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UltimateCraft Survival Creative Factions SkyBlock Zombie
Survival The Walls Ultimate Hunger Games Race
Cars Mazes Parkour About UltimateCraft 24/7 Online - 128G



Great BungeeCord powered Minecraft server! Join us today!



Faction PvP!



Introduction: The world for our prehistoric ancestors was a
vastly different place from our own. When an incredibly
small portion of the world's population coul



Hej alle sammen så er den seje minecraft server kommet på
minecraftlisten og serveren hedder McSuperCreafters vi
håber vi får mange player ind på server n



VoyageCraft is a new server that currently holds 25 players
but will hold more in the near future. We have friendly
players and staff that will help out new com



Armageddon Survival is a semi-vanilla Bukkit 1.6.4 survival
server, dedicated to providing you quality entertainment for
endless hours! Our server is light and



Come play on Illumi-Nation! We are a 1.6 base semi-vanilla-
99% uptime, 28 slots. Brand new server- pvp, griefing is
allowed- We have warps and sethome set up c



SMP, Bukkit, MCMMO, Towny, survival multiplayer server,
plugins, greif world, grief protection.



Minecraft Version 1.6.4! PunFumblerCraft Has A Very Diverse
Amount Of Things To Do Such As A PvP Griefing And Raiding
World That Uses Factions And A World For T



This server is FREE. I DO NOT want any donations or money.
This map is currently under construction.15,600 square miles
(40,000 sq/km) ofmap can now be accessed



We are a new CD:C server and looking for players, even
staff! If you have any problems or any questions, visit the
website. We welcome people from all corners o



Hey there! join us now mc.dw.gs



An english server with totally awesomeness!



PhoenixCraft Freebuild! IP: Welcome to the
PhoenixCraft Minecraft forums page! PhoenixCraft is a
freebuild creative server, with a great communi



Diversity World (download world map) mini games osv. sjove



Survival Home Waka Islands world map (download) DANSK



free build have fun



A newly created PvP server for anyone to enjoy! Plugins
include: MCMMO, Jobs, RankMeUp, Factions, Towny, Mob Arena,
Fast Food, ResetMine. (Necessary Plugins N



We are online almost 24/7 and have over 1 billions slots so
join now so you don't miss out! You are also encouraged to
join our website for rankups, and heaps



Hi guys! Blockminer is a brand new survival Minecraft server
with many city's, and your lot is protected so nobody can
grief your house/castle/building. And we



Fun hardcore faction PvP server with Custom Items, Giants,
mcMMO, and Mob Areana



I am the owner of the server and it is just getting off the
ground so the more people on the better



SlimeCraft {pvp} {survival} plots join us at
: SlimeCraft.mcserver.ws plugins: worldedit worldguard Permissionsex factions multiverse Plotme Iconemy Essential



Deutsch 10 Slots Craftbukkit Und Survival



Survival server with Bukkit. 20 Slot, lag free! We have
YouTube hangouts every Tuesday at 7pm CST!



JackAss Alex - Kreativ server / Liv server DANSK SERVER



This is a new server that I created. The server is looking
for new players to have fun here. The rules here are pretty
strict unless there's a reason. Rules: Gr


minecraft skins

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