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Det er min danske minecraft server som er ren SMP for folk
der mangler en SMP server.. :)



Det er min danske minecraft server som er ren SMP for folk
der mangler en SMP server.. :)



En Dansk survival server (i beta) men vi arbjeder hårdt på
den bliver færdig Det er normal survival shop kommer snart



One of the BEST server´s in Denmark - IP:
Mc.OnlineKlubben.dk - Teamspeak: Ts.Onlineklubben.dk -
Homepage: Onlineklubben.dk



We are a server of mature players who enjoy playing survival
Minecraft with no PvP and no griefing. We run only few
plugins, one of which being Logblock to roll



Vi er en lille dansk server, som søger nye medlemmer. Hvis
du har lyst til bare at hygge dig og spille minecraft så
join! Vi har factions, mcmmo og den er se



Tired of the boring survival? Well we have a solution to
your boredom! Berea, a fun server that offers a spiced up
survival experience is where you need to head



Os melhores skywars servidor. Plugins custom. No lag,
factions e survivalgames.



Are you tired of boring and normal PvP Faction and Towny
servers which never really spice up the gameplay experience
for their players? Do you want fun new mods



SlimeblockCraft 24/7 [1.8.1]



We need players to join our unique 11 servers. Please join!
You can evern apply, but join first :). - You can also join
through MCIce.me



NaturalisCraft (ip: naturaliscraft.mcph.co) is a 24/7
dedicated survival server where you are free to create and
grow. With active, fun, and friendly staff the



Elysium is a paradise for those who know how to survive.
Our server is pure vanilla game play (but with minor mods in
place to help deal with griefing), hard m



Vi har lige startet en ny dansk server. Vi har lige lavet
en server som vi har valgt at kalde for FrezzCraft, vi er 3
admins der altid er klar til at skriv/sna



Join my server is 1.8! SURVIVAL !



Server German Minelife ist ein deutscher Reallife Server!
Viele eigenentwickelte Plugins und eine tolle Commun



Want OP survival? look no further! OP survival that has no
griefing or raiding. You can just live life to the fullest.
First to join gets the Endie Network hoe



A German MinecraftServer..It´s a Survival Server .Version
1.1 .Nice Plugins.Nice Admins.Nice Worlds and so on.....



Totally new and awesome PVP Server! Join us know and beginn
with the battle!



Velkommen Danmark Minecraft Bimmermlp Server hej og
velkommen til min server, håber vi kan få mange sjove
timer til at gå med at game. der er kun meget få



We are a group of YouTubers that play and collab on the
server! wanna apply? http://goo.gl/forms/y455tUJDht


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