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Server just had GLOBAL RESTART! Come now when everyone is
equal! Survival Server: HGN Survival Features: -
Ultimate Survival - Factions - Raid - PvP



We're giving away free op at the moment ITS LIMITED OFFER !
the offer ends 25 january 2015



Serverul e 4Fun , mod survival + pvp , va asteptam



Awesome MiniGames! OITC OpFactions!



One of the BEST server´s in Denmark - IP:
Mc.OnlineKlubben.dk - Teamspeak: Ts.Onlineklubben.dk -
Homepage: Onlineklubben.dk



We are a server of mature players who enjoy playing survival
Minecraft with no PvP and no griefing. We run only few
plugins, one of which being Logblock to roll



Kit pvp server



Kit pvp server



Kit pvp server



Kit pvp server



Kit pvp server



Vi er en lille dansk server, som søger nye medlemmer. Hvis
du har lyst til bare at hygge dig og spille minecraft så
join! Vi har factions, mcmmo og den er se



Os melhores skywars servidor. Plugins custom. No lag,
factions e survivalgames.



SlimeblockCraft 24/7 [1.8.1]



MinePact is a survival based PVE minecraft server. A world
called Graceland where you can freely build great cities,
castles and kingdoms; or mine treasures and



Want OP survival? look no further! OP survival that has no
griefing or raiding. You can just live life to the fullest.
First to join gets the Endie Network hoe



Willkommen bei den Farmingcrafters. Ihr könnt hier tun und
lassen was ihr wollt und wo ihr wollt. Aber vergesst nicht
erstmals weit weg zu laufen damit ihr ni



Survival, creative village, parkour, MobArena, Skyblock More
game modes in progress. Will need staff. *builders
especially needed*



wanna join my server the name is TheHive we have minigames ,
factions , parkour and much more ip is max players is 3000 more soon



OSF Stands for Old School Factions, since we haven't been
able to find and good factions servers lately. We are a
Cracked 1.7.10 server that has, primarily, Fac



Wir bieten dir hier einen Freebuild-Server, wo du mit
anderen Spielern zusammen Bauen und Spaß haben kannst. Wir
haben ein sehr gutes Team und das Team besteht



Welcome To ReXoS-Community Minecraft server! Features: *
Factions * PvP * McMMO * AutoRank * Daily Login Rewards
* Pets * Treeassist * Essentials If



For many years, it was known that a certain rare water borne
amoeba eats brain cells. In 2012, the amoeba killed 10
people in Pakistan. In 2025, the amoeba beca



Enjoy the Op experience with Op tools, rankup fast and
become free! Appy for staff at our website.



Survival Erlebe eine faszinierende Minecraft Spielwelt mit
all ihren Fascetten und Tücken. Stürze dich in eine
unbekannte rießige Spielwelt voller Abenteuer



A fun factions server you can play with your friends with
kits, permissions, plugins and special commands!



Hallo willkommen auf Shinsoo wir sind ein neuer Server
welcher teilweise auf dem Online MMORPG Metin2 basiert. Wir
haben uns auf das rote Reich Shinsoo festgele



RexCraftia is an unique server. We mostly focus on PvP and
PvE. You will get the option to join one out of three
legions, each legion has their own benefits. We


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