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Welcome to DiamondMCa factions server featuring head drops
faction pvp and much more to come such as hunger games
skyblock SkyWars kitpvp creative survival and



This is a public craftbukkit (vanilla) server, version 1.6.2
(yay, with horsies !). Free for everybody who's able to
follow a few simple rules: No griefing, no



Creative and fun!



Welcome to the Neon Pvp's thread Here at Neon Pvp we
pursue the dream of having the ultimate Factions Pvp
experience for all. We want all players to share the



Dartcraft is a small dedicated PvP Bukkit server where you
have 1 hour of protection from PvP when you join for your
first time.



Already updated to 1.6.4. I am currently in the process of
building several PVP arenas using BattleArena. Arenas
currently include PaintBall and Spleef and ther



We're a small community server, w



Melde dich noch heute auf der Homepage mit deinem
Spielernamen an und erhalte ingame 10 Diamanten als
Geschenk! Für Facebook like gibts ingame nochmal 10 Diama



Vanilla style PVE, No PVP, Build Anywhere, Anything,
Co-operative Community, Claim your land with Grief
Prevention! Map is currently full of clear space - lots



Servidor de espana y rumania pruebalo no lag , sistema de
cuenta tiene buenos plugins



Matrix Vanilla Server has a Friendly and fun atmosphere,
100% Pure Minecraft with no plugins or mods. Our community
is there to play, meaning no donating for ra



We need builders and people who are good with plugins so
come along and help!We need builders and people who are good
with plugins so come along and help!We nee



PaintBall Craft
server. http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/paintball-craft/ Welcome
to our paintball server. This server features intense
exiting paintball



We are a Survival, Creative, Hungergames, Minigames, and PvP
server. We always have fun things to do! You can connect
with bobbycraft.mymc.io



We are a server that has been revamped from a regular
survival world to a full fledged Factions wrorld for all to
have fun in, With the world still being genera



this is my fave server it has lots of advs and staff it has
all kinds of diffrenent mods one of them are theberk the
owner is cloudfun hope you enjoy!!!



Hi! This is MC-Build! A cool and fun Creative server with
plots, come check it out :)



A great, stable server with much to do and much to see. We
have factions, economy, sky block, ctf, paintball, spleef,
Mob Arena and more!



«Realm of the Undead» IP: play.rotu.info WEBSITE:
www.reddit.com/r/RealmOfTheUndead/wiki/index (Normal website
currently down, wiki contains information fro



UltimateCraft Survival Creative Factions SkyBlock Zombie
Survival The Walls Ultimate Hunger Games Race
Cars Mazes Parkour About UltimateCraft 24/7 Online - 128G



Great BungeeCord powered Minecraft server! Join us today!



Faction PvP!



Introduction: The world for our prehistoric ancestors was a
vastly different place from our own. When an incredibly
small portion of the world's population coul



Hej alle sammen så er den seje minecraft server kommet på
minecraftlisten og serveren hedder McSuperCreafters vi
håber vi får mange player ind på server n



Armageddon Survival is a semi-vanilla Bukkit 1.6.4 survival
server, dedicated to providing you quality entertainment for
endless hours! Our server is light and



Come play on Illumi-Nation! We are a 1.6 base semi-vanilla-
99% uptime, 28 slots. Brand new server- pvp, griefing is
allowed- We have warps and sethome set up c



Minecraft Version 1.6.4! PunFumblerCraft Has A Very Diverse
Amount Of Things To Do Such As A PvP Griefing And Raiding
World That Uses Factions And A World For T



This server is FREE. I DO NOT want any donations or money.
This map is currently under construction.15,600 square miles
(40,000 sq/km) ofmap can now be accessed



We are a new CD:C server and looking for players, even
staff! If you have any problems or any questions, visit the
website. We welcome people from all corners o



Hey there! join us now mc.dw.gs



An english server with totally awesomeness!



Welcome to cloud craft gaming! We are a very friendly
server. We also awesome plugins like, MCMMO, factions,
lockette, and so many more! We are also looking for



PhoenixCraft Freebuild! IP: Welcome to the
PhoenixCraft Minecraft forums page! PhoenixCraft is a
freebuild creative server, with a great communi



This server is fun filled with the basic rules and the
nicest admins. Come join the fun with nlcraftey!



Beergamez.com Americans needed :-) 9::::=======
|::::======= |=========== |=========== | New
Australian Server, Beta so please tell us how



A new survival and factions server



This is a new server that I created. The server is looking
for new players to have fun here. The rules here are pretty
strict unless there's a reason. Rules: Gr



Funnycreeper is a survival server with low population to
have a better connection to admins and players. also it is a
24/7 server join now (no whitelist)



What ever... Just play? Ip: play.dragoncraft.dk


minecraft skins

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