PvP Arena Poll Closed

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Quick update to let you know the PvP Arena poll is closed. I will try implement the new arenas in that order – though Spleef/parkour arenas might be implemented sooner than they are ranked on poll. Again big thanks to everyone who joined the competition and helped us vote for the coming Arenas ingame! And… Read more »

New world to play on: Hardcore

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Welcome to Hardcore. This world is all about survival of the fittest. There are no second chances: you mess up and die, you’re done. The hardcore world is something very different than what you’ve seen on minecraft.dk so far. Very little is “safe”, there is no economy, and if you die, you’re banned. I’ll break… Read more »

7 days left of the Arena Build Contest

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Quick update 2: Unforseen work came up, so I am giving this deadline 2 more days. (It will end Monday march 10. 2014) Quick update: I will end the Arena Build Contest in 7 days from today. (End: Saturday 8. march 2014). If you want to participate then be sure to submit your build before… Read more »

PvE World Released

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The PvP vs PvE poll ended with a tiny victory to the PvE world – so this is how the New World is now. Though PvP is enabled in the Nether and in The End. Notice: If you buy a new rank or upgrade a rank, please visit the old world for it to activate…. Read more »

How to claim and protect your house / land

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The method used on the server to claim/protect your things, can be a little tricky to learn at first. But when you first get the hang of it, you will enjoy how easy, fast and secure it is. Minecraft IP:  play.minecraft.dk I’v found a handful of useful videos, shown below, to help you get into… Read more »


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Recent changes are shown in red text. TL;DR: Don’t be a jerk to other players, don’t cheat, and you’ll be fine. Chat Rules: – Treat everyone with respect ingame and in the public chat (Global, Trade, Auction, Chess). – Do not swear in public chat. If a word is filtered then it’s not allowed. Placing… Read more »

Plugins Overview

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Here is the list of plugins we use on our Minecraft server. We use a lot of different plugins on SpaceBugSMP to help insure that everyone has a fun time playing and griefing is minimized. We also boast several plugins that have been customized specifically for our server (highlighted in orange) Server: play.minecraft.dk Type:  Survival (PvP, PvE, Hardcore)… Read more »