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Formally named Spinning Pig Factions, now part of the
ChoiceCraft Network, this server is designed for competitve,
PVP hungry players. The server’s highlight



We are a 24/7 PvP Factions server, with mcMMo and many other
plugins to suit all of your survival needs. We have friendly
staff and great builds to view and enj



A fun freebuild server. We have many plug ins...
Residence, BigBrother, MinecartMania, Spleef and many
more. No Grief server. You will be banned.



Dies ist unser SMP-Server!! Wir haben einen Lag freien 10
Slot Server. Auf unserem Server könnt ihr frei bauen, eure
Chest könnt ihr mit LWC sichern. Um an di



Der Server läuft über Bukkit.Alle 30 Minuten wird ein
Backup erstellt.Die Grundstücke werden protectet und sind
somit vor Griefern geschützt.Regeln findet i



its awesome only about 10 people are aloud so come fast and
start playing its the best its awesome its the best.:D



Ein deutscher Minecraft Server



A relatively new server. 24 / 7 online.City and freebuild



MiniCraft ist ein Minecraft Server, der wie der Name schon
sagt "klein" sein soll, das heißt wir wollen eine kleine
Gemeinschaft in der Jeder Jeden kennt. Wir



a good survival server it has everything. owner is
lastres0rt ask him and the admins what you want. i have
noting more to say this is a member of the server tha



Es ist ein Deutscher Minecraft Server mit 8 Slots und Netten
Admins :D Wir Freuen uns sehr wenn ihr kommt. Wir warten auf
euch!! Wir haben auch viele Plugins :D



free build, survival mode, stack all items, cactus anywhere,
insta wheat plant, trees fall down giving cocoa beans and
apples, bridge gates doors carts, own blo



Insomniacraft is a new survival server with a very team of
experienced staff and a growing amount of players. We are
always accepting new players! we are curre



Ein deutscher Minecraft Server IP:



NEW SERVER, LIVE DATE 02-08-2011. I hope to see you
there! RPG, Storyline, Towns, mcMMO, Locks, Dynamic economy,
trade, mining world, expansions, more..



Hello! This is an very good Bukkit Server It is running All
Time! It Has very many Plugins! (Ask for more Infos Hdsg222
on The Server!)



EMPERION 24/7 Real Life Server. Die Server
ip: Wir bieten Spieler das volle
Programm von einen Reallife Server. Wir bevorzug



En ny Nixonkat server. vores hjemmeside
www.nixonkatsfreebuildserver.weebly.com denne er bare 24/7.
den er købt. UK. a new Nixonkat Server. our website. www.Ni



This is a test server



A new Survival Server which just started, everyone got his
own plot, where he can build and put chest's to. The Staff
is friendly and is trying to help as often



hey leute unser server ist seid langem online sucht genau
dich komm zu uns homepage : www.mcstrike.de.vu viel



Czech Minecraft server with large community of players,
frequent events and active and helpful admins. Server also
contains survival, creative and VIP world.



Wir sind ein sogenannter Citybuild-Server, d.h. man kann
unter 4 Städten (davon 3 schon beziehbar) wählen, und in
die einzelnen Städte ziehen! Man hat jedoch



this server is a brand new server we need people you are a
person we have everything and if you don't like something we
will get it for this is a eco server any



Wir sind ein ganz neue Server in der Minecraft Welt! Ein
Deutscher Minecraft-Server! 24/7 Perfektes Team! Viel
platz! Viele Plugins! Wir freuen uns auf dein kom



factions, mcmmo, mcjobs, pvp ,economy, this is a great
server for beginners and all players alike we have really
great plugins and great staff..we are always lo



A German MinecraftServer..It´s a Survival Server .Version
1.1 .Nice Plugins.Nice Admins.Nice Worlds and so on.....



companiancraft here we just started a new survival server
for all ages, the ip is, new website
will be up soon, owners Zazazazach and Aman7



Great server with mature and responsible staff. Have many
different ranks and a website with forums, a live map feed,
and a place to donate. The server website



Its a server where you can build and much more its friendly
staff join today



Welcome to Mattercraft. A server with great community,
balanced plugins, and skilled staff. We are PVP faction
server with an enhanced gameplay, various combat



The Lord of the Craft is the world's largest Minecraft
roleplaying server, with over twenty-one thousand members
registered on our forums, and over 357,000 foru



this is an english and german speaking server



mc.tongbokes.com:8123 New server with a new map looking
for mature, competitive PVP'ers Premium



Was bietet euch der Server ? 24/7 Uptime Reife
Mitglieder Nette Community Schon als Gast könnt ihr
überall bauen (ausserhalb der Stadt zum Beispiel in de



Eden is a semi-vanilla survival running Essentials,
Factions, and WorldEdit. Canaan is our brand-new world, a
pure, 100% vanilla survival experience. For white



Have a game of MagicCraft with us today!



City-ville is a 24/7 PvP survival server! Come and beat the
best in our arena! Or join a faction and take over the
faction community! Or take up quests to help



We are a small server that is looking for users. We are
whitelisted. But, you can easily join. Just email your user
to Squishysquirrel9@gmail.com, or post it in



Du kommer ind i serveren, starter med $200 på lommen. Du
tager ned til shoppen.. Køber materialer og hvad du nu skal
bruge.. Du smutter væk fra spawn.. Bygge


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