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minecraft server survival

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Welcome To ReXoS-Community Minecraft server! Features: *
Factions * PvP * McMMO * AutoRank * Daily Login Rewards
* Pets * Treeassist * Essentials If



BoltWolf Networks, a game/web hosting company, presents the
official BoltWolf Networks Factions server! Join us for the
classic factions experience, a tight-kn



Faction - survival server. Raid is allowed PVP New
Friendly active staff English only in mainchat!(you can
speak ur own language in faction chat) Open fo



Cyro Is A Pixelmon HungerGames Minigames Minecraft Server
With 80 Player Slots Cyro Has An Awesome Pixelmon World
where you can battle train your pokemon build



For many years, it was known that a certain rare water borne
amoeba eats brain cells. In 2012, the amoeba killed 10
people in Pakistan. In 2025, the amoeba beca



Enjoy the Op experience with Op tools, rankup fast and
become free! Appy for staff at our website.



fun friendly 24/7 minecraft server! factions! 24/7! fun!
friendly! go kill other players and help us grow!



Survival Erlebe eine faszinierende Minecraft Spielwelt mit
all ihren Fascetten und Tücken. Stürze dich in eine
unbekannte rießige Spielwelt voller Abenteuer



En privat server med Big Dig. Ser helst spelare från
Sverige, Norge, Danmark och Finland, men ALLA är givetvis
välkomna. Du måste registrera ett konto på



God Kit's - 24/7 - Faction's - And more



Det her er en dansk Minecraft KitPvP/Faction server som er
rigtig sjov dog arbejder vi stadig med kitsne og noge
signWarps men kom dog ind og få det sjovt samm



Looking for a server not run by small children who know
NOTHING about minecraft? A server that has a vast array of
options to choose from like: Factions? Mob



A fun factions server you can play with your friends with
kits, permissions, plugins and special commands!



pvp factions tpa sethome warps you can donate tons of admin
to help out !



Guys this is a amazing server with a great spawn great
players and great staff please join



Many nice operators who will fix nearly any problem you
have. We have anti grief plugins and many fun plugins
including factions! At the moment we have a warrio



This server is new, and cleansed of imperfections. We run
many fun plugins such as: PaintballArena, PlotWord.
PixelArt, Spleef, and PVP/ Survival Mode! Come on



Here at originalcraft, we look to offer the best combination
of vanilla gameplay, with some plugins to prevent griefing.
Come join the fun community! ==========



Survival MultiPlayer 1.7.10 with various plugins to let you
get money by killing mobs or trading items. Old spawn was in
the middle of a desert, with a warp sta



Have you ever wanted to play a Call of duty themed server?
Well then this is the server for you! We have a variety of
classes that specialize in different thing



”Once more into the Fray, into the last good fight I will
ever know. Live and die, on this day. Live and die, on this
day.” -Liam Neeson Fray is here and i



This is a simple adventure/survival server. Only friendly
PVP is allowed and player will return items if it is agreed



DojoCraft! Has the best connection you'll find with the
most helpful and kind admins, we offer a variety of options
to enhance your gaming experience on DojoCr


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