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Wild West SMP - Few rules. Automatic grief prevention. Open
SMP server where you can come in and have fun with other
players. Find a good spot and claim your ow



Formally named Spinning Pig Factions, now part of the
ChoiceCraft Network, this server is designed for competitve,
PVP hungry players. The server’s highlight



I-Survival is economy-based server which offers a safe haven
for players who want to have fun. This server allows players
to be free, creating anything of their



SERVER IP: epic-mc.com | OVER 20 Dedicated Wrds/Mini-Games,
300+ Slots, PvP, PvE, No-Grief, Very Easy Home Protection,
Player Shops, Huge Building Worlds & Lot



We are a 24/7 PvP Factions server, with mcMMo and many other
plugins to suit all of your survival needs. We have friendly
staff and great builds to view and enj



Wild West SMP - Few rules. Automatic grief prevention. Open
SMP server where you can come in and have fun with other
players. Find a good spot and claim your ow



A Dedicated server Hosted in Germany, Up 24x7.We have a lot
to do and explore. Planned features : A big PvP Area, a wide
spread subway system, an economy system



World of Fantasia - Where dreams and fantasies become
reality! Dedicated 24/7 powerful lagfree server, PVE/PVP,
many ranks with perks, stable economy, player ba



Wither Factions is a Factions, PvP and raiding server! We
have alot of fun plugins like MobArena, Combat Tag,
floAuction, McMMO and much more! We have kind and



A fun freebuild server. We have many plug ins...
Residence, BigBrother, MinecartMania, Spleef and many
more. No Grief server. You will be banned.



Hi und Wilkommen auf Unserem Minecraft Server! Wir sind
noch in der aufbauphase aber der Serverist schon Online wenn
ihr lust hab bei uns zu zocken geht auf ht



Gotta Craft Them Al Welcome to the Gotta Craft Them All
server. Features: 1.5_01 LWC Chest Protection Towny
iConomy Citizens 24/7 Dedicated Server No whiteli



mc.slaymonok.net is a greate server, it´s online 24/7. got
permissions and are relative new, so it a big chance that
you end upp in the slaymonok staff. we got



Bukkit- Plugins=50+
(worldguard,worldedit...) White-List (ONLY G3RM4N) Teamspeak
: FaceBook : http://goo.gl/w7HEq Skype
: ch1llow i



Deutscher whitelisted Server für Bewerbung Mail an



Building and adventure server. Locks, economy, shops, and
owner restricted building areas.



A relatively new server. 24 / 7 online.City and freebuild



100% Laggfrei 100%Nette User 100%Spaß



a good survival server it has everything. owner is
lastres0rt ask him and the admins what you want. i have
noting more to say this is a member of the server tha



free build, survival mode, stack all items, cactus anywhere,
insta wheat plant, trees fall down giving cocoa beans and
apples, bridge gates doors carts, own blo



Our aim is to provide a stable and reliable MC server with
99.999% availability and with the latest anti-grief
techniques employed. Tired of laggy servers that



Insomniacraft is a new survival server with a very team of
experienced staff and a growing amount of players. We are
always accepting new players! we are curre



best server



Well after Brohoster went down here is the new server We are a 42 Slot survival server. We strive
hard to give you the best playing experience a



We are building a nice town and selling Lands and houses
Till The town is Full! So Be quick!!! We have many plugins
like Economy and chestshop! VISIT US!!!



Ein deutscher Minecraft Server IP:



Fun, 24/7 Minecraft SMP (Surivival multiplayer server) 14
Slots, No lag, very friendly admins. Mostly Danish people,
but scandinavian players are very welcome t



NEW SERVER, LIVE DATE 02-08-2011. I hope to see you
there! RPG, Storyline, Towns, mcMMO, Locks, Dynamic economy,
trade, mining world, expansions, more..



Hello! This is an very good Bukkit Server It is running All
Time! It Has very many Plugins! (Ask for more Infos Hdsg222
on The Server!)



Serverlanguage: german & english cracked Minecraft accounts
allowed. Daily Server restart: 5:00 a.m (UTC + 1) Active
Maps:"18", "18-Nether", "Fachy" World "Fac



Der Server läuft im moment im Pre Release. Pre Release
deshalb, weil wir mit 1.9 und vielleicht auch mit 1.10
wieder eine neue Map brauchen und die Stadt bzw d



http://gamingaus.net good and help full admins and players
hope to see you there for GGS



OzzCraft is a server dedicated to bringing you fun! It’s a
dedicated 24/7 server hosted in Sydney, Australia. We have
Active staff and a Wide range of plugins



Hallo Unser Nuer Deutscher Minecraft Server kommt schnell
und ihr kriegt gute grundstücke wir haben auch ts 3 server seit ihr Deutsch und



This server is survival so its allowed to grief, steal and
kill others, But u can set protection on your chestes and
house if u want :)



good hardware + good software = win :D *don't like the
standard long IP? try deserver.tk as ip :)* What makes us
special: - Where other servers have 16GB ra



Bukkit survival server, pvp enabled in certain regions,
iconomy shop and money everyday. Runs logblock and lockette
to protect your creations and chests. Plus m



EMPERION 24/7 Real Life Server. Die Server
ip: Wir bieten Spieler das volle
Programm von einen Reallife Server. Wir bevorzug



This is a test server



it is pvp outside spawn. it is fun and enjoyable. they dont
need staff/helpers.


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