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A great, stable server with much to do and much to see. We
have factions, economy, sky block, ctf, paintball, spleef,
Mob Arena and more!



This is a new and upcoming server in the Minecraft world. It
is fun and has Factions and lots of perks for donators. Come
join us and see for your self. We wish



man kan gå i gamemode 0




Join en god Minecraft Faction Server G



Its a faction server with no lag and pvp shop and mutch more
please join :D



Its a faction server with no lag and pvp shop and mutch more
please join :D



faction / Pvp! Dansk / English



Ascension Factions is a PvP Factions - Griefing Server. We
have some custom plugins like: Kills Count: After X kills
you receive a Prefix. Be in the top 5 o



Danish SMP/PVP server We have: mcMMO, Freebuild, Minigames,
Nice staff and much more. Come an join us.



Novapvp er en Normal Faction server! Hyg Dig så Længe



Faction,Pvp Vi vil gøre så meget vi kan for at i har det
godt..... Owner : lasseyde Owner : Emills2003 Moderator :
rasm98 Pluginmaster : Simonjonstrup Hå



You can build what ever where ever you want. No lag no
bullshit No hacking thats the only rule



This is soo cool minecraft bulgarian server :) HAVE FUN



Survival Server



Hier cheaten nichtmal die Admins! Freebuild ( Wildnis ) und
komplett Hack und Cheat geschützt! Adventuremaps /
JumpNruns / Skyblock / minigames und vieles mehr



It's just an lilte pvp survival server. We got an Shop but
we are not done with it and we got a PvP arena and a parkour
level and when you finished it you will



Awesome MiniGames! OITC OpFactions!



We are a server of mature players who enjoy playing survival
Minecraft with no PvP and no griefing. We run only few
plugins, one of which being Logblock to roll



Wir bieten dir hier einen Freebuild-Server, wo du mit
anderen Spielern zusammen Bauen und Spaß haben kannst. Wir
haben ein sehr gutes Team und das Team besteht



Survival Erlebe eine faszinierende Minecraft Spielwelt mit
all ihren Fascetten und Tücken. Stürze dich in eine
unbekannte rießige Spielwelt voller Abenteuer



RexCraftia is an unique server. We mostly focus on PvP and
PvE. You will get the option to join one out of three
legions, each legion has their own benefits. We



In this server you can build airships, submarines, and
boats. You can create a faction and a base and team up with
other players to raid other people and become



Dette er EatenByPixels officelle Minecraft server! :D



En god dansk faction server, med mulighed for at lære nye
mennesker at kende!



Hey guys, Royal Rebels is an SMP server with a medieval
background. Players who join the server have joined as
rebels who recently seceeded from England on the



Play Factions, Survival or creative plots! Have fun in our
24/7 servers. Lobby with gadgets, parkours, trails, pets!


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