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Welcome to GotPVP! We are an incredible hub server
containing every game type you could ever want! We currently
offer the following: - Factions - Survival - Sk



SERVER IP: epic-mc.com | OVER 20 Dedicated Wrds/Mini-Games,
300+ Slots, PvP, PvE, No-Grief, Very Easy Home Protection,
Player Shops, Huge Building Worlds & Lot



We are a 24/7 PvP Factions server, with mcMMo and many other
plugins to suit all of your survival needs. We have friendly
staff and great builds to view and enj



A Dedicated server Hosted in Germany, Up 24x7.We have a lot
to do and explore. Planned features : A big PvP Area, a wide
spread subway system, an economy system



World of Fantasia - Where dreams and fantasies become
reality! Dedicated 24/7 powerful lagfree server, PVE/PVP,
many ranks with perks, stable economy, player ba



Do whatever u want... but be fair.. don't grief, steal,
destroy.. Build your own home on our Server! We'll welcome



Wither Factions is a Factions, PvP and raiding server! We
have alot of fun plugins like MobArena, Combat Tag,
floAuction, McMMO and much more! We have kind and



A fun freebuild server. We have many plug ins...
Residence, BigBrother, MinecartMania, Spleef and many
more. No Grief server. You will be banned.



German Minecraft Server Free Build 32 Slots Grosse
Community Burncraft.de [WHITELIST]


#10 or vanakh.nitrado.net German Server. 4-Slots
only, but so what? No whitelist. Guestzone available. Canary
Mod: LWC, hSpleef, CraftBook, SignComman



MiniCraft ist ein Minecraft Server, der wie der Name schon
sagt "klein" sein soll, das heißt wir wollen eine kleine
Gemeinschaft in der Jeder Jeden kennt. Wir



a good survival server it has everything. owner is
lastres0rt ask him and the admins what you want. i have
noting more to say this is a member of the server tha



Server Neustart,geleitet von Adri50 und Thehalil. IST AUCH



free build, survival mode, stack all items, cactus anywhere,
insta wheat plant, trees fall down giving cocoa beans and
apples, bridge gates doors carts, own blo



Our aim is to provide a stable and reliable MC server with
99.999% availability and with the latest anti-grief
techniques employed. Tired of laggy servers that



Es ist kein survival Server sondern nur ein normaler
Bauserver. Der Server basiert auf der Karte Flatgrass, da
aber in dieser Karte keine Erze Vorhanden sind ha



Insomniacraft is a new survival server with a very team of
experienced staff and a growing amount of players. We are
always accepting new players! we are curre



http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/503712-the-wild-come-join-our-server/ This
whole server revolves around Factions. Once the players join
they can either cre



Ein deutscher Minecraft Server IP:



more Buildserver, nice Community and Teamspeak! Website:



7/24, no lags, no whitelist, Survialmap und
Freebuildmap Plugins: Ess; protect, groupmanager, LWC,
Iconomy, Iconomy chest shop, Tetris, LogBlock, Buttonwarp, M



Come join us on our PvP server were anything goes when your
in the wild. We have actively playing admins that are on
almost every night. Protected Spawn and Cit



NEW SERVER, LIVE DATE 02-08-2011. I hope to see you
there! RPG, Storyline, Towns, mcMMO, Locks, Dynamic economy,
trade, mining world, expansions, more..



Universemine is a little 8 slot RPG Server We have a economy
System and you can buy a plot of land sights: - a
labyrinth -a PvP arena (also against zombies) -a



it is pvp outside spawn. it is fun and enjoyable. they dont
need staff/helpers.



Join my server !!! It's a cool bukkit server. Owner:
_Jonathan_366, Admins: andersmor1, Aeonfly. Partner:
Spedy123456, nixonkat



Survival Iconomy Fixing Jobs



www.Balli-Minecraft.de.vu - 24/7 - Survival - Monster- No



Nette Admins Stranddorf mit Prem GS / Dorf



Czech Minecraft server with large community of players,
frequent events and active and helpful admins. Server also
contains survival, creative and VIP world.



Wir sind ein sogenannter Citybuild-Server, d.h. man kann
unter 4 Städten (davon 3 schon beziehbar) wählen, und in
die einzelnen Städte ziehen! Man hat jedoch



Welcome to MCBuild! Your new Minecraft-Server! We have over
50 plugins inside (Towny, IConomy, ChestShop, MagicCarpet,
etc....)! No whitelist! To get approved



Wodurch zeichnet sich unser Server aus ?.. Natürlich
können wir unsere zahlreichen Plugins, von Protection bis
hin zu .. nennen. Wir könnten sagen DAS zeich



SkyCraft der Server auf Himmel :) das ist ein DEUTSCHER
Server der imoment Freebuild ist aber man kann seine häuser
sichern(protecten) lassen... wir machen den



Ein Deutscher Minecraft Server man benötigt Industrialcraft
und Buildcraft damit der Server noch realistischer ist guckt
einfach auf unserer Homepage dort sind



Es ist ein Deutscher PvP Server der in naher Zukunft nicht
nur PvP beinhalten wird. (:



A German MinecraftServer..It´s a Survival Server .Version
1.1 .Nice Plugins.Nice Admins.Nice Worlds and so on.....



German rpg server



Wilkommen auf den Server
Hier ein paar



This is a 24/7 server Admins are german Jeden Samstag gibt
es ein Event um 18Uhr Jede menge Plugins sind
installiert schaut vorbei www.mc-netw.org viel spaß


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