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I often get the questions “Who is your minecraft host?” or “Where do you get your minecraft server hosted?” from people who want to make their own mc server or upgrade an existing server to a dedicated host.

Well the quick answer is: Jestservers – a company dedicated to host and manage game servers. With Jestservers you can choose a standard server setup and finetune it with more CPU/RAM or type of I/O you want. You are never locked with a certain server or preferences. They got servers all around the world (they pick the absolute best providers), so you are quite sure to get a server near you if you wish.
After purchase you will within minutes be able to start up your own public minecraft server with a few clicks.

When I first started hosting my own server in june 2010 it was from my own desktop in my office, but after a few months it was just not good enough – I needed more power to the server and wanted my PC back again :)
I do have several dedicated servers myself and know how much it can take to manage – I’m no linux expert and keep forgetting the shell commands – so I found a hosting company that would manage all that for me, but still giving me access to my server so I could manage it as I want.

I use FTP to upload my changes to the server and have a webinterface (TCadmin) to manage the actual server (filemanager, start/stop server, backup, logs, ressource management and autoinstall of recommended MC and Bukkit builds, plugin autoinstall etc).

Our server offers everything a you would expect of a good minecraft server – we got http livemaps, statistics, IRC chat connected to the game and much more. If it does not work on default, Jestservers always seem to find a way for us to get it to work.

So all the technical part is in place for my needs – superb!

But what about the support at Jestservers?

Well it is nothing more than Great! – the manager of the MC department (Kevin) is a really good guy and his help is prompt and precise. He keeps helping until you got your problem fixed and never seem to tire out. An example I have is skype-support Kevin gave me a very late sunday night – for several hours until we got it all fixed. 

 The support that Jestservers have provided me is one of the top reasons for me to stay here – it is quite rare to be treated that good. So I have no problem at all with recommending this company to you, if you are looking for an easier way to host your Minecraft server.

Also look here ff you are looking for webhosting to your minecraft website – There are several good webhosts listed there.

When you got your own server – please remember to promote it online so players can find it.

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3 Responses to “Make your own Minecraft server – Good hosting with click install”

  1. Jake

    Hi wondering if you could make me a minecraft server because all my friends have a server and there all mean to me so I won’t you to please make me a minecraft server to show my friends that I have one.

    From Jake (gilly0611)

  2. mikael

    plz make me a server cause i am not able it is a little complicated plz reply




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