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[German] Naruto Server Naruto Update :) Schaut Vorbei :)



The Server features: - Clans! - Unique Perks! - PvP Ranked
System! - Fully automated Shop! - Vote 4 Prizes! - Amazing
Maps - Selfmade Plugins



=================[+]================== [x]
-----------------------[- Sinister 2.0's Amazing Custom
Features: -] 90% Custom Plug



Mein Server ist ein Freebuild/SkyPvP,BedWars,KitPvP Server
viel spaß.



Hello and welcome to Caster Craft Caster Craft is an rpg
survival with lots of content. It consists of quests, magic
sets, races, a dungeon storyline, villages,



EKT- 60-player server, Online 24/7 .. No Lag.. Friendly
bunch of people.. Starter Kit.. Open 24/7 .. Dynamic
Map/Shop Mode/House Protection/Login Security/Horse



Pseudo-vanilla server where the only rule is no hacking. No
protection, no admin intervention except against hackers.
Map has not been reset since 2011. No dona



Differentcraft is a network of Minecraft servers,
encompassing both a Minecraft towny server and a Minecraft
factions server. The Minecraft towny server runs ov



Vi er en Dansk Survival server med nogle tiltag som gør det
nemmere og sjovere at spille. Man starter som gæst hvor man
kan læse vores regler - efter 5 minut



Economics | Jobs | Pvp | Kill mobs get money | Thirst |
English language support | Team Speak 3 server |






Welcome to Ballistic-PvP, we are the true Factions
Server! You can fight on our Server against other Players
while building your Empire (Faction) and building o



Welcome to Zuthius! After more than 2 months of hard work
setting up the server we are more than happy to finally
announce the official launch of the server on






Das ist der neue CraftUrLife Server. Noch klein aber fein.
Kommt vorbei und helft beim Neu Aufbau. Freebuild, Farmwelt,
Plot. Später kommen noch Minigames und



Zedwork Zurvival is a secure, vanilla-esque Minecraft Server
with an emphasis on collaboration and community. There's no
grief. Not only do we prevent grief bef



Ist ein Survival-Freebuild Server habt viel Spaß hier C:



Matrix is a server with 0 plugins. If you want a true
challenge, consider playing with us. When you play on
matrix, you are never safe. When you join, you'll st



SERVER WEBSITE: THEMCBRO.ORG A faction based server you
basically role play a warrior working his or her way to
becoming the most powerful and enjoying the po



Best network ever! Join us now!



Hey lige pt er der survival men vi får snart masser af
andre sjove ting! Håber i vil joine kunne være mega fed!



Adventuria ist der erste echte deutsche Reallife Server. Mit
eigenen Plugins, einer funktionieren Demokratie, Jobs und
einer belebten Wirtschaft, versuchen wir



Mineblack profesyonel bir factions sunucusudur. Bir çok
özgün ve farklı özelliği ile oyuncularını kendine
çeken bu sunucuyu ziyaret etmeyi unutma!



MedievalPrison MedievalPrison er en prison server, lavet af
erfarne Prison-Spillere. Den er lavet præcis sådan som vi
mener, at en rigtig Prison sever skal v



Skymatch Kings Willkommen auf Skymacth kings!! Skymatch
Kings ist ein Skyblock - Skypvp Server. Wir haben auch
Minigames wie Skywars - Jumpdown. Ihr könnt di



| ultimatebuild.bhwb.de | facebook.de/ultimatebuild | IP: | 24/7 online
| ——————————————————————



Zilton - Factions - Mcmmo - essentials - parkour at spawn -
custom spawn



Prison server med masser af små spil. Bl.a. MarioKarts,
TNTRun, Capture the flag, ColorShuffle, Parkour og meget



ImagineCraft is a whitelisted MineCraft server established
on May 25th, 2015. Most of our player base is within the
USA; however we do have several Europeans, A



Pancraftia is a small and friendly survival server with some
basic plugins to make the game more approachable for a
casual audience. Our goal is to create a fr



SkyTopia SkyTopoia ist ein reiner Skyblock Server für
Neulinge und Erfahrene Skyblock Fans. Was ist SkyBlock?
In diesen Spielmodus geht es darum, auf ein



/f: select your profession /f create Create a country /f
treasury {add/remove} [Amount] - View, add, or remove money
from your country 's treasury /f claim {Ra



We are a brand new server that is looking for builders right
now. We are looking for as many as we can get. Please apply
on our server or my email. Lunargoddess



RISING! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Admins:
nAlmighty & MuffinkillerPro Kontakt: rising_pvp@yahoo.de


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