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wir suchen noch leute die lust haben bei uns mit zu machen



=================[+]================== [x]
-----------------------[- Sinister 2.0's Amazing Custom
Features: -] 90% Custom Plug



Das Konzept unseres Servers ist schnell und aussagekräftig
beschrieben: Einfach in Ruhe ein wenig Minecraft
zocken. Natürlich könnte man das ganze auch einfa



Това е FreshCraft..Нов Faction сървър
които е 24/7 с евенти събота и
неделя от 20:00 без досадните хак



Hallo und willkommen auf dem Servereintrag von
TNTCraft Unser Server ist ein ";Mittlerer"; Server auf dem
man einfach im Freebuild/Survival entspannen kann. Ei



Mein Server ist ein Freebuild/SkyPvP,BedWars,KitPvP Server
viel spaß.



Hello and welcome to Caster Craft Caster Craft is an rpg
survival with lots of content. It consists of quests, magic
sets, races, a dungeon storyline, villages,



NetroxCraft 1.7.2 PvP/FactionS/mcMMO/Survival



KITPvP super cool!!! later more maps have fun!



Welcome to PlatinumCraft SMP!! Enjoy your stay :)



This is a hand built server with lots of custom plugins come
check it out lots of players and friendly staff.



EKT- 60-player server, Online 24/7 .. No Lag.. Friendly
bunch of people.. Starter Kit.. Open 24/7 .. Dynamic
Map/Shop Mode/House Protection/Login Security/Horse



SolarCraft is a 1.7.5-1.8.7 Minecraft server, You might be
wondering why to join our server than many other servers?
Well we have great staff online who will he



HardCore WorldCraft (HCWC) - IP: play.hcworldcraft.com -
SMP: Survival Multi-Player - 1.8.x: Running latest Spigot
(Bukkit) - Hardcore: Level 3 Difficulty - PV



Pseudo-vanilla server where the only rule is no hacking. No
protection, no admin intervention except against hackers.
Map has not been reset since 2011. No dona



Zenithal Networks is a server ran by a group of gamers. It
is one server in a network that we are running with the
intention of providing gamers with an enjoya






Supercraft is a 10 World server with many plugins to help
make gameplay on Supercraft fun. We have 55 available slots
and would love to get more for more player



Is a Brazil Hosted Server Really Good PvP And It Has
Survival.Dont Lags Really Good Chei It Out!!!



a danish minecraft server good admins/players and owners
come to join now



This is small server SkyBlock+Minigames. Minigames: SkyWars
and Paintball. Version server is 1.7.9. More info in server


minecraft skins

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