibilities* - Fresh 1.4 Map -



Supercraft is a 10 World server with many plugins to help
make gameplay on Supercraft fun. We have 55 available slots
and would love to get more for more player



I've only recently launched my Bukkit server that I've spent
a month configuring the server & website. If you play
Minecraft Multiplayer I'd love for you


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