Here you can join the fun on our IRC channel. See what people are doing in-game and talk directly to them through IRC.

To be able to chat with players online on the gameserver, start your sentence with .say
Eg. “.say hello”

If you want to use a regular client like Mirc, you can connect to us at:
Channel: #minecraftdk

70 Responses to “Chat”

  1. Kittygirl321

    Hey I am 18 years old, My name is Kaily and I am full American, I speak very very fluent english and I am amazing server material :D.
    Id love a chance to stay in the server.

  2. psyXpanther

    Is it possible to connect to through an IRC client?

    -- If it is. Could some1 then post the connect url?

  3. Jarnved

    jeg kan ikke spille multiplayer som jeg gerne ville når jeg indtaster en ip og trykker connect skriver den: end of stream??

  4. Jarnved

    Hi I just bought my craft to 14.99 euros and I bought to play multiplayer when I found an ip and write it into the multiplayer writes just end-of-stream, there are some who can help me with that?

  5. Boog987

    Plzz can i join the server… I am 13 years old. I can talk fluent english and i am full swedish

  6. Rose

    Hey people i have a problem that i am tryin to solve. Its about the multiplayer, when ever i put in the ip adress it says failed to log in player not premium. Please help me ;(

      • WIlliam

        Hey Claush!

        When will you be updating your servers to be compatible with the new version of minecraft? I just downloaded Minecraft 1.5, your server is still on Minecraft 1.4.7 and thus, is incompatible for anyone who has downloaded the new version

        And unfortunately, I don’t think reversing the download is possible on a Mac 😛

        Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to being able to be back on the server again!

  7. Steven

    You guys have got a really decent community going. Congratulations and I hope your getting the help you need financially!

  8. Simon

    Hey. (:
    I want to join the server? I have played minecraft for some time now. I saw the videos on youtube, awsome! Thats kinda why i found at there was this server. I want to experience the mulitiplayer a bit better because the time i have played
    minecraft is only on a private server with 5 friends.. Now its getting a bit boring, and this server seems to be very nice.
    Btw im Danish 😉
    19 years old.
    My nick in minecraft is ThaHamsterX.
    Please let me join.


  9. Nico

    Who can tell me how to register when playing multiplayer it seems like something go wrong or something……

  10. René

    hello 😀
    can everybody send me this map from the server??

    My skype name is : lucario1512.0

    thank you

  11. Life!

    My friend have downloaded some extra things to hes mincraft, for exsempel yellow chickens and unicorns and other animals and materials. Can somebody tell me where I can download these things? :) Thank you!

  12. xXjimbobzXx

    hey skraty its jim from when u had not updated and i helped build the big castle and all and i was just wondering how to get onto your server because it says it is outdated

  13. xxjimbobzxx

    What is the plugin where you can type [free] diomandblock on sign cuz I have a server and i want toknow

  14. Dchanman123

    claush can i please join i saw your trailers can u please let me join oh and also if u say i can can u tell me the ip and the name to get in

  15. dansmith2000

    Minecraft in-game name -- dansmith2000
    How long have you been playing -- half a year
    What position would you like to apply for -- moderator
    Why you want to have this postion -because i have never been moderater and i love making freinds and helping out.
    any previous roles on any server -none.
    How you could benefit the server -do any thing you want me to build i can catch greifers.make shure people obay the rules.give the server full atenchion and be nice to everyone.
    What experience do you have with the position -- i have none but i always obey the rules and never greif [of course].
    Why you like Minecraft -minecraft is amazing it inspirers people of all ages and i love creating your dreams and fantecies.
    Are you willing to donate a little to the server (optional) -- sorry i can not i am only 11 turning 12 and my parants will not let me but when i get a bit older i will.

  16. Edix_Flon

    Hello, my nick name in minecraft is Edix_Flon and I’ve been playing this server for like 1 week now, everyday. I built a house with farms etc, and I was keeping contact with other players and admins in the game, I was being nice, respectful, and even give out items for free to help others. But suddenly i’ve been banned for nothing and I uderstand if there was a mistake made, well it had to be. I just want to know the reason why I’ve been banned.

    My name in minecraft (in the server): Edix_Flon

  17. lifesaving

    hay its lifesaving asking murry why i got baned for greefing i didnt do any think plz unblock me thankyou

  18. christian

    hi do any body know what to do if you’re hunting skeletons and 1 drop a bow and you’re pick et op but you may not have bows on that server so you’re getting baned but you can not gor in and remove it from you’re bag :(

  19. xCreepers4XXXX

    i got muted 4 no random reason so im just saying to unmute xCreepers4XXXX

  20. Hamy99

    Dear Someguy128,
    please can you add more slots on to the server because i can never get and i think that you have a very good server and lots of people like but barly anyone can get on

    • Mad

      Dear Hamy99
      Um the server has about 32 slots i believe and barely anyone goes on except like about these 16 most Common people i think IceBucket213(Ice) me rg213 (Mad) Cashkills213 and a few others
      Please if you cant join we will upgrade the ammount of slots, its not up to me but im sure
      Cash will help you out there Bro

      Kind Regards,

  21. Colin

    Hello and owner of server The Ripper killed me and stole my stuff and i asked for it back and he sad no
    the said he did it for fun. Please help

  22. Kojiv

    hello ive not on the whitelist and idk why i dont grief of steal and follow the rules. many people know me and a few mods know me and they know im a good and hlepful person. plz tell me why i was banned and plz un bann me I loev this server

  23. Mad

    Hey cash,
    Server Down? also i was supposed to get Admin maybe Jr.Admin cant remember but yeah
    Please re-open server and add me on Skype TJ SNIPE and we will talk about how we will re open
    server i miss you and all other players

    Kind Regards,


  24. Honeydew

    its me Simon incase ya di’nt know that and i have’nt been on the server before but i need the Ip
    Me and lewis will be doing a series


  25. astropen1

    i think you need to ask someone else simon but everyone wants to kbow when is the shadow of israphel series continueing?

    kind regards,
    astropen1 the awesome

  26. Mire

    A nice server… However there seems to be a lot of absent users who’s homes have been left to ruin as well as a bunch of obviously discarded structures that are still protected. Moving forward this should be fixed! And perhaps a teleport-player-request and fast-track to different biomes if you are at spawn.

  27. Genius_Pinguin

    Hey Admin, or …anyone. I’m experiencing problems with the server. (I’ve played since a week now)
    I got disconnected from the server this morning and everytime I try to log in again, it says


    I don’t know if you could help me with this? Or tell me the version of Minecraft you are using
    If you could tell me that, it would help me a lot.
    I’ve worked a lot on this server and I like it a lot : )
    Thank you

  28. William


    I’m relatively new to the server and have been reading the instructions online so I don’t bother you with questions that are already addressed. I’d like to try and set up an in-game shop but have no idea how to do this. Can you let me know or update the commands page?


  29. Corcyran

    Hello Claush,

    I’ve joined your Skyblock server as well. I recently updated to 1.5, any news on when this server will be updated as well?




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