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Hey! Wir sind ein neuer server im aufbau. Wähle dir deine
stadt aus: Rot , Gelb , Blau , Schwarz Komm und bau an
unserer stadt weiter. es gibt auch ingame ra



Wir bieten dir hier einen Freebuild-Server, wo du mit
anderen Spielern zusammen Bauen und Spaß haben kannst. Wir
haben ein sehr gutes Team und das Team besteht



this is a new minecraft server and we need more people and
some donations!



Cyro Is A Pixelmon HungerGames Minigames Minecraft Server
With 80 Player Slots Cyro Has An Awesome Pixelmon World
where you can battle train your pokemon build



RexCraftia is an unique server. We mostly focus on PvP and
PvE. You will get the option to join one out of three
legions, each legion has their own benefits. We



Blazing Fury is an Awesome faction server! heaps of awesome
features!! come now!



En god dansk faction server, med mulighed for at lære nye
mennesker at kende!



Hello and welcome to Caster Craft Caster Craft is an rpg
survival with lots of content. It consists of quests, magic
sets, races, a dungeon storyline, villages,



This is a hand built server with lots of custom plugins come
check it out lots of players and friendly staff.



HardCore WorldCraft (HCWC) - IP: play.hcworldcraft.com -
SMP: Survival Multi-Player - 1.8.x: Running latest Spigot
(Bukkit) - Hardcore: Level 3 Difficulty - PV



Pseudo-vanilla server where the only rule is no hacking. No
protection, no admin intervention except against hackers.
Map has not been reset since 2011. No dona



Vi er en Dansk Survival server med nogle tiltag som gør det
nemmere og sjovere at spille. Man starter som gæst hvor man
kan læse vores regler - efter 5 minut



A New Factions Server That Has Custom Armor And Owners That
Are Always Working, Our Ranks Come With Amazing Kits That
Make The Server Unique, Need Builders And



heBestCraft 24/7 ,PvP,Minigames,Residence,Events



FunkyCraft is a server that involves towny, you can make a
town with friends and ally with other towns. There will
be negative and positive relationships bet



We are an upcoming network of servers currently comprised of
a build server, but we are working on getting a prison and
game server! Feel free to join and ask a



mc.wez.li Is a new server with great potential. We are a
PvP survival server, and you are able to protect your house
so people cannot raid your creations. Or



Server IP: One of the top rated anarchy
survival servers, difficulty is extremely high. Many play,
few survive. http://minewind.com/



Eithon is a hub server aiming to provide a fun and
interesting gameplay experience, no matter what your
personal preference is (Survival, Freebuild, Creative Bu



Willkommen auf Craft-Zone.org! Privater deutscher Minecraft
1.8 Cracked Server – 24/7 Online – Nettes Team –
Eigene Plugins Wir sind eine kleine aber hi






free build have fun



Wir heißen allen herzlich wilkommen auf unseren server. Es
ist ein Deutscher PvP server. Jeder ist herzlich wilkommen !



Welcome to RambleCraft | OP Prison! We take intrest in
players and make sure everything is fair for players and
there is no cheaters around. We have friendl



20-SLOTS-NO-LAG | Dedicated Ip | Theme-PARK | PvPCity |
Creative-World | Survival | McMMO | This server has nice s


minecraft skins

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