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This is an “easy to join” server and there will no longer require applications to join.

All you have to do is to enter the following IP Address in your Minecraft Client and click Connect.

IP Address:

Be sure to read the Rules and check up on the Minecraft Commands before you join.

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161 Responses to “How to join our Minecraft Server (Survival)”

    • weigs

      can i plz join im 17 and i love mining with others. i would also like to help others who are new to the game. so can i join.

  1. Jokserompis

    Hey, i want to join your minecraft server to explore the world have alot of fun with good people… and develope good mines with people!

    i wish for a shot at this server…

    I do speak english fluently(everyone i’ve talked to understands me, so i guess its ok)

    im from your neighbour country norway, want to develope a good friendship with you guys!

  2. Lokit

    Hey, I want to join this server and help up with building my own buildings and perhaps cooperate with other ppl to and help them build and make friends.

    I have played this on single player for along time and eaven builded my own city. I want to try to build some massive great buildings here to.

    I am a old and mature guy from norway.

  3. Vidard

    Hello im 24 years old and i want to join your server to explore the world have alot of fun with people… and develope good mines with the people on the server!

    hope I can have an chance at your server…

    I speak ok english (everyone i’ve talked to have understood me, so i guess its good enough)

    im from your neighbour country norway, and I want to develope a good friendship with ppl onn the server!

  4. smase

    Hey i am on your server abit and i see that i can’t build and i would really like to join its an awsome server with really awsome building looks amazing and i would like to be part of that building i a rather good at building mines and tunnels and underground rooms and things like that so ye i guess this is my application my ingame name is smase thanks =)

  5. TextureFX

    I play minecraft singleplayer alot just started playing multiplayer and its btter i like to build castles and under water homes also im 16 and i just want to build and huge underwater home.

  6. Variand

    Sup, I know I was approved before, but I figured I might as well introduce myself.
    So, hello,
    Variand is my artist name, as I am an artist.
    I’m 14, soon to be 15 years old.
    I have enjoyed playing on your server a lot, and I’m glad that there is minimal griefing.
    I personally HATE griefers and griefing.
    I’ll do anything I can to help people, IF they ask me, or otherwise inform me.
    Thats about it, cya guys on the server.

  7. Gravn

    Hey, im Gravn, i bought minecraft on a early stage, no. 3k or so. played it since and have build lots of structures offline and online.
    im 18 years old and live in denmark, next year im starting on a GameIt Collelge in Grenå, which is a game developer education.
    if you want to see some of my creations in minecraft, PM me and ill post a few pics or send you the ip..

  8. Michael / Chamonze

    My name is Michael / Chamonze in game. I am 16 years old.
    I bought Minecraft spontaneously one day because every newssite was talking about it, and some friend had bought it some months ago, so when I got money on my paypal, I thought why not.
    I have had my own server, a freebuild server in creative mode. I had a mini MySQL server installed because I had MCZall, to be sure there was no griefing, and if there was I could just be kind, and rewind it.
    I haven’t screened any of my creations though, but I’ve had some big ones.

  9. akj0hn

    Hey there. I’d really love to be able to access your server. I’m a close IRL friend of Taizun’s (Not sure if that’ll improve my chances of getting access, but I hope it doesn’t hurt my chances :D)

  10. Baswai

    Hello all,

    Yesterday I was on your server and Claush showed me around. I really liked it and he asked me to post an application here. It would be nice if I could join your server and learn to Minecraft from you!
    Some info about me, I am Bas from the Netherlands, 18 years old just started with my study earth science.


  11. mikkel226

    Hello my name is Mikkel (in-game name=mikkel226) i have been playing on your server with my freind Rimmen..
    Hes something called a approved
    i thought that if i as on the sever as much as i am i could be approved to?
    I like to build house’s and things like that
    Im not that good at english but i allway plays with my freind Rimmen so He can say to me what is is, you guys are saying if i dident get it..
    And By the way my 14 years old and im living in Denmark
    So if i can be approved please pm. me ^^!

  12. Ryan M

    I am Ryan i just turned 15 today i have played a good amount of singleplayer and im a prety good architecht i loveee building and just want to share it with other players id love to play so much thanks my name is rebornxvongola thanks

  13. TJmidlin95

    My name is Tighe, i am new to the game and this server looked like a very good one, with tons of nice people, just hoping that i could get used to the game and have fun on this server

  14. hoebag89(Matthew Braasch)

    (Reference (Tell us about your Minecraft experience (singleplayer/multiplayer), your age and goals in the game.))
    I am an avid minecrafter-er-er, I am only 19 but am currently at college. My goals are to create a city or make a huge mine shaft that other players or guests can visit. My dad is in the artictual field and he actually plays this game, he helps me construct stuff. I also have an annoying little brother that plays this game. Sadly my mom nor dog play the game though lol. I hope you choose me, I look foward to mining and building in your server.

    Minecraft name: hoebag89.

  15. Adam1611

    Well I have been playing Minecraft for a few months now mainly in single player. I have been trying multiple servers but none of them seem like the kind of ones where I could really fit in and enjoy myself. This server is excellent and has a great community that I would love to become part of. I am 19 and want to be an approved player so I can be part of something with like minded people. My goals in the game are to make truly epic structures that would be impossible to conceive in the real world, in my opinion, that’s what makes the game so brilliant.

  16. 96slayer98

    ermm… apparently I am no longer on the whilelist and i cant log in…? Was this a mistake or am I banned or something? because i didnt really do anything…

  17. Seanie502

    I made a pretty pathetic application before so I’m trying again.

    Hey, my name is Sean, I am 13 years old and have aspergers, I have a great imagination and love to build large mines and recreate movie places on minecraft. I’m an Avid Gamer also aand have a very mature mind, I enjoyed being in the server the other day and was told to apply here if I enjoyed it so here is my application, I hope you will think about approving me. :D
    Thanks, Seanie

  18. Firestarter

    Hello my name is Rasmus. I am 16 years of age and I am an avid Minecraft player.
    I spend most of my time playing offline survival, seeing as the furnace is bugged (well it was the last time I played online survival).
    I would very much like to join this server seeing as it comes across as a pretty serious server.
    A friend of mine is currently whitelisted on your server, he goes by the name Chamonze, and I think he can confirm what I’ve said is true.
    I hope to see you all on the server.

    • claush

      Yes Chamonze mentioned you -- I have whitelisted you for now so you can meet the rest of the people on server

  19. Thadster

    Hello, I seem to have been taken off of the whitelist. I hadn’t played for a while, so maybe that’s it, but Claush, Bob, and maybe a few other players can verify that I was on the whitelist. If you don’t want to put me back on it now, I guess I’ll ask when I manage to get into the server again.

  20. Girlchan

    Uhh.. hi, I wanna join the whitelist, Im pretty new to minecraft but I LOVE it. I hate the griefing on servers though, and I like that you have to be on a whitelist to even get into this server, it probably helps with griefing a lot. anyway, im 16, and I play singleplayer a lot, almost full with my list of worlds…. anywho, I’d love to play, thanks…

  21. Jesper(backspaze)

    hello.. i have just tryed minecraft on my brothers account. “aldan” and thought it was verry fun. so just bought an account for myself :)

    i live in denmark “odense” and i am 21 years old.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    regards backspaze” brother of aldan

  22. Starlight

    Hi! I’m a 28 years old man (male) from Norway, I’m already approved, but I wanted to write more about myself.. My in-game nickname is Starlight and I plan on making a lot of YouTube videos in the future.. I just have to figure out whats wrong with my computer first.. I built a really good computer:

    Case: Antec Nine Hundred Two
    PSU: MIST, 650W, avtagbare kabler, rev.4
    Motherboard: ASUS M4A79T Deluxe, Socket-AM3
    RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz 4GB CL8
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945
    Graphics: ASUS Radeon HD 4890 1GB GDDR5
    HDD: 4x Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB

    But when hosting servers it lags and I get a warning that server is overloaded.. :p Minecraft is completely impossible to host and Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe lags for the other players and Minecraft lags in gameplay whenever I dig or place blocks/items.. Other games work fine with max setting is full HD 1080 and I get high FPS in all games except Minecraft.. I have ordered two new Seagate HDD’s now and will make a fresh install on those to see if that fixes things.. I currently run Win XP Pro SP3.. And I will test Linux on my new drive and run memtest to see if RAM is the problem.. If I don’t get it sorted out, I will send the computer in to professionals.. I’m so sick and tired of these kind of weird problems with my computers.. I always run into the worst problems.. :P

    • claush

      Hey Starlight,
      Hard to say what the “bottleneck” is here. -- You did not mention you internet speeds.
      But MC is harsh and a really good computer is required to both host server and play with client at same time. Getting more ram will not help you, as Java has some 1,5gb limit of a sort (notch said this in a tweet a few weeks ago).
      The world we run here at takes around 1gb with 18 players online.

      If the lag type the players experience are (blocks repopping, not able to place blocks), then I think its your upload speed that is the problem.

      The “server is overloaded -- did system time change bla bla bla” is common for all -- everyone gets it, so dont think about it.

      • Starlight

        Hi! Well it was some sort of software trouble.. I have now done a full format and re-install of XP Pro, and everything works just great.. I have a 20/1 mbps connection..

  23. David

    Hello there!

    I am 18 years old, and I started playing Minecraft a few days ago at Seananner’s (a Youtube commentator) advice. Through watching his videos I thought it looked like a nice retro feeling game, with an easy going gameplay.

    I’m very creative, so I enjoy this sort of sandbox game. My main desire is to get online with the game and start getting involved with a solid community. I’m very devoted to many different things, and when something bites me, I usually stick with it for a long time.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • claush

      Hi David,
      sounds good :) What is your ingame name? I can then add you to whitelist so you can check us out

        • claush

          Thanks -- approved to whitelist so you can look around our world.
          If we work good together, we will approve you to also build and mine soon. :)

  24. Chipo4

    Hi admins (:

    i would like to join the server and play with other danish players :]
    if i can be approved, the feel free to contact me

    my acc name is Chipo4

    • claush

      need more info than that — read the post again and answer the questions we have for new recruits

    • Harmies

      i played on the server before you put on the invite only. i helped on building the huge mine whit a diamond pick, and my friends plays on your server, i like to build caves and castle’s.
      my goals is to build creations that people will know me for

  25. FullOtto89

    My name is Forrest, and I discovered Minecraft through a web comic that I frequent about a year ago. Since then, I’ve been rediscovering my inner child through this game. It feels like a fresh take on gaming, something of which I’ve been struggling to find. I play about 3-4 hours a day, exploring, crafting, and creating whatever comes to mind. I’m 21 years old, and this game makes me feel as if I’m 7 again, except that I now have an entire universe at my disposal as opposed to a few heaping buckets of legos.

  26. Powerpat

    Hi, i’ve found this server a few days ago, and people there seemed very kind and helpful :)
    I love the fact that it’s not a creative mode, but rather a survival mode server, and would like to join it. I’ve seen that you don’t take in new people at the moment though, so i guess i’ll just have to wait till you need new people ^^

    Feel free to mail me an answer once there’s a spot open for a new player :)

    • Powerpat

      I am 21 years old, and have been -- since i discovered it -- playing minecraft as often as possible (some times several hours a day).
      I usually play survival single player mode, as i think the spawning of monsters is very fun :) I love to build huge beatiful things, though i haven’t got a screen shot to show what i’ve been building.

      Anyway, hope this application will get accepted, if not. well, bad luck for me ^^

  27. Integr

    I’m a 21 year old male from Germany and after pretty much stumbling into your server I’d like to apply since it seems like a solid server with a friendly userbase.

    I only played the singleplayer for a couple of hours before I realized that this game is basically crack for me, whereupon I immediately delved into the multiplayer.
    With the game being so young I’m especially interested in seeing how it evolves over time and I’d like to explore the mechanics, possibly also set up my own server just to try things out.

    Anyways, hope to hear from you guys soon!

    P.S.: Love the boat ride.

  28. Harmies

    i played on the server before you put on the invite only. i helped on building the huge mine whit a diamond pick, and my friends plays on your server, i like to build caves and castle’s.
    my goal is to build cool stuff, i like to play survival mode and build monuments and houses whit players online

  29. kappe97

    hello! im relatiely new to mindcraft , but i used to play lots of garrysmod , i allso scripted to gmod , and im good att stuff like modding games and i like to hang out on the server and make cool stuff , it wud be cool to join if ur accepting recuits

  30. dexpress1977

    I would like to join your Minecraft Server because I am very good at constructing things in the minecraft world. I am 19 years old, and will promise to follow all of your rules. In advance, Thanks! I really hope you guys pick me. :)

    • dexpress1977

      Forgot to mention that i have lots of experience in single player, but not that much in multiplayer. But I hope you put me on the list so that I can help you guys build some huge structures! Thanks


    i wold like to join im not a grifer and i play sins indev and i know how it is to get griff

  32. Marlz

    I would love to join this server as most servers I have entered my stuff gets messed up by people :)

  33. Dj_Friski

    Hey, I noticed i cannot join your server, but i have been on it before and have already created s small house and even been given the right to build before but now I cannot join the server, my minecraft account name is Dj_Friski and so is my forum username if you with to contact me on there.

    • claush

      That was a mistake DJ -- You where approved, but not on whitelist for some reason.
      I have added you to the whitelist now


    my request got earace i tink so a i wold like to join you server i play sinse indev
    and i playd classic to and im first in line against greaffer cuz i know how you fell when you get attack by them sorry for my engleish my main language is french

  35. MrCarlingg

    I just want to play minecraft, and you all seem to be a nice bunch, this is the best server ive found so far, so i would like to apply to be a member :D

  36. MrCarlingg

    Well im 15 in a couple o weeks, my goals are to be an all round player, i want to be able to build big things, but i want to have to work for the things i make it with, in singleplayer i have like, a decent house, and have made a mine, discovered alot of caves, and found ALOT of coal, Multiplayer is really, good i like being able to play with other people, but do the same things as i would in singleplayer,


  37. veteransayan

    I wanna join your server, you guys are quite cool and your server is amazing

  38. MrCarlingg

    Okay so this is my second shot at this, i was supposed to stay on your server and look around but, minecraft went down, so i stopped and waited, im 15 in a couple of weeks, and i really like building structures, but i dont want to do it by spawning item,s because that defeats the object of the game, and i know what your thinking, “well just do it on single player?” the problem with that is, i want to play with other players and let people look at what ive built first hand, instead of Youtube, and whatnot, thats all ive got really,

    i hope you approve me :)


  39. Reptile333

    im alredy aproved but im gonna pop in and say hello anyway :)
    im 18 years old and i live in norway
    hobbies are playing video games and watching anime
    feel like i shud write more about my self but no idea what to write :/

  40. Tietze


    I really wanna join this server. I’ve seen CaptainSparklez’s and Seananners’ video of this server. And it looks really cool.

    I’m 15 years old, and live in Denmark. I’ve been playing minecraft for a while, around a month. Sometimes I host my own server for some friends.
    I think it could be fun to build on your server. I like to build things and mine.

    Ingame name: Tietze

    Hope i can get in the server!

  41. Dj_Friski

    They don’t do exactly what you say, ignore the heathens!

    That’s the feeling I get from this.

  42. Pavens

    Hi, my name is Pavens and im a 18 year old Swedish gamer.

    I’ve only been on 2 other servers before so i dont have that much experience in MP (both were creative servers)

    I’ve dedicated the last month in minecraft singleplayer, exploring pretty much everything there is at the moment, id like to give multiplayer a shot and i tought your server seemed like the best choice for that.

    I’d like to see how minecraft evolves and be able to explore everything multiplayer has to offer and see everyones creations.


  43. Bryan Peralta

    My name is Bryan as you can see. i’ve playing the single player minecraft for a week and a half now and my friend introduced me to the multilayer a few days ago. I found your server and is amazing what you guys have i would like to help you build 17 btw.

  44. kappe97

    its me , kappe97 , im allreddy member , but i cant connect to the server for some reason

  45. Westen

    I really wanna join, because i’m a new player, and i can really learn to build, by watching all the good players.

    I played a lot of Singleplayer, and i will say, that’s fine.

    i’m 13 but my english is good.

  46. lars9856

    Im 14½ and i want to join this server, im a relly good builder and i wuld listen to you Claus. and i tell about grifers :D thats all

  47. aldan (allan)

    hi guys if u can help me please do im a regular (as u know) but after an update i cant play minecraft at all in the dowloadable for, any sugestions on how to solve it? it says: minecraft updating
    done loading BUT the progress bar is stuck pleace help if u can

  48. Lars9856

    Hey, Im 14 and half year. im vevry good builder. And from Denmark my English is good.
    And i will allways report

  49. SteffenDs

    Hi, can i come build on your server? Im looking for a mature environment. I am 24 years of age myself, and enjoy a laidback and fun atmosphere :) I enjoy the survival aspect of the game, and the more or less hard limits it brings to the table. I think it makes ones creations even awesomer. If you can spare a slot i would very much come and say hi, so you can at least check me out :)

    Kind regards,

    PS. This is not my home IP adress.
    PPS. My ingame name is SteffenDs :)


    • SteffenDs

      Maybe it would be appropriate to mention my timezone. I live in Denmark, and its GMT+2 afaik, and i usually play between 19 and 22 local time :)

      • claush

        Thanks Steffen, good app.
        I’d like to give you a chance, so will add you to our whitelist so you can check us out

          • claush

            I’m affraid we have an minimum 18 year old rule.
            Most of us are older players on this server and it is simple more fun to play with “equals” for us.
            If we didnt have this max 18-20 player restriction, we could allow more in.

    • claush

      Yes, he got approved before we changed our rules.. We get so many requests daily now that we have to sort in them.
      I know it sucks :(

  50. Sonny9393

    My name is Daniel and i just want to play untill the free week of death expire after that you can ban my application, because i won’t play after it :P

    • claush

      Heh ok, then this server is not for you I’m affraid. We are only looking for steady people (who paid for the game) and will continue playing on server for a good while.

  51. GermanFreak

    Dear Claush,
    iam Lucas and i am a 19-year-old german student
    with alot of freetime! In the last 4 weaks i had super
    big fun with minecraft singleplayer and now iam trying 2
    get in the mp-part of this game, i dont got the game legal yet
    , becoz of my brocken paypal acc, but ill get it soon as possible…
    my english is really not the best, but i understand nearly evrything.
    i hope we can have some fun 2gather.

    your Lucas

    • claush

      Sounds good German.
      Come talk to me ingame, when you have bought it -- we might be able to find a spot for you.

  52. Droa

    I am 25 y/o and lives in Denmark, i have been playing minecraft singleplayer for about 2 months now, and realy would like to join, i am from denmark, and work mondays to fridays 8 to 16… i’ve been trying to mod a server myself, i normally sit 20-35 hours in Minecraft, while afk mining in EvE online.

    Build style:
    I mostly only build Caves, as Surface buildings arent that fun, maby a little woodcutter hut, for the cold winternights, hopefully my request for more texture blocks will comes soon, so i can make my thatch ;)

  53. dani082e

    im 10 and i have play minecraft a year i think but my goal is finding some diamonds and finding a place when there are no zombies i wanna join the server so plzz let me join :D

    • claush

      We have an minimum 18 year old rule -- so cannot accept you buddy :)
      Try google “Minecraft server list” for more servers out there

  54. ExodusPKER

    Im a 15 years old and really like Minecraft. I played it single player for 4 days now and just love it. This is my first server i play MP on. I checked it out alittle bit and think it is just amazing. Those really big things you built is just impresive. I really wanna join. Please aprove me. See you in game :)

  55. XPlayer1304

    ‘Eya, you probably remmember me lurkin’ around on the server, then failing -- thinking that the applications were closed, making some other mistakes.

    Name’s XPlayer1304, even though that’s a bit of an old gaming-name I only used for accounts and such, now I useally have the name ‘Swordy’ (in forums for example) or ‘Bladerune’.

    I wish to join your server, since well..I enjoyed my tour, hehe. Looked around, loved the world (some of those designs look amaazing), also pretty good folks around there, friendly peeps, also the fact that I’m half danish seems right for me to be around this server, mhm.

    Well, maybe a bit about myself? Real name is Magni Hansen, (wierd name, I kno ^^)
    I’m from Faroe Islands, (18 islands between Iceland and Denmark, owned by Denmark, yes.), Faroese is my first language, Danish the second and English the third.

    Been a bit obsessed with roleplaying/languages since I’ve been around 10 year old, and I do think my english has improved alot, and slowly starting to learn German, and some simple Russian words, (althought I kinda skipped that, since my favourite ‘teacher’ lives now in Norway, egh).

    Now, I’m hoping for maybe a exception for me, since well. I’m young, I’m near 15 years old, and I would think…I’m rather mature and whatnot. Hope ye give me a chance.

  56. bonerific

    Hey guys,
    I’d like to join the server, -been playing Alpha for a month now and just can’t seem to get enough of it.

    Best regards,
    Emil (studying without studying)

  57. Luca Ryholt

    Hey i’m Denmark.
    I would really like to join your server. It looks awesome.
    My username is: lucaryholt
    I haven’t really played Minecraft multiplayer yet.
    I swear not to grief in any kind.

    Venlig hilsen

    • Luca Ryholt

      I actually wrote before really exploring the world you’ve created. Wow! It’s amazing, I love this game, heard about it trough Seananners and just bought the game today (been playing the game a couple of weeks now). Hope I get in. See you ingame (maybe).

      Venlig hilsen

  58. chartedlife


    My name is Kyle aka “chartedlife” and I would like to join your server. I have been playing MC for about a month now and I am proficient with it. I am friends with xSiic who is an approved member.
    I swear not to grieve, and to contribute to the server.
    Thank you

  59. FlamingFury

    Hey there, im from denmark, just invested in this game after playing it for a week in single player. Got to love the game so bad that i had to buy it. Im 17 almost 18 and live in vejle. Hm.. Not really sure what else to type in my apply.

    Best regrads

  60. Skandranonsg

    Hello, I’ve recently downloaded minecraft, and I absolutely love it. After fiddling around for a while and browsing the wiki for even longer, I’ve decided that I’d like to be able to show off my ideas and ingenuity to a community. Hopefully, this is an active one, and I’ll find enough people around to have some genuine fun.

  61. Jenz

    Hey my name is Jenz I would like to join the server, if it’s possible. I heard about the server from my friend Chamonze and he said the server was awesome!

  62. Spikespiegel

    I would like to test it out too :)

    If you want to assure my quality, come check out my builds on the “Spike and friends” server in creative mode!

  63. ForeverXWiFi

    Hi there. I was doing some searching around, looking for servers to play on, because single player is just… well its far too lonesome. It’s also pretty boring just making structures for ones own veiwing, so i’d like to get invlolved with some kind of community.

    In terms of my minecraft experiance, i played singleplayer a lot way back when it was free, and gave up when it started to cost money. But when people like SeaNanners and CaptainSparklez uploaded gameplay, i decided to just buy it, and play it. I played single player a lot, and i am a pretty good player, and i’ve made many a strange thing in my worlds xD

    I’m 18 years old, and a nice guy to talk to. I hope you conside me :)

  64. aldan

    im having trouble joining the server it says: Failed to connect to the server Connection refused: connect anyone knows what the problem is im playing in browser form

  65. John

    Im in the server now and I would like to be approved. I was directed here by one of my friends who said they had a lot of fun just going around looking at the buildings and such, but i would like to add to the amazing things that are already built

  66. JenzChristian

    Hello, my name is jens, I would like to join the server. Chamonze told me about the server. Last time I wrote a comment I forgot to add my in game name.
    I am 18 years old and I love minecrafting.
    My in game name is JenzChristian

  67. zKe

    would you please let me play on this server? im am 16 and my username is zKe
    i have played minecraft for 1½week and know how it works.
    i have read the rules and find them very fair and are willing to follow them!
    im goal is to build the biggest castle with lavefalls and a perfect view:D

  68. audiOtrash

    Hello :D
    Well i want to join because you play starcraft2 and seem like nice people.
    haha :P

    Not much experience with minecraft, but enough to build :D
    My goals? None? It’s a game -- endless game -- no goal -- just fun :D

  69. johanhtc

    hello there
    i want to join becaus i play minecraft alot and i think its a good game and you seem to be nice people and i want to mine and build with you and i´m good at minecraft and im from sweden

  70. Preborn

    Could i join this awesome server, been looking around on it and thinks i could help making it look even better
    (yes im over 18, 19 to be exact)


    (Names Preborn btw)

  71. Zandarious


    My username is Zandarious i speak fluently in english.

    I am 22 years old and i found this server when searching on google today, and thought it would be a pretty good thing to do.

    If i can join this will be my first ever SMP server!

    I have been playing minecraft for about a week and have discovered alot about the game. and have actually learned how to make a underwater fort/home!

    I really hope you will accept me because i think that this would be a great oppurtunity to learn and share ideas.

    Possibly see you in game, Zandarious

    P.S. Zandarious is not my real name

  72. Minime126

    My name is Ben
    I have had alot of expiriance because ive been in 2 servers and played on sp alot.
    I am 11.
    My goals are just to have fun and help people.
    I think im kind and helpful, but also a bit annoying.
    I just tiped Minecraft servers adn it came up with this.
    Yes i do agree to most of the rules like No griefing and respecting admins and mods, the only rule that im not to keen on is the only build in designated areas but i will just have to put up with it.
    Please let join this server because the server im in has a really bad host that spawns ghasts,slimes,zombies,creepers,skeletons and massive zombies. He also trys to kill us.

  73. deathsdream05

    hey ive been looking to join a server. i speak good english, and i am mature.
    Thats it thx!!!

  74. bigboss997

    Hello, can you please add me to whitelist on this server ? i have firends playing here and i want to join them if ti’s posible. Thank you for answering me.

  75. jonas hansen

    Hey there im no sure wether you want the application either in danish or english.
    But ill stick to english. Ive been looking for a server to farm a little but using alot of time on farming then to see some idiots steal it all really bothers me and really ruin my gameplay.

    im 20 years of age, and currently quite active on minecraft.
    im quite good and making nice little citys, farm and alike.

    My ingame name is Schreech7202
    I really hope that i could get to play here, so hard to avoid griefing in this community it kinda ruins it, well that about summs it up thanks for reading this far.

    Best Regards Jonas Hansen

    • claush

      Hi Jonas,

      The server is getting upgraded right now so we have closed the entry of any new players atm. But we are quite close to open up a little and accept a few new people.

      Take a look at our forum, specific here: about the rigth way to apply -- you might get lucky and get in if you follow that.

      Atleast this server you will be able to work in peace without getting griefed :)

  76. Snowboarawler

    Hi I wrote an app in oct 2010 and since then have been promised a spot… I have pr-posted it on the forum. My name is kent, 18 years old and I really want to join this server. I currently have two friends playing there.

  77. simon Christensen

    Im so sry that i’m spamming this site but i just realized that there was a recipe on how to apply.

    so here it commes again

    my ingame name is: Simemis

    i’ve been playing minecraft since the early summer 2010 and i’ve with my friends build many big arenas and castles inspired by real castles. i’ve alone also made traps both lava, cactus and watertraps.
    i’m owning a server sadly its only running on hamachi but it’s both with craftbukkit and a has some necessary plugins. myself i’ve made a bunch of rollercoasters so im known with boosters. im also experienced with a lot of other things in minecraft that like sculpturing, making skins and modding.

    i’m 16 years old and go to school at nineth grade im able to communicate with both english and danish visitors.

    i’m looking forward to build more castles, roller-coasters and sculptures.

    the reason why i want to join this particular server is because that you can show of your skills without getting griffin all your things by noobs
    and that of what i heard there is a lot nice people in the server.

    i found the server through a forum telling about how i amazing the server is. so i thought that i would try joining.

    se you at the server

    Mvh Simemis / sincerely Simemis

    PS: I love minecraft ;D

  78. Kittygirl321

    My ingame name is: Kittygirl321

    Ive been playing Minecraft for a few months now, I am a moderately good redstone contraption-person-girl,
    I have alot of experience with Minecraft and in time, many cool things can come out of what I do.
    I love to play Minecraft, and I am very fluent in english.
    I know how to respect anything a Moderator tells me, and I rarely ever do anything to upset anyone, no matter who they are.
    I know I dont have a big shot at joining, but I hope you can find it in your hearts to let me in <3
    Kaily F/Kittygirl321,
    Heard great things on the server, hope to get in.

  79. kenneth jensen


    Im writing in english allthough i asume that this is a danish server with the “.dk” end.

    Anyways my player name is “tarashon” and i would like permission to enter your server. I am danish but if language on the server is english thats just as fine for me.

    Kenneth jensen aka tarashon

  80. chris

    im great at building,mining,crafting. im +18 i feel like im great for this.

  81. Mark

    My name is Mark, and i’m 17. I have played Minecraft in a long time, and had my own Minecraft Classic Server, without griefing, but i shut down, when the client didn’t get updated anymore.
    I like to play minecraft, and create things, and i spent a lot of time doing the creative.
    I have been an MOD on a Beta/alpha server, but it shut down, because they did have the money to it, so i’m looking for a serious and great server, to spent me time on.
    That’s all from here :D

  82. Markus

    Hello :)
    My name is Markus, in-game name is Anarekter. I’m 18 years of age.

    I’ve been playing Minecraft for about 5 months now, and i’m interested in roleplaying. I love the mining and the building aspect of minecraft. Griefing etc. is the worst thing i know, so i can assure you that i will do no such things.
    Anyway i hope that i will get whitelistet, so i i do i promise i will help making the server a enjoyful place.

  83. John

    Hello, My name is John and I am 20 years old and I have been playing for about 5 months now and I like minecraft SMP because you can meet lots of new people on it and I hope i will be accepted because I am a valuable miner and builder.

  84. InputJug

    Hi, :)

    My name is Brennon, I’m 22 years old. I’d like to state that I have read the rules, and agree with them also. By you allowing me to play on this server, I’d gladly tell you, you won’t be disappointed.
    So, if you want an extra member on the server, Please send me an application!

    Thanks! :D

  85. PoxxI

    Isn’t it mid march now? I really would like some info, about how to join, you’r main server.

  86. ArcticTaco

    Hey, amazing server ! I would love to going and survive in this. I don’t have any bans and if online, can help people build structures. Thx u so much if I can join!!

  87. Ditlev


    I resently started playing minecraft due to a serie on youtube who got me convinced to play the game. I have learned the very basics of the game but would like to try out some multiplayer building. Since playing alone for hours gets a little boring.

    Im 20 years old and from Denmark. I am very enthusiastic about the game and see endless opputunities in building :)

    Hopefully you will consider my request for joining your private server.

    - Ditlev

  88. Pwning_cow

    Hi everyone! My name is Pwnign_cow, and i really want to join this Awesome server^^
    (Btw. i know my name sucks..)
    I’ve played alot of multiplayer, most of it was on oracles servers. But sadly, there was pretty many griefers over there. So i’ve been searching for a new one, yo play om. As i first time found, well.. I fell in love (Lulz :D) I love buildings stuff, and playing around with redstone (And if i can come in, i can also use craftbook! ^^) I will not grief, because griefing sucks. :S
    If i forgot something, please let me know ^^ (Ohh btw. I’m danish! :D)

  89. samirka

    hello i want to join this server because i saw the trailers AND I LOVE IT!
    i got talents from minecraft classic ( i played 2 years :P)
    and me and mi friend got a server ( in minecraft classic ) but we dont play it anny more because its

    mi name is on minecraft samirka

    thx to u if i can join this sever